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    After the killings in Macerata was held on 15 th campaign against racism and fascism

    In the Italian city of Macerata on Saturday there was a demonstration against racism and fascism. In the not have taken part about 15 thousand people from all over Italy. The column of protesters with a length of 3 kilometers was held in the center of the city under anti-fascist slogans: "Stop playing with the lives of migrants", "Together we are all apart — nothing", "Movement against racism and fascism". The action lasted several hours and ended at city Park with speeches of leaders of youth movements, RIA Novosti reported.

    In late January – early February in the small town of Macerata in the Central Marche region there have been a number of criminal events: first there was found the body of 18-year-old Italian girls, Pamela Mastropietro, which dismembered and laid out in two suitcases. On suspicion of involvement in the murder of the girl was arrested on 29-year-old migrant from Nigeria and arrested two of his compatriots. After a few days in Macerata happened street shooting: a local neo-Nazi on the morning of 3 February, opened fire on African migrants from their car. Six people were injured. After the arrest of 28-year-old Luke Traini said, completely unrepentant and "shot the blacks because they are drug dealers".

    After the arrest Traine representatives of the Italian extreme right declared his support. In Rome and Macerata there were banners with words of solidarity, and on Thursday evening two extreme right-wing organization Casapound and Forza Nuova held in the town, the demonstration ended with clashes with the police. According to the organizers, detained after the clashes were 15 people, six were injured.

    In response, the national Association of Italian partisans, trade unions, youth movements and left-wing parties called for a rally against racism and Nazism. The municipality of Macerata, the demonstration was allowed, but prepared for it: the streets were cleaned trash cans, occupations at schools are cancelled, also, after lunch, stopped the movement of public transport.

    A similar rally on Saturday, held in Milan, Bologna and Turin.

    Saturday 10 February 2018 - 20:53:13email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    Trump has accused Democrats in the manipulation of secret data

    American President Donald trump in his Twitter accused the representatives of the Democratic party in the manipulation of secret data. According to him, they presented him a note with a large amount of such data that "they knew", have plenty of blank out, and then they "accuse the White house lack of transparency". "Ordered them to redo it and send me a proper option," added trump.

    The Democrats sent a very political and long response memo which they knew, because of sources and methods (and more), would have to be heavily redacted, whereupon they would blame the White House for lack of transparency. Told them to re-do and send back in proper form!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 10, 2018.

    Earlier, the President of the United States announced circulated by Republicans in Congress a Memorandum on the so-called "Russian investigation", which sharply criticized the decision-making mechanism in the U.S. justice Department and the FBI. We are talking about illegal surveillance, and other abuses by intelligence agents. Donald trump released a document, although the FBI opposed its publication.

    In response, Democrats demanded to publish their own note, reports RIA Novosti: the American people, according to their statements, needs to be able to learn point of view and the other side of the debate to draw their own conclusions. Trump promised to publish a note to Democrats, but on the eve of the lawyer of the President of the United States was sent to the house Committee on intelligence a letter saying that the President can not publish a document in connection with the contained secret data and a potential threat to U.S. national security from disclosure.

    The investigation alleged Russian intervention in elections in the United States and alleged links trump with RF lead independent spectracolor Robert Mueller and Congress. Charges in the address reject in the White house and the Kremlin.

    Saturday 10 February 2018 - 18:48:45email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    Russia and Estonia exchanged spies

    Russia and Estonia exchanged citizens convicted of espionage. Citizen of Russia Artem Zinchenko, serving time for espionage in Estonia was exchanged for convicted of espionage in Russia, the Estonian entrepreneur Raivo Susi. The exchange was made February 10, at 10 o'clock on the Koidula border station on the Estonian-Russian border, said a Department of defense police of Estonia (KAPO).

    In may 2017, the Harju County court of Estonia recognised Artem Zinchenko guilty of espionage, sentenced him to five years imprisonment. Raivo Susi was sentenced in Russia to 12 years in prison in December 2017, reports "Interfax". Both filed petitions for clemency that met the presidents of Estonia and Russia.

