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    So it is safe VAPI: why they even sell children?

    In Russia to introduce fines for those who entices Teens to smoke electronic cigarettes. Punish offer and traders, who sell the so-called wapi minors, and even parents that encourage the habit. The Ministry has developed a bill, largely equating vaporizers or as they are now called, "electronic nicotine delivery" is to conventional tobacco. What really "sell" the sellers of sweet smoke?

    The basements of houses, utility rooms in shopping centres — sheltered from prying eyes, are sellers of electronic cigarettes. Their— that is, vapers — known face. Newcomers do not trust — and still sell.

    In one of these vaping shops near the metro station "Youth" 15-year-old schoolboy was able to buy liquid for vaping containing nicotine 0.6 percent. The passport is not even asked.

    — Can't nicotine-Jones — not so bad — but You sold both of nicotine. That You we even can not say anything?

    — Of course not!

    "We have 18 +, regardless of whether there is nicotine in the liquids that we offer, or not," says co-owner of a vaping bar Vadim Ognev.

    Bright, attractive packaging: anti-Smoking law, which prohibits any advertising of cigarettes, all of these liquids does not apply. Plus sweet alluring smoke and a million flavor combinations.

    — Pastries — a very popular band. Eat fruits, eat berries.

    "There are studies, a lot of them who say that Smoking wapow among young people in subsequent ends the usual Smoking of cigarettes" — says the psychiatrist-the expert in narcology Oleg Kutushev.

    Are mixed the mixture can in any basement without complying with any regulations, including sanitary — existent. It is tempting to write on the label, too, can be anything. For example, "0 percent nicotine" — but should we believe everything that is written?

    "Yes, zero, there, bet! Taste, caramel! But actually no caramel in this regard is not experiencing state changes!"— explains Oleg Kutushev.

    The producers assure that the steam generators beznikotinovye harmless to health. At the core of the liquids — dietary supplements, they are even used confectioners.

    — Glycerin, propylene glycol, and food flavors.

    In this for four years trying to convince myself — and along with their employees — Sergey Anokhin.

    — I smoked in the workplace, at all without removing it from his mouth.

    While electronic cigarettes are not banned in public places, students with prestigious soar — and right in the classroom.

    Sergei threw his steam after his colleague spent in front of the monitor the night in the arms of vaping. In the morning he found a cold all around.

    — When wiping the screen, he realized that sat and breathed, breathed this vapor to the screen. And, it turns out, it accumulated enough glycerin!

    The result could worse: on one of the videos of vaping is exploding at the person right in the pants pocket. Well, not in your mouth — and there have been such cases, including among students. While the law governing the sale of e-cigarettes, no, but all agree on one thing: to sell their children.

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    Slopes on the platform of the ZIL: why stalled cleaning?

    Four million cubic meters of snow have already removed from Moscow streets. Now the basic forces are thrown on clearing of yards and Parking lots. On the portal "Our city" has received about 10 thousand complaints from residents: the snow boulders on the roadside, inscribed transitions. Janitors are waiting and the passengers on the platform ZIL — there's a ladder now looks like a steep ski slope. Why is it again I forgot the utility?

    — To go to the platform now, we should at least be a climber!

    The people who disembarked from the trains to the platform ZIL, it is time to get climbing equipment. The steps are covered with snow so that they are almost invisible. The stairs are more like a ski slope.

    Those who come on the platform with trains of Paveletsky say that last time here I saw people with shovels three days ago. There are two staircases. One on the Big Tula street and the other at the Avtozavodskiy bridge. People don't go down, but rather climb, clinging to the railing.

    This way I am afraid to go down, since it's easy to fly under the train the same, very slippery!

    — To walk — okay, I'm young, healthy, and older people, of course, very difficult. Okay, fall — and something traumatic? It's terrible!

    Because the stairs are not clean, the locals are struggling with 2016. The catch is that it is unclear what the organization owns the descent.

