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    Trump refused to read the reports of intelligence agencies

    The President of the United States Donald trump often neglects the practical reading in the morning print version of the report prepared by the intelligence agencies, giving preference to oral briefings.

    According to "Interfax", reported the American newspaper the Washington Post, citing three knowledgeable source.

    According to the publication, seven U.S. presidents before trump started his morning in the oval office, reading the daily intelligence report for the President.

    45th head of the White house after a few months of his tenure as President made it clear to American intelligence officials that he does not like to read documents compiled by them.

    Trump prefers oral briefings with representatives of the intelligence services, which are held almost every day at 11 am local time.

    Thus, according to The Washington Post, the constructed so as not to upset him. For example, information about the alleged Russian interference in the presidential campaign of 2016, are included only in the written version of the briefing.

    With the information of the newspaper do not agree, the Director of National intelligence Dan Coates, called "pure fiction" a claim that trump does not read residnetial and therefore not fully aware.

    At the same time, the ex-CIA chief Leon Panetta told the newspaper that, preferring oral information, trump may miss some important information, and this can drive him and US in General, in a vulnerable situation.

    The trump occupying the highest office in the country, said the U.S. media that he didn't need to read 200-page reports on the issue, which you can fit on one page.

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    Walk-in closets and panoramic Windows: the first settlers are preparing to evaluate a new apartment

    In the new building on 5-th Parkovaya street will move inhabitants of two five-story buildings on the street by Konstantin Fedin. The house, which will be demolished, located just 300 metres from the new place of residence of immigrants.

    As reported "Interfax" the Deputy head of the construction Department Alexander Lomakin, the house organized by the information centre for migrants, it will work since February 10, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

    The house was built in the framework of the program "Housing" apartments brought into compliance with the requirements of the renovation program. The new building is a three-piece monolithic 18-storey building with an area of 31 thousand square meters with the first residential floor.

    In the house of 340 apartments. The floors in the entrance halls of the apartments and kitchens made of granite, rooms – laminate, walls – Wallpaper for painting. Bathrooms are fully stocked with plumbing, space for washing machine.

    The kitchens include electric stoves, balconies with panoramic glazing. In all areas of the apartments have chandeliers, reads the website of the Moscow construction complex.

    The Windows in the apartments of PVC profiles with double glazing and valves of macroprolactinemia. The apartments have walk-in closets or built in wardrobes.

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    SMS Android app will be a universal messenger

    The company Google is preparing a major update messenger Android Messages ("Android" Message), the default for sending SMS. As reported by news site Android Police, who studied code APK file, soon the app will get support for technology Rich Communication Services (RCS), which will allow you to share a regular "text messages" via the Internet.

    As for iMessage (Messages) on the iPhone and Mac owners of Android devices will be able to communicate through a single messenger. If the message can't be delivered over Wi-Fi, it will be sent in the usual way, via the cellular network. Moreover, RCS as an "add-on to SMS" to enable the sharing of high quality images and also see the indicator of what the person is typing.

    The code also mentions that "Android" Message will be able to send messages including computers and different browsers. You will need to go to the site Google and scan a QR code.

    RCS is essentially an analogue of the usual mobile messenger with two fundamental differences. First, sending a message to him, not to worry whether a similar application for the recipient. Even if mobile operator does not support RCS, the message will still come. However, in plain TEXT.

    ”Google and the mobile operators have prepared replacement. read more

    Second, RCS allows operators to control the transmission of messages sent using this technology and, if desired, to charge for them charge. Probably exactly what the mobile operators want to compensate for sharply fallen in recent times, the revenues from SMS.

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    In the laboratory for the first time have grown human eggs

    For the first time, researchers in the laboratory have been able to grow human eggs from a very early stage of their development to Mature. This breakthrough could lead to new treatments for reproductive health, scientists believe. However, it is not clear, are these "artificial" eggs from those that grow in the body, and if they can produce healthy offspring if they are fertilized with sperm. It researchers are yet to find out.

    Fabric women's ovaries contain a cluster of cells known as primordial follicles. The latter contain immature precursors of egg cells. With the maturation of follicles, the precursors of oocytes are also rising. After maturation (once a month) follicles rupture to release the Mature, ready to fertilize the egg. The process of release is called ovulation.

    Previously, some research groups managed to reproduce part of this natural process occurring in the body of every healthy, Mature female. In 2008, a reproductive biologist Evelyn Telfer (Telfer Evelyn) and her colleagues from the University of Edinburgh began work with the primary follicles from ovarian tissue. So, they "nurtured" them to poursuite state. And in 2015 a group of northwestern University in Chicago has created a Mature egg from the partially developed follicles.

    In this new work of Telfer and her colleagues took small samples of tissue from the ovaries of 10 women held elective caesarean section, and contributed 87 follicles, which are then nurtured in the "soup" of nutrients.