    According to the Director General of KAPO, Arnold Sinisalu, the parties entered into their agreement is satisfied: "Estonia has sent to Russia committed here, a crime of the spy, and Estonian entrepreneur thus after a long detention in Russia, returned to relatives".

    The Russian Federal security service detained Raivo Susi in Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport in February 2016, when he was heading from Tajikistan to Tallinn. Actions in which the FSB accuses Susi, a leading aviation business in the former Soviet Union, were committed to them back in 2004-2007. He Estonian involvement in espionage denied.

    According to the official bodies of Estonia, Raivo Susi, co — owner of the firms for the supply of aircraft Laki Autos and Musket, as well as Aerohooldus OU repairing air machine. According to media reports, the firm OU Musket is in the list of mediators of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, mediating in the arms trade, ammunition, fire control systems, land, water and air means of transportation, means of body armor. Aerohooldus OU losing to the Estonian defence Forces is ready with two fighter training L-39.

    Clients Susi was the millionaires of the air club of Russia, England, the USA and Western Europe. According to media reports, since 1994 Sushi "transferred to the West training a whole squadron of fighters, which would be enough to equip all of the air force of Estonia".

    Saturday 10 February 2018 - 17:08:35email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    There were photos and video of the downed Israeli fighter

    In social media published the first photos and video from the crash site of the F-16 Israeli air force shot down during an air RAID on "Iranian facilities" in Syria. The plane crashed, both crew members ejected and are in hospital, RIA Novosti reported.

    One of the pilots was seriously injured. One published on Twitter video shot in the field, which landed the pilots after ejection.

    מל"ט סורי ברמת הגולן | תיעוד: פינוי הטייסים שנטשו מטוס את ה-F-16 (צילום: ביגפוט)

    — כאן חדשות (@kann_news) 10 Feb 2018

    On several photo shows the wreckage of a crashed Israeli F-16, and on one of the videos filmed descent with a parachute had ejected from one of the fighter pilots.

    תיעוד: הטייסים שנטש אחד את ה מטוס-F-16 — במהלך צניחתו

    — כאן חדשות (@kann_news) 10 Feb 2018

    Earlier, representatives of the army press service said that in the night of Saturday, February 10, the Israeli military intercepted an Iranian drone aircraft that violated the country's airspace from Syria, and in response attacked "Iranian targets" in neighboring countries.

    Israeli journalist AVI Scarf wrote on Twitter that flying to Israel detained passenger planes in the sky over the Mediterranean sea to prevent them from falling under the blow of air defense missiles.

    The Israeli military confirmed that their plane was shot down by Syrian air defense fire, and claim that he was already impressed over Israel. The photos are the remnants of one of the Syrian missiles launched at Israeli planes. Apparently, this is the missile s-125 "Pechora".

    The official representative of army of defense of Israel Jonathan Concretus reported the impact of the armed forces of the Jewish state for 12 Syrian and Iranian military targets in Syria "in response to Iranian aggression."

    The IDF is striking numerous (12) Syrian and Iranian military targets in Syria, in response to Iranian aggression. More to follow

    — Jonathan Conricus (@LTCJonathan) 10 Feb 2018

    Saturday 10 February 2018 - 15:21:24email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    Vasiliev is not afraid of the revenge of the corrupt

    5 February in the Dagestan FSB special forces were detained by the Prime Minister, two Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of education and the mayor of Makhachkala. These events in the elite called "black Monday", the people – "the light." What does this mean for other regions?

    The whole country saw the gold gun with the initials and an Arsenal of unclear where grasp other weapons found in the house the acting President of the government of the Republic of Abdusamad Hamidov.

    At the same time detained and arrested his deputies Shamil Isaev and Rudin Yusufov, a former Minister of education and science of Sahabas shahs. Later suspects in the theft of money allocated for social programs, brought to Moscow. By the way, for VGTRK, the manner of conducting the Affairs of Dagestan arrested the Prime Minister is not news.

