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    Zhirinovsky took up quilling, and Titov returned oligarch from London

    Before the election — three weeks.

    On the street Nikulinskaya in the morning — revival. Catch up with pensioners and young mothers with strollers. In anticipation of the arrival of the presidential candidate Yavlinsky activists-Apple hung on the garage posters. For two years they organize demonstrations in protest against the point as you think — development.

    The construction plans on a place of garage co-operative in Troparevo-Nikulino three high-rises and multi-level Parking does not agree to all the locals. They say that in recent years the district and has grown so much. First and foremost, there need social infrastructure.

    Activists say that more than one letter written to the Council. Because built in Moscow over the past five years, 300 new schools and kindergartens, but not in Troparevo-Nikulino. Grigory Yavlinsky, the solution to the problems seen in the development of local self-government system.

    "We need representatives who have a right to hear and must hear from the people what to do, and make decisions accordingly. I will ensure that tens of millions of people supported the strengthening of local self-government and rights of citizens. That's why I participate in elections. And whoever becomes President, he will listen, if tens of millions of people will vote for this line", — said Yavlinsky.

    Calling itself "the Stalinist candidate" Maksim suraykin with his friends delved into the problems of ordinary citizens in North Ossetia.

    It suraykin were knocking at the doors of the administration of the village of Tarskoye. Did not realize, however, that today is a day off. Because the door had not been opened. But go to the officials forced the complaints of villagers that the former collective farm land sold out there now grow only corn in the distilleries, their land from the peasants, and the opportunity to grow something themselves.

    "A consequence of rotten thieves of capitalism that we began to impose since the early 90's, was actually just a simple robbery of the peasantry. All the land that should feed, where the man has to work labor which cultivates it, producing agricultural products, were in the hands of a narrow group of modern feudal lords. These modern landlords. In almost all republics, we are faced with the fact that when you begin to understand the issues, tens of thousands and hundreds of acres are literally in each country two or three people who actually prey on them," said Maxim suraykin, candidate for President of the Russian Federation from party "Communists of Russia".

    He offers to return the same Lenin's Decree on land. "We believe that this land should be withdrawn from private ownership and transferred to those who are willing to work on it. And only then will we be able to solve all the problems of agricultural production and provide jobs for people on earth," — said suraykin.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky has arrived in Moscow centre for the promotion of family education. Now known as the children's homes approach to education is almost like a family. Here in the Studio — the boys doing crafts and three-dimensional paintings. In the next room at that time girls were making something out of paper. Zhirinovsky was puzzled.

    "This is called a lesson, crafts? What is quilling? Why is it bad to use other people's words? All languages are good, but when a foreigner hears that children in Russian schools are engaged in quilling, it will give the impression that Russian children can only learn from them," — said the leader of the LDPR.

    What is quilling, the candidate from LDPR, he tried. And then over a Cup of tea explained to the pupils how important it is to make the right choice.

    "The head of state for six years. Mistaken adults — less rolls. Can't go wrong — more rolls, more opportunities for learning, for recreation. See how well you feed, clothe, teach, and it's money the government spends your money. And we expect you to return that you do not support the radicals. They call for revolution, to tough action. In Ukraine, what is happening here is there are radicals. All smokes, what the hell is going on, people are dying, so you should know that there are different party, someone you can support someone you should support, that you are not deceived", — said Zhirinovsky.

    Without news it was not in the headquarters of Boris Titov. The candidate from the "Party of Growth" is divided on the page in Facebook the first result of my recent trip to London. There Titov met with Russian entrepreneurs, who were forced out of the country to leave because of too much — in their opinion — the attention of law enforcement. Titov then gave the President a list of those who consider themselves невиновнымb and wants to return. 16. And the first went.

    "Now he is completely free, it continues, but we hope that it will not even go to trial because the charges against him are ridiculous. As for the others, each has its own story, but we prove that to them by law should not be applied measure related to deprivation of liberty because there are 108 article of the criminal procedure code, to business, to entrepreneurs, this measure should not be applied. We hold deep expertise. In most cases it's the economic argument. In the most simple, even nothing to complain about," wrote Titov.

    Travel to the regions continuing Trustees Vladimir Putin. Here Oleg Gazmanov — on tour in Smolensk. Garrison House officers. And a full house.

    "We see unprecedented pressure on our country. And the whole world can see how United we are. As sung in one of my songs: "So in Russia since ancient times, the higher the pressure, the stronger the concrete," — said Gazmanov.

    Singer Vika Tsyganova — she is also a confidant of Putin in Kaluga. A meeting with the regional team of the candidate and talk about Patriotic education.

    And in Chelyabinsk, the activists of the National public monitoring encourages students to come to the polls. Master class for observers and just a tip from a famous athlete.