    Then came time for a new for researchers: scientists carefully extracted immature oocyte and some surrounding cells of the follicles, and then "brought them to readiness" on a special membrane with a large number octopodidae proteins.

    In the end, only 9 eggs out of 87 passed the final "test of maturity". They were able to halve their chromosomes to be ready to connect with a sperm during fertilization.

    The authors, however, happy and such a modest result. Other experts are not yet ready to share their enthusiasm. Thus, the scientific article does not include a genetic analysis of total oocytes, confirming their "health," notes, Mitinori Saito (Mitinori Saitou), a specialist in the field of stem cells from Kyoto University (Japan).

    The team under his leadership has developed methods for creating egg cells of mice from embryonic and reprogrammed stem cells (we wrote in detail about these developments).

    Saito was concerned that shortened the process of maturation in the laboratory (the Scots raised eggs 22 days) can not match the development that comes naturally for five months. "The final cell, which they got, obviously can't be normal. Even if their message is true, there are many parameters that need to be improved," — said the scientist.

    Telfer suggests that the egg matured in the lab faster than usual because many of the inhibitory (inhibitory) signals the body were absent. Such fast results (or other characteristics) does not necessarily indicate problems with the eggs, she said.

    However, the authors are working to improve its technology. They also hope that in the future they will be allowed to try to fertilize matured oocytes to create human embryos. Any such embryos will be studied only in the early stages of development, and then destroyed.

    The results of the work, as already mentioned, can help in the development of new and better treatments for problems related to reproductive system women. In particular, such techniques are required in patients who have undergone chemotherapy. It can damage the follicles and lead to infertility.

    In addition, this method will be useful for young girls with cancer who has not yet reached puberty (the body still produces Mature eggs that can at least freeze for later use). Currently some such patients on the advice of the doctors prefer to freeze a piece of ovarian tissue, which later is re-introduced in a woman's body to start producing eggs.

    In some cases this is a risky choice, because such a transplant can return the swelling in the body. But if you manage to perfect a new technique, these women would rely on the fabric (which they kept, being so young) for the production of oocytes for subsequent in vitro fertilization.

    The results of the research group, Telfer presented in the scientific journal Molecular Human Reproduction.

    Previously, the authors of the project "Conduct.Science" ( told me that for the birth of healthy offspring was used artificial sperm, and printed on a 3D printer ovaries. In addition, we described how the barren woman "woke up" the ovaries, and the first artificial reproductive system "on a chip" — it mimics female menstrual cycle.

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    "Aeroflot" takes control of the hand Luggage of passengers

    The airline "Aeroflot" since February 15, 2018 tightened its control over the hand Luggage of their passengers. Thus "Aeroflot" does not change the allowance, but simply enhances the control over their observance, said the Executive Director of the Agency "AviaPort" Oleg Panteleev.

    The norm remains the same. But now, for the implementation of the regulations will be watched carefully. "Aeroflot" just reminds you to respect the rules. Special control system for hand baggage introduced by the airline because of the frequent complaints of passengers out of space for it in the cabin, when all available seats are taken up by things entered first into the passenger cabin.

    Aeroflot adds, the passenger is obliged to check-in to present all the Luggage and carry-on baggage, as well as things that are transported at no extra charge beyond the norms of free baggage allowance and hand Luggage. A list of all these things, as well as baggage allowances and hand Luggage can be found on the website of Aeroflot or at the Centre information and booking.

    "How will it be organized – have yet to see, — says the Executive Director of the Agency "AviaPort" Oleg Panteleev. Other airlines using stand-calibrators. If the subject is reduced in their dimensions, so it can be taken in carry-on baggage".

    If any parameters of the hand baggage will not to conform to the standards that passengers have to check in your Luggage. In this case, when exceeding the free baggage allowance will have to pay. Norm of free baggage allowance economy class in airlines is still one piece weighing no more than 23 kilograms. For the transportation will have to pay. At refusal of the passenger to pay carriage of his Luggage in the amount and on the terms provided for in contract of air carriage of the passenger in accordance with article 107 of the Air code of Russia "Aeroflot" can refuse the passenger in transportation, said the company.

    "At the head are two factors, says the warning of "Aeroflot" Oleg Panteleev. Is security and economy. And if security is clear, the economy is a multifunctional dimension. This includes the satisfaction of passengers with the quality of services, and therefore re-use".

    Ordering compliance with the rules on hand baggage accelerates the Seating of passengers, and consequently, the Parking of aircraft in airports. The size of the bins is set by the aircraft manufacturers, emphasizes the "Aeroflot". Placement on the shelf of hand Luggage with violations of the established norms deprives other passengers of the possibility of conveniently and safely place your Luggage in the aircraft cabin. And this affects the level of passenger comfort in the cabin and safety.

    Oleg Panteleev gave simple advice to passengers in connection with the warning of "Aeroflot". They are simple: advance to check the baggage allowance on the website of "Aeroflot", weigh your Luggage on the free scales at the airport, and also not to take too much in the way.

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