    Images from the story of the STRC "Dagestan" about the illegal cutting down "green lungs" of Makhachkala Altajskogo forest — it was intended to build up the cottages. After the story the Prime Minister had on TV some pressure. But now he is accused of much more.

    In Makhachkala "Vesti on Saturday" looked at the local White house, which in October entered appointed by President Putin, the new acting head of the Republic Vladimir Vasiliev, in which Dagestan and began a fundamentally new restore order.

    - Vladimir abdualievich, forgive me some freedom, but you gave this week!

    - I didn't, it's Vladimir Vladimirovich, I made an offer and sent here , and then I was supported by people's Assembly. The more I am here the more convinced that we must first build a management system that would solve many of the problems.

    - In the National Assembly, you announced the upcoming landing of the prosecutors, and still not afraid of those who came under attack this Prosecutor's investigation.

    - I would very much like to see only fear worked. It is probably also necessary because even during the work of this group of prosecutors from all regions were detained the officer for a bribe of one million three hundred thousand. Is such that had accumulated over the years. There is, unfortunately, a large shadow component of the economy. There is the fact that being on the post, to ask, to get something that is not considered immoral and condemned by society. We have a big problem with illegal taps into pipelines, mains. We are a multibillion-dollar expenditures in this regard. It is dangerous. And electricity in many communities does not meet the standard: no 220 volts and below. With gas supply problems, too. We have an environmental limit go. The sea is, but in the city in summer it is not recommended to swim. We now these issues will need to work consistently to catch up with what has already been done in many regions of Russia. And we strive to build a system of relations. For example, we have recently appointed Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of education Omarov Ummupazil Vazieva. She's nine years old, was a human rights activist. I think this is a very good decision.

    You, Colonel General of the interior Ministry, appoint the human rights defender, the Minister of education?

    - Yes, of course. The first thing that was done — we came to the Rosobrnadzor. And, of course, we now do everything that children do not learn corruption, when their loved ones, parents through the post and money pushing them all by hook or by crook, pushing talented and hardworking. Need to the exam was the first exam in this life.

    - To not have these legendary "stabulnieku".

    - Best practices and common approaches. Ten percent of the gold medalists are writing the application for admission to the University with the errors. It is a challenge.

    - Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the previous composition of the government of Dagestan, sent now retired, nine Deputy Prime Ministers, the two arrested. That is, most normal people, you can work with them, they can rely on.

    - You are absolutely right.

    - That there was a false feeling.

    - That's it. And I'm well aware of that. I want to say that there is no "delivery" staff will not. We will work mostly with all who are already there. Those who fail, will be replaced and in their place will prepare, select local talented and ambitious boys and girls.

    - How will you select staff? Shared these objectively that steamed new employees from among those who came. The new Prime Minister of Tatarstan. He Mordvin.

    - The wife of a Tartar, if we go into nationality.

    I think you feel what I'm getting. One more note. Popov Denis G., the new public Prosecutor. Place of birth — Sverdlovsk oblast, the main part of his career in Moscow, but in recent years — the first Deputy Prosecutor of the Tula region and the Prosecutor of Khakassia. Russian, it seems. And now a delicate matter. You are talking about that will basically no visitors, and local people, but these appointments apparently indicate that you intend to break this vicious circle of national quotas, which were allocated offices in the Republic. We've talked about this before. Generally a solvable problem?

    - Solvable. People in Dagestan, the more work, the more respect. Recently there was a tournament of Yarygin wrestling. Seven gold medals won. Dagestanis are able to win in a serious fight not only on the carpet. Now there is a competition, and as a result we will receive the President of the court too. But I hope that it will not be a local judge. Let me explain why. We have a large number of illegal construction of residential buildings. All these houses are dumping sewage in the legacy header. Provided by the same energy elektroresