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    Pence chose not to meet with North Korean delegates, and with defectors

    Openly socialist countries in the world were one. Except Cuba, North Korea. On the background of the Olympics on South Korea blew a curious change. To take only the first-ever visit to the South member of the ruling Kim family, the sister of the leader.

    Meeting at the Blue house in Seoul, which until recently seemed impossible: the President of South Korea, moon Jae In received a delegation from the North, headed by the formal leader of North Korea, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme people's Assembly Kim Yong Nam. But here the sister of the Supreme leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN Kim-Jeong. It is this three-hour meeting said the main thing: Kim Jong-UN in the near future invites South Korean President to Pyongyang. The answer is already there: "moon Jae-In promised to visit Pyongyang after the necessary preparations".

    Who else from North and South converged in the Olympic competitions?

    Contrary to the laws of South North Korea flag at all Olympic sites. In the village in the coastal cluster – with a red star — the biggest of all. But in 2002, a student from South Korea who tried to raise the flag of the DPRK's only youth festival, received two years in prison. Hung the flag the night, immediately after the arrival of the athletes from the DPRK.

    "We saw stopped by the North Korean delegation. They have very interesting costumes — all black coat and large mink hats," — said Semyon Elistratov, Olympic champion in Sochi, short-track.

    Olympic ice — one at all. And training skaters and short-track athletes of the DPRK are with all on one rink.

    When it starts the races with the participation of North Koreans, can be understood by the number of cameras gather journalists from all South Korean channels. Held joint training Italy, France, Latvia and North Korea.

    The Italian says the North Korean short-track racer, the way to go. Then consult with the coach of the DPRK. North Korean mentors on the ice does not go out, remain at the podium, a few meters all of the training — operators and photographers. We are all interested in feeling one of the representatives of the North Korean national team. During training he received a severe injury.

    The only way to talk to the North Korean coach to catch him on the way from the locker room for athletes to the podium.

    - What is the mood of the North Korean team?

    - I would not like to comment. My athlete is injured, can't speak, ' replied the coach.

    - Are you going to give an interview after the competition?

    - I don't know what it was about.

    All members of the team of the DPRK correspondents avoided. But two days before the opening ceremony of the North Korean delegation suddenly appears in the international media center. Conducts a closed meeting. Judging by the composition of the delegation, discussed most likely the concert of the musical group from North Korea.

    A separate meeting was devoted to how to deliver one hundred and fifty artists from North Korea to South. In the end, decided to send on the ferry. He landed in Gangneung.

    The issue was decided at the level of heads of governments. In order to arrange a flight to Seoul even appealed to Washington to lift sanctions against North Korean vessel.

    In the port of artists from the North I have met hundreds of journalists. From that moment recorded on camera and shown on Korean television every step of the troupe, samjan.

    Fences around the cultural centre in Gangneung appear a few hours before the show. Inside the building you cannot go in and during all rehearsals.

    A little about South Korean music. What is the "Korean wave" the last 15 years in Asia, and in many countries of the world, they know everything. This mass fascination with South Korean culture, primarily music. Record YouTube at the time put singer Psy: 3 billion views.

    Last month, the Billboard's chat was led by the group BTS. Touring the United States — the team Twice. But these days the popularity of all these artists has overshadowed the team of samjan.

    Tickets to the concert, North Korean musicians do not get for any money. From free sales refused in order not to create an agiotage and not to provoke speculation in tickets. Everyone registered on the site, and then the computer decided who will get the chance.

    "South and North are one nation, and culture has different. And this is the only opportunity to see how, in the North, what are they listening to what they sing", say the South Koreans.

    However, the happy arrival of North Korean artists not all. So, in Gangneung during a concert held a protest against the DPRK and the flags of the United States. "They are not songs to sing came, and our country win! There was no need to let them, it's dangerous — sure the protesters. Why are there so many here? Only 20 athletes and in large numbers five hundred people! Arrived and we have the flag away! The Olympics in our country, and the flag at the opening will not."

    Organizing protests is not the most popular in the country's far-right party of Korean patriots, and aktiviziruyutsya it when the South comes the official delegation from the United States. Yes, and the us policy line on the reconciliation of North and South do not support.

    At the Banquet, Vice-President Mike Pence at the same table with the head of North Korean delegation does not sit down, but decides to hold a meeting with defectors from the DPRK. The President of South Korea in such a situation, is forced to maneuver.

    Before opening talks with Mike Pence. After meeting with a formal head of the DPRK Kim Yong Nam and a sister of Kim Jong-UN. She became the first representative of the dynasty of Kim, take a visit to the South. Such negotiations, the flag of the United Korea at the opening ceremony and the joint women's hockey team is shameful concessions from the point of view of ultra-nationalists and strategic move with the position of those who ever wants to see Korea unified.

