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    The witness and the Creator of history: died Valentin Falin

    Last night on 92-m to year of life left Valentin Falin. The eminent Russian diplomat, journalist, social activist, he was a witness and participant in rotary, historical events. Valentin Falin in different years he headed the Agency "Novosti", was an adviser to heads of state, served as Ambassador to Germany. His gaze was on the process of German reunification. Its position Valentin defended in the days of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Diplomat, analyst, intellectual. To understand the role of Valentin Falin in public policy, you can start with the fact that he has advised all the country's leaders — from Stalin to Yeltsin, stood at the origins of major foreign policy decisions. That Falin is the author of the texts in the form of letters of the Soviet leadership was us President during the Cuban missile crisis. And words falina said Khrushchev on the subject of divided postwar Germany.

    Native Leningrad, Valentin Falin after the war, which was conducted in the evacuation, enrolled in the MGIMO. With 50 years working in the information Committee of the MFA, the Department that prepared the first analytical report to Stalin and after his death to the Presidium of the Central Committee. Falin knew something wasn't supposed to know anybody.

    "Working in CC, I saw officers who had Beria shot. He could not go. Legs buckled. Walked and talked: "I gave the Soviet Union nuclear weapons," said Valentin Falin.

    After CC falina work invites the head of the Soviet foreign Minister Gromyko. He consults, writes the speech. preparing analytical information and reports. On his own memories, he repeatedly witnessed, as the world stood on the brink of nuclear war when the leadership and military of the USA and the USSR exchanged threats via closed channels. In 1971 Valentin Falin was appointed Soviet Ambassador to Germany. To high posts Valentin never wanted and this official position burden. "Better a smart boss than a thousand subordinates," he said.

    Falin told the truth and argued with the leadership of the country, when he was sure that the decisions are not thought out, and sometimes dangerous to the state, why, and fell into disgrace. So it was, when we discussed the question of sending troops to Afghanistan.

    "There is no coordinated policy we had. Waited, when there will be enlightenment Brezhnev to give him to sign. So the invasion of Afghanistan, he slipped. So it was the case," said Falin.

    He urged the leadership of the Union to carefully calculate the options of the unification of Germany, but he did not listen. As a result, the care of the GDR, the Soviet Union received only 14 billion marks instead of the suggested 125. The property was abandoned. In the period of perestroika euphoria of the country's leadership Valentin Falin knew the low price of Western promises and tried to defend the geopolitical conquest of the USSR.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union Falin has received offers from several German scientific institutions and went to live in Hamburg. Explained that did not want and could not see the end of the country and the system, the faithful of which he was all his life.

    "We can't endlessly tell people the truth, we surpass, we deal with all five people lives not better, but worse. We need to explain why this is so and show the role in this arms race," — said Valentin Falin.

    Later in his numerous publications Valentin Falin will say that all his life believed that Russia is not just a country, but a unique civilization. And in 1986 he at a major meeting of the Politburo made a proposal to mark the Millennium of Christianity in Russia as a national event.

    The pillar and Foundation of Russian diplomacy and foreign policy — that of Valentin Falin and will remain in the history of the country.

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    Friends and rivals: Sagitova were able to take away the gold from Medvedeva

    Judges, like thousands of fans, and could not decide who of them is better in any program. But the sum of the scores of 15-year-old Alina Sagitova won the gold at Pyeongchang. And this despite the fact that just a year ago she was the 83rd in the ranking of the International skating Union. The silver went to Evgenia Medvedeva, and his triumph sportswomen fully share with coach Eteri Tutberidze. Her brilliant performance highlighted Vladimir Putin in a telegram of congratulations to the address of the Russians.

    Light, graceful — as soon as Sagitova out on the ice, the stands stop breathing. The first jump element, Alina Sagitova, the most technical skater of the world, gives a chance to win Medvedeva — instead of the cascade, it makes the triple Lutz. But going, giving the ice its heart — so then tell Alina herself, and never gives a chance to doubt yourself. The cascade she will perform in the second part of the program, and without that oversaturated complex. It's not just a burden, loss of time risk not to keep within the musical composition. But Sagitova all possible.

    She kisses the hand, apply it to the ice, as if to say thank you to the Olympic arena. Sagitova that shocked the world, performing in training a combination of five triple jumps, in itself no doubt.

    Two-time world champion Evgeny Medvedev went to Olympic gold three years. Recovered from severe injuries and came to Pyeongchang to win. The day before the start of the Medvedev says that the ice is battle and she would fight.

    For the Olympics superchampion Medvedev is gaining his best form. A single mistake, a single blot, brilliant performance in the free program — it plays a dramatic Karenina. And emotions to restrain no longer able, for the first time crying on the ice.

    She comes off the ice, hugging her very strictly coach and can not stop crying, better Medvedev has never skated. All the ice strewn with toys, home Jack four bags. She had to win, and believed.

    Judges capitulate. Unbelievable in figure skating for the long program two of the favourites for gold have the same number of points: 156,56. But Alina still ahead for victory in the short program.

    They both showed character, one tried to keep the gold, the other wanted to take it, — says the coach figure skater Eteri Tutberidze.

    Genia will now need to support, to comfort, or that in itself it is then restored?

    Let's see, she's come a very long way.

    Legendary Eteri Tutberidze, who never gives interviews and never shows emotions, cried again today. How all this is possible, said she didn't know herself, probably, very much rolling. Seeing the mother of Sagitova, Tutberidze she said quietly, "do You even understand what happened? You're an Olympic champion".

    Gold and silver get skaters from Russia — Alina Sagitova first place Evgenia Medvedeva silver.

    "Zhenya and friend for life, friend on the team, but in sports we, of course, rival", — says Alina Sagitova.

    "It's a sport. Sport is one of the varieties of war, which, indeed, if you want to win, you need to tear the teeth, as we did," adds Eugene Medvedev.

    It's a gift on February 23. "I congratulate all men on February 23 and take this opportunity to congratulate my dad. I love you very much," says Sagitov.

    These words of the Pope will hear in Izhevsk. Once it became known that the daughter became the Olympic champion, he also wept.

    Friday 23 February 2018 - 20:07:57email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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