    "Addressed to the mayor, city hall sent a "Gormost". They said it's not their territory, this territory belongs to MOR. MOR says it's not their territory — their only platform. Next — Danilovskaya UPRAVA, UPRAVA don is trying to distance itself from this bridge!"— says Alla Makarova.

    And this situation repeats itself — this "News" told in the last year. And today with the arrival of the crew on the stairs appeared the utility — they are temporarily obliged to follow the stairs until I can determine who they belong to.

    — People complain, say, on Monday removed the last time, and now all not clean.

    We take special control of this object.

    Trying to figure out the balance of what organizations are these stairs. May be, the district Council?

    — Stairs on the platform ZIL?

    — Yeah.

    — Unfortunately, I can't tell you, the staff member who is dealing with this issue — she is on site.

    The Council promised to clarify the issue about the stairs from the responsible specialist. The transition can be owned by the "Gormost" — because the degrees come to him. This organization has its own logic.

    — The railway is not ours!

    — It's not yours, that is, does not apply to you?

    — The railroad — you platform rise!

    Engineer of Railways calls and did not answer. While officials sort out among themselves, whose stairs, people continue to fall. Or off the train early at the station Bottom Boilers — prefer to walk away than to risk your health.

    Wednesday 07 February 2018 - 22:23:50email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    300 theatres, 85 regions: the "Big tour" sights on record

    The largest theater program in the country "Big tour" again this year plans to establish a historic record of almost 300 theaters will perform in all 85 regions of Russia, and the number of performances exceeds 2 000.

    In the "Big tour" in many cities of the country with the support of the art Festival ART-a WINDOW of charity Foundation Alisher Usmanov "the Art, science and sport" will be an educational program (theatre management, journalism and technology).

    In several regions of the tickets for the performances will be free. ""Great tour" we have the same goals: we organize a tour for yourself and also focused on small towns, do it in partnership so much easier," — said at a press conference, Fatima Muhomedzhan, Deputy Director of Fund "Art, science and sport".

    At the initiative of the rector of the University Grigory Zaslavsky there will be a separate special project in collaboration with the leading theatrical high schools of the country. They will have the opportunity not only to show their thesis on big theater stages, but also to meet the management of the theatres with young talented actors.

    "Big tour" be total", said on 1 February at a press conference in TASS the state Secretary, Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhuravsky, stressing that such a global project at the Federal level was not even in the Soviet Union.

    The main part of the program starts only in April, but the first tour will begin in the near future. Plans opened by the Director of Vakhtangov Theatre Kirill KROK: "next week we're going to St. Petersburg. And in addition, we have two serious projects: June — July — Omsk and in April — may — Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, where we will show about 17 names".

    The Moscow Provincial theatre also has big plans to reach out to tour the Volga region, to show the large-scale productions. "The performances are great. On our last premiere of "the Cherry orchard" were representatives of the touring center, they said, "Lord, as we now get?!". That is very nice, it is necessary to comply with the Vakhtangov theater," ‒ said the artistic Director of the Moscow Provincial theater Sergey Bezrukov.

    Elena Balukova, General Director of the Federal centre for support of tour activities added that this year the "Big tour" will be joined by many new theatres – for example, the Mossovet Theatre, the Sovremennik and the Moscow art theater named after Gorky. "There are also plans to continue to acquaint our audience with foreign and Russian theaters. From the news this year — we will come to Russia Russian theatre of Uzbekistan and the Chisinau theatre, foreign cooperation will be actively developed," — she added.

    A full schedule of "Big tour-2018" and all the details about the special projects will be posted on official resources of the program in Facebook, "Vkontakte" and Instagram.

    Wednesday 07 February 2018 - 22:23:32email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    The step from a happy childhood: help Ksenia to stand up

    Ksenia from Khabarovsk 2.5 years – she is active, cheerful girl who would love to play with other children. However, due to a rare disease she can barely move, and even then only in a special apparatus on his legs. Susie neurofibromatosis bilateral congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia.