    This is an opportunity to use sports to start a dialogue about reconciliation. And symbolic here, even the names of cities. Pyeongchang and Pyongyang now confused not just. Based on the same character. One of the meanings is "smooth", "calm". Over the fact that such was the Olympics in 2018, and the administration of President moon Jae-In.

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    Russia and Cuba will cooperate in energy and transport

    The Capitol in Havana, a symbol of Cuba. There after the restoration should be back soon, the Cuban Parliament. And it needs to elect a new President of the state Council instead of leaving this post Raul Castro. As we, taught by bitter experience, to help the Cubans to keep the country? In the end, whether we contributed to the fact that they borrowed from us so much?

    On the Day of the Russian diplomat — special report "Vesti on Saturday" about the Havana Capitol, and about the Russian Ambassador in Cuba Mikhail Kamynin. He is a former foreign Ministry spokesman. Few people know that Mikhail Leonidovich — hereditary specialist on the "Island of Freedom". He is the son of the legendary writer in Cuba from the newspaper "Izvestia" of the revolution.

    When Havana's Capitol compared to the Washington, Cubans outraged. First, the Havana above. Second, with the same success it was possible to compare it with St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.

    20 million of pre-revolutionary peso in such a then astronomical sum cost construction of this national symbol. In 1929 the marble was brought from Italy.

    At the Capitol in Washington is not exactly "Salon of lost steps". The floor of this chamber lined with precious marbles, but due to the arched vaults acoustics is arranged in such a way that the sound is simply lost, while check is now impossible — the noise of work. Here ends the latest stage of the restoration of El Capitolio.

    The hall has cleared the allegory of La Republica. And at the main entrance will soon remove the protective film from the bronze doors. All the bas-reliefs on historical themes: from the discovery of Cuba by Columbus before the construction of the building itself.

    The revolution Fidel Castro threw out bourgeois parliamentarism to the dustbin of history. The Capitol made a Museum and a Congress centre.

    Post-revolutionary architecture of Havana. USSR embassy. Now — Russia. From here we start the trip to Havana with Russian Ambassador Mikhail Kalininym. We begin to taxi, the new "Lada".

    - Mikhail Leonidovich, the Cubans are very happy that Lada back on the island? And this is fairly new.

    Is not the word! This is the moment they've been waiting a long time, because the cars produced "AVTOVAZ" are the most admired in Cuba. And this is no accident — said Kamynin.

    Our old "Lada" on the streets of Havana and now a lot.

    But pooveli the street: a consequence of social experiments, and blockade by the US and, of course, and we suddenly left the island in the 90s.

    But, as said Kamynin, today, Russia again, a lot of projects. "We have restored our presence there. Can also to stress that Russian-Cuban relations are self-contained and not affected by any political situation. This is confirmed by the large-scale projects that we do here," — said the Russian Ambassador.

    And here again, the Capitol. Before it became the seat of the "bourgeois Parliament" and the Constitutional Assembly and now the national Assembly of people's power, which selects the state Council. To spring its Chairman (essentially President) Raul Castro. The year before he took in Havana, Barack Obama restored diplomatic relations with the United States. But now the White house is the trump. And all efforts went out the window.

    "While the real prospects of relations between Washington and Cuba in a civilized fashion not seen", — says Mikhail Kamynin.

    But, then again, it is necessary to catch the moment. That Russian experts will restore the Capitol dome. "Practical work on the dome should begin within a few months and be completed next year. The 500th anniversary of beautiful Havana, the Capitol will be another pearl of this city," said Mamykin.

    But inside the Capitol "hi" from Russia have always been. As soon as the scaffolding was removed, "the Salon of lost steps" will return a diamond of the zero kilometer.

    "The diamond was bought, and the seller swore that it is the stone from the crown of Nicholas II. The money to buy it with the subscription collected from the workers who built the Capitol. In place of the zero kilometer stone was laid in 1931," - said Perla Rosales, Deputy Director of the office of the historian of Havana.

    In 1946, the jewel was stolen, but then returned. The diamond was hidden in a Bank vault, and the floor was built up. But now in the Capitol again will be a real gem. And again Russian. "El Fiel" (echoes of "Fidel" that is, "true"), weighing more carats, in emerald cut. It was produced in Smolensk specifically to Havana.

    "This stone, for which we are very grateful to the friends from Russia, we plan to put up next to zero kilometer. Will make a special stand with the light and will write the story of the diamond "El Fiel" we have," said Perla Rosales.

    But that history and culture. But in terms of Ambassador Kamynina for the future — joint projects: with the new taxi ("Frets"), energy and Railways, and trucks. Agreements have already been signed.

    Saturday 10 February 2018 - 14:20:45email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    U.S. trying to split Syria and to create an army of Kurds and terrorists

    USA the creation of "local councils" in Syria trying to split this country and to consolidate its military presence, said Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Kinsac. "It raises questions, promoted by Washington, the construction project "alternative Syria" in the territories "liberated" by the international coalition" — quoted the diplomat TASS. Western attempts to link the reconstruction of Syria with the change of government in this country Kinsac called cynical blackmail.

