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    Election campaign: Sobchak went to the construction site, and Grudinin – the factory

    For the builders of the Crimean bridge and the new terminal of the Simferopol airport will be opened stages for a vote.

    A fresh opinion poll, the electoral ratings of the presidential candidates. The survey was conducted from 12 to 18 February. Sociologists say that the rate of support for all candidates are established in the corridors of the values, i.e., fluctuations are negligible.

    According to the new poll, for the independent candidate Vladimir Putin are going to vote 69.5% of voters. Thus, according to VTSIOM, Putin's performance remain in the range of 67 to 72%. 7.5% of voters would support the candidate from the Communist party Pavel Grudinina (his approval rating remains at the end of January). For Vladimir Zhirinovsky is ready to vote for 5.3% of all voters Grigory Yavlinsky and 1.4%, Ksenia Sobchak — 0,9%, Sergei Baburin 0.4%, and Boris Titov is 0.3% for Maxim Suraikin of 0.1%. The declared level of participation in the elections exceeds the 81% is the proportion of voters who reported willingness to participate in the vote.

    The presidential candidates continue their activities both day and late evening. Two hours ago ended the meeting Grigory Yavlinsky with the military experts. All — about domestic and foreign policy. "I really don't know why Americans have such tender. They ask: "what's your choice?" What we have here with the elections, if they say that they have there and Putin almost trump chose! How do I do polls, do you know? People ask me: "What you will have the interest which you have interest?!" What will be my interest, let them tell me the percent of trump!" – said Yavlinsky. Yavlinsky again criticizes Russian television, which he calls propaganda.

    "With us chamber of the Federal channels, we will now discuss your problem, we'll talk about it. I want you to tell me what happens and I, for my part, I promise to bring this issue as widely as possible and city hall, and to the Federal authorities," — said the candidate for the post of President of the Russian Federation from party "Civil initiative" Ksenia Sobchak. The night before she arrived on the street Kravchenko in Moscow. Locals say that the trees here were cut down, an ice hockey rink was demolished and in its place are going to build a multi-storey building.

    On the fence of the construction site put the election symbols Sobchak. She promises to deal with the situation around the construction site. "It is a violation of all norms, it is impossible, — she said. — Moreover, it is 17 floors, it is a huge edifice, which are block. Not to mention, where the walk for children, where to do sports. How is this even possible? I'm against it, I will for this fight. We will start step by step, first with the Prefecture, and the second step is already the municipality. Because such things should not happen. And I'm not even sure that they are aware of this big problem."

    A confidant of Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Boyarsky during his recitals in Ryazan called on all to come to the polls. "Must go, definitely! Because it is a manifestation of our common interest, our citizenship. We as a family, we need to listen to your heart and conscience. I love sleeping and I love to sit at home, but I will go to every person on the street," said Boyarsky.

    Co-Chairman of Putin's staff, renowned doctor Alexander Rumyantsev spent in Samara a master class for physicians, the future of Russian health care, which, in his opinion has come — gradual digitalization.

    As modernizarea "Rostselmash", saw candidate Sergei Baburin. Arriving in Rostov-on-don, of course he could not visit the memorial to participants of the local conflicts, because Baburin, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. "It is not just me, here are my military friends. And of course I wish that our enemies, our enemies understood that our ancestors were able to fight and we know how to fight. Don't allow that we mentioned recently." said Baburin.

    Diplomats and employees of American diplomatic missions in Russia will not be allowed to monitor the presidential election. This was stated today by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov. He recalled that a year and a half ago during the presidential election in the US, the Russian diplomat was denied surveillance capabilities. Accordingly, now on the ballot in Russia in the observation will be denied to American diplomats.

    The pension Fund of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky today found out what benefits he accrued at the time of reaching retirement age in 2006. Studied in detail, as it is taken here of the elderly, Zhirinovsky said about the conditions in which must work the whole pension system. "We will be categorically against raising the retirement age. Because we have harsh living conditions — weather, political, and living conditions. Yes, and there was still so accustomed to people that women retire at 55 and men at 60. And it's even retirement at a younger age. And allowances that was! And indexing each year. And working and isn't working!" – said the leader of the liberal democratic party.


    Shower cabins, acrylic bathtubs, faucets, towel — the company "Triton" in the suburban Shchelkovo candidate of the Communist party is studying the whole production chain. The company competes with foreign manufacturers. Grudinin says that thus it is similar to the "Sovkhoz imeni Lenina". But in the example, the candidate leads a Western education. "I would like to cancel the exam, he says. — I told you about Finland? Look, the Finnish education system is recognized as one of the best and there are no exams. There's just an interview. That is, there is constant stress for the child, he develops, he reveals talents. What torture the child mathematics if he is a great artist, why do we need it?"

    One Trustee candidate from the Communist party became less. His refusal of this status was declared by the economist Nikita Isaev. "The Communist party is now trying to prove that information forward, which is now coming is a planned action of the authorities is to neutralize the main competitor. But it is a certain duplicity on the part of the candidate — said Isayev. — I, like all of Russia's population see it clearly. Lying is a major problem for the candidate. If you don't trust it go to vote. If you don't trust him, to be his confidant is also quite strange."

    Maxim suraykin met today with the quality of work of centers for the provision of public services and was surprised to learn that in Veliky Novgorod for some take a fee of 40 rubles. "The state contains an IFC, and the Board would not charge. If a person pays three or four duties, then it is 120-130 rubles. But for a pensioner who receives 9000, is 3-4% of the income", — says the candidate of the party "Communists of Russia" Maxim suraykin.

    A special aspect of the preparations for the upcoming vote — help the visually impaired and hearing impaired. In Moscow, printed a special ballot papers in Braille, in the Stavropol region on the stations will operate sign-language interpreters, in Karachay-Cherkessia provided teplomarket — special handles that give voice to the text, reflected in the ballots.

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    New: House of music opened the sale of season tickets for the season 2018/2019

    20 February Moscow international House of music opened the sale of season tickets for the season 2018/2019. New season campaign features a unique format: the participants will be able to purchase tickets for any favourite concerts to create your own subscription.

    Only in the framework of the subscription campaign which will last until mid-may, discount of 20% for all proposed activities.

    The best samples of academic and jazz music, Opera in concert, music, movie, star, flamenco and folk music, theatre and dance performances in the new season season showcases the diversity of genres and types of performing arts.

    The House of music will meet with outstanding ensembles. Among them are the national Philharmonic orchestra of Russia (subscription "the Hour of Chaplin"), State chamber orchestra "Moscow Virtuosi" (season tickets "virtuosos of Moscow" and "Moscow Virtuosi" in the time machine"), the Moscow chamber orchestra Musica Viva (pass the "Paris" symphonies and concertos of Haydn") and others.

    Among the subscriptions with the participation of famous soloists one of the iconic series will be a "Grand piano masters / Masters of the piano". On the stage of the Svetlanov hall solo klavierabend will be pianists the world level Fazil say (Turkey) and Youghal EUM Son (South Korea). In the subscription of the "King of instruments. The great organists of the cathedrals" will present their art Simon Johnson (St Paul's Cathedral in London), Vincent Dubois (Notre Dame), Roberto fresco (Cathedral of Santa Maria La real de La Almudena in Madrid). New subscription "Musical dynasty", in concerts which will feature performances of Placido Domingo Jr. and Julio Iglesias, Jr., will be a gift for lovers of popular music. The subscription series "stars of flamenco" will bring together the leading Spanish artists of this direction. One of them recognized the king of flamenco, Latin Grammy winner Diego El cigala, the Queen of the "new flamenco" Mercedes Ruiz and the winner of the prestigious Giraldillo award at the Biennale in Seville (2016) Patricia Guerrero. In the framework of the subscription "Performances of Egor Druzhinin" you will see the love the audience the performance "life is Everywhere" and the premiere of the current season, the play "Helen and Elsa," where the main roles are played sisters Anastasia and Victoria Mikhailets member of the popular Russian television project "Dancing on TNT" and the American TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

    According to the traditions halls of the House of music will become a meeting place for the famous jazz bands and performers. Famous jazzmen of the world can be heard in the subscription concerts of the "Jazz Olympus". Among them the legendary Argentine guitarist Luis Salinas, the best big band, The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra and charismatic American singer cécile Mclorin Sal'van, the great Cuban saxophonist Paquito De Rivera and his quintet, the genius of jazz-manouche, a French Gypsy guitarist Bireli Lagren, the Duo of outstanding jazz pianists Stefano Bollani (Italy) and Chano Dominguez (Spain). For the first time in the House of music will pass the "Greatest drummers in the world", whose concerts will take part Billy Cobham (USA), Steve Smith (USA) and Herlin Riley (USA), each of them will perform with his band.

    Lovers of chamber classics designed a number of fine programs. A subscription to "the Russian piano school" will acquaint with the young but already internationally acclaimed musicians, winners of international competitions Nikolay Tokarev, Nikolai Khozyainova, Pavel Kolesnikov and Anna Tsybuleva. A unique series of all the romances of Sergei Rachmaninoff will be performed by soprano Yana Ivanilova and pianist Andrei Korobeinikov. All violin sonatas by W. A. Mozart in his subscription series will be presented by Alexei Lundin. In the framework of the favorite students of the pass "many-sided guitar" will show their mastery David Giovanni Tomasi (Italy), Sercan Bulat (Croatia) and Sergey Rudnev.

    The groups of sacred music will continue to acquaint students Mihm with samples of Russian and European choral culture. In the halls of the House of music concerts Holiday the Patriarch's male choir of Danilov monastery Men's choir of the Sretensky monastery.

    The diversity of the folk art of our country will be presented in the framework of the new pass festival "the Musical World of RUSSIA". He will unite on one stage dance groups in Dagestan, Chechnya and Kuban, Russian folk choirs of the North and the Volga region, song and dance ensembles of the Republic of Komi and the Republic of Tatarstan. The festival will end on the Day of Russia 12 June 2019 with a gala concert, which will feature soloists celebrated choirs of the Russian Federation – Siberian, Voronezh, Kuban Cossacks, Orenburg, Ryazan, Ural choir and the legendary Russian folk choir Pyatnitsky.

    Famous actors of theatre and cinema Daniil Spivakovsky, Evgeny Dyatlov, Valery Barinov, Alice Grebenschikova and others also will participate in the concerts of the new season. Children and parents designed a series of children, including educational passes, including musicals, ballets and stories using sand animation and Ebru technique.

    To see a list of subscriptions and you can purchase tickets on the website of the House of music.

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