    Although the pregnancy proceeded without complications, and none ultrasound revealed no abnormalities, immediately after birth, the mother reported that the right leg of the girl curve. In a month the problem was on both legs. And 4 months of age the legs of Susie reside in a specially made braces to avoid fracture.

    However, 7 months on routine x-rays, the doctors saw that the baby has already broken the fibula in both legs. To this day, these fractures do not grow together. Ksenia had surgery, but no results it gave. The curvature of the legs is continued, the tibia with thinning and too soon can break, and what will happen next, nobody knows.

    Parents are consulted in Kurgan, Novosibirsk, in Moscow. Time and again they had to hear from the experts: "Humble yourselves, your child will remain disabled for life". Russian doctors offered to carry out a number of operations (there may be one or two, and maybe six or more), but guarantees and forecasts do not give any.

    A specialist in this rare disease were found in the St. Mary's hospital in the United States. Professor Dror Paley has long operated children with this diagnosis and very successful. He is ready to save Xenia from life in a wheelchair, while maintaining and fibula, and tibia. After surgery she will be able to run, jump and play like all the healthy kids. However, to delay treatment it is impossible. The older becomes the child, the more health problems she will have (curvature of the spine, atrophy of the foot, shortening of tibia).

    The surgery itself costs a lot of money — 7 046 000 rubles. Same amount family gather not.

    "We are asking for your help! The little girl is eager to climb the stairs on the slide, as the other guys, but she fails. At the moment the girl moves only in a special apparatus on the entire foot, which absolutely does not move a foot, and movement in the knees is limited. When we run guys, she laughs out loud and claps his hands. She cannot join them. But we are sure that it's not forever," — says mom Susie.


    Donation can be done by sending an SMS to the number 3443 with the word "Xenia" and a donation amount. For Example: "Ksenia 200"

    In addition to help the child through Sberbank online. In the purpose of payment must specify "donation for Ksenia Sapozhnikova".

    Wednesday 07 February 2018 - 22:22:54email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    Chinese police officers armed with smart glasses that recognize criminals

    The Chinese police officers patrolling the area near the train station of Zhengzhou city in Henan province, began to issue "smart" glasses with face detection, which should help them in catching criminals. About it writes The Wall Street Journal, citing local media.

    Enhanced security measures have been taken in connection with the imminent onset of the Lunar New year (16 Feb) — the busiest month on the transportation infrastructure of China, when people make billions of trips from all over the country to celebrate the holidays with family. The period of celebration and travel, which is sometimes described as the largest migration in the world, is often used by criminals to get lost in the crowd and hide from persecution.

    During the testing phase of the patrol, armed with "smart" glasses, managed to detain seven people are wanted, and another 26 people who traveled on foreign passports. Station in Zhengzhou — one of the busiest in China. Daily use 70-120 thousand people.

    Smart glasses developed Beijing LLVision Technology. The gadget connects by wire to a handheld device like an Android smartphone, and compares the face with the offline database. Says the head of the company Wu FEI, glasses operate faster than video cameras: on the tests the device was able to recognize individuals from 10-thousand database of wanted persons in just 100 milliseconds.

    According to official statistics, China has over 170 million camera — the largest video surveillance system in the world, and in the next three years, the authorities intend to connect to a network of about 400 million cells. Last fall the camera with a face detection function have helped to detain the 25 were wanted by the citizens who came to Asia's largest beer festival. One of the captured was on the run for over ten years.

    ”The new technology of surveillance to establish the identity gait see also

    How effective global surveillance system to cope with its responsibilities, in December, was personally convinced BBC correspondent John Sudworth. After the photo reporter have made to the database, he went for a walk in the city with a population of 4 million people. To delay Sudworth, the police took only 7 minutes.

    [Сообщено Slava]
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