    The Ambassador said moreover that the US is trying "to put together" in Syria, "new Syrian army" of Kurds and former militants of the Islamic state and "Dzhebhat an-Nusra" (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). According to him, Washington is betting "on the Kurds of the democratic Union Party and lured the Arab armed forces in the East of Syria."

    Long time terrorist organization "dzhebhat an-Nusra" was for some countries the anti-Syrian camp's de facto ally in the fight against the legitimate government of Syria, recalled Kinsac. "Today, it is one of the last cards in the hands of opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to maintain military pressure on Damascus," said he. "However, as with all terrorists, norouzi unreliable allies, the Ambassador added Kinsac. He stressed that the terrorists should be eliminated through joint efforts.

    According to the Russian Ambassador, the commanders of the group "Dzhebhat EN-Nusra" in Eastern ghouta is subject to a large part of the nearby illegal armed groups, including so-called moderates. The diplomat stressed that even small groups of militants "dzhebhat an-Nusra" is a serious force and pose a significant risk.

    Kinsac stated that the creation of zones of de-escalation helped reduce violence in the whole country, including in East ghouta, however, due to the armed provocations of the militants entrenched there of considered to be of moderate groups of "Ahrar al-sham", "Falak ar-Rahman", "Army of Islam" and the terrorists "dzhebhat an-Nusra" in November the situation in Eastern ghouta is again destabilized.

    Saturday 10 February 2018 - 14:20:32email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    The destruction of F-16 Israel blamed the attack on antiepilepsy drones

    Israeli planes attacked the drones that were used to identify the positions of militants grouping "Islamic state" (banned in Russia). It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the statement of the Operational headquarters of the allies of Syria.

    The plaque was subjected to the air base, T-4, which were drones. "These drones since the beginning of the crisis in Syria were used to gather information in the fight against terrorist groups, and primarily against IG", — stated in the document. The military claimed that the drones played a big role in the sweep of the IG of the Eastern territories. The operational headquarters of the allied forces denied the information that their UAV violated the airspace of Israel, saying that it "is a lie and distortion of reality."

    Meanwhile the official representative of army of defense of Israel Jonathan Conicus, commenting on the launch of Iranian drone into Israeli airspace, which was followed by two air strikes in Syria and volleys of Syrian air defenses by aircraft of the Jewish state, urged Iran and Syria to stop escalation of the situation and stop the aggression on the Northern border of the Jewish state.

    Earlier at a briefing for foreign journalists Conicus expressed the view that "the Syrians and the Iranians are playing with fire when they allow the Iranians to attack Israel from its territory". "We intend to give a tough response to anyone who attacks us, however we are not interested in escalation of the situation", — quotes his words TASS.

    Serious concern about the incident on Saturday, the attacks of the army of Israel on Syria expressed in the foreign Ministry. On Smolensk square urged the sides to exercise restraint and to respect the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic.

    As noted in the Russian foreign Ministry, the Syrian government forces to "comply with existing agreements for the sustainable functioning of the de-escalation area in the South-West of the country." According to the foreign Ministry, the Israeli air force struck several air strikes on targets in Syria, including those residing at the border zone of de-escalation in the South-West of the country. The office noted that losses among the Syrians and material damage as a result of these attacks specified.

    Saturday 10 February 2018 - 14:20:28email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    The Israeli pilot was seriously injured bailing out of an F-16

    The pilot of the Israeli air force was seriously injured as the result of ejection from F-16 fighter, came under anti-aircraft fire during a RAID on Syria. A second crew member shot down and crashed in Northern Israel fighter, also left the plane with a parachute, was hurt less seriously. As reported the press service of the IDF, the incident with the aircraft to investigate, the family of the pilot alerted about the incident, reports RIA Novosti.

    Meanwhile, Syrian state television reported that the air defense system of the Arab Republic repelled another attack by the Israeli air force. According to TV, the explosions heard in the area of the province of Damascus, reports "Interfax". In the autumn of last year it was reported that the Syrian army regained the technical condition of its air defense systems, equipped with among others anti-aircraft missile systems s-200 and Buk.

    Earlier, representatives of the army press service said that in the night of Saturday, February 10, the Israeli military intercepted an Iranian drone aircraft that violated the country's airspace from Syria, and in response attacked "Iranian targets" in neighboring countries.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since the beginning of the events in the North of the country is holding consultations on security and manages the operations in real time. This was reported in the Twitter the correspondent of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Noah Landau, citing Israeli officials. According to her, members of the Israeli Cabinet for security informed about the course of events.

    Israeli officials: Since the incidents in the north began, PM @Netanyahu has been holding security consultations and approving the necessary actions in ‘real-time’. Members of the Israeli security cabinet are briefed on the details

    — Noa Landau (@noa_landau) 10 Feb 2018

    Saturday 10 February 2018 - 10:58:32email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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