    "Any man, when he has the right to vote shall be required to use it, especially when it comes to presidential elections. This is very important and is a dialogue between the authorities and society," — said Alexey Panfilov, an activist of the National public monitoring.

    Southern Urals became the ninth region, which was attended by activists of the National public monitoring. Meeting with members of the local electoral Commission, visit the regional headquarters of candidates, verification of information on possible violations. Because the main task of observers is a violation not to fix and to prevent this because their motto is "For honest elections!"

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    Dream kitchen - do not go on about the designer, understand your own!

    Kitchen is the most functional room in any home. This means that the design, ordering and installation require urgent attention of the landlord. This room is often decried: homeowners complain that they sold a non-functional model of the imposed or uncomfortable technique.
    The fact is that the design of the kitchen is a sharp clash between functionality and aesthetics, ergonomics and decoration. Simply put – beauty on the one hand and convenience on the other. And the Golden mean does not exist here.
    Everyone chooses for themselves: someone is more important than appearance, and someone the practicality. In this situation, the head of the design Bureau "Order of Things" Ivanova Ekaterina recommends that to avoid any complaints and grievances, to focus only on their own preferences.

    Material for kitchen furniture.

    Expensive materials does not mean practical. In fact, often the most expensive materials of kitchen facades are the most impractical. And the most simple and inexpensive, can serve for years. For example, it is very relevant from the point of view of design, the wood veneer makes kitchen fronts particularly attractive, beautiful, but it is one of the most expensive coatings and most are not practical. On the veneer will be visible fingerprints and scratches. Another thing - glossy enamel, or the most common film MDF materials are much cheaper and much more practical. Everyone decides for themselves what is more important: the pursuit of fashion, appearance, composition, or practicality.

    The color of the kitchen countertops.

    There is a common belief that the light color is more easily soiled. With kitchens is not the case. The most impractical colour - dark and monochromatic: black, brown, blue etc And white glossy kitchen does not give you absolutely no problems.
    As for the countertops - then the most important rule - she must not be monotonous. Otherwise - will see minor scratches. Thus, on dark colours, they will be seen better than on the bright. And glossy countertop in dark color will be seen so many things that you just would be horrified. The perfect countertop is not a solid pattern, medium tone. The material from which it is made it is absolutely not important. I have met clients who have decided to super-impractical dark countertop, despite all entreaties and warnings. And all because for them in the first place was the appearance of the kitchen of the composition, and the issue of practicality they were ready to solve it in different ways - but would not hurt the design. Again, each weighs and chooses.

    Kitchen design - decoration, or without.

    This immaculate symmetry kitchen fronts, and someone maximum practicality. Very often, designers in the showrooms of kitchens, you're sure to please the most discerning of customers, to make the placement of the kitchen cabinets maximally symmetric, with the point of view of the General composition - often lost functionality. All kinds of decorative elements, or repetitive to the symmetry of the bottle holders, sometimes just occupy useful space, without bringing any benefit. But they pretend kitchens is completed, appropriate to the chosen style.

    Fashion trends in design.

    Someone important to be fashionable and be in trend. And someone to strive to make the kitchen for many years. After all, the most fashionable, over time, turn into ultra - unfashionable. Meanwhile, a relaxed model in traditional styles do not go out of fashion for decades.

    Kitchen appliances and accessories.

    A vivid example of how the same struggle of functionality and design affects the selection of equipment extractor hood. A very controversial element of the kitchen. First, if the hood is not connected to the ventilation shaft, and runs on the filter and just blows air, it actually is not much use. And even if it's online, count on my fingers how many times it was included in last year: three, five, ten times? Very rarely meet people who are actively using forced ventilation. But for the sake of these, even ten times a year, often buy ultra-fashionable, expensive, very impractical models. Sloping glass, integrated screens, etc. require constant and careful cleaning. Much more practical is imperceptible, the most simple hood, built in upper cabinets. But here again we have to choose between functionality and decor.

    Another example - kitchen handles. They can be integrated, embedded, overlaid, decorative. Integrated handles for a contemporary minimalist models fit perfectly! But they may not be as comfortable and practical as a conventional overhead handle, because when opening the facade will have to grab the hand directly over the cooking surface by far, will remain the fingerprints. All the same applies to different accessories and innovations. Sometimes they look very interesting, but think about the reverse side of the coin, ask more Manager about their shortcomings.
    Ekaterina Ivanova – Director of the design Bureau "Order of Things"

    Saturday 24 February 2018 - 15:41:16email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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    Zhirinovsky took up quilling, and Titov returned oligarch from London
    Dream kitchen - do not go on about the designer, understand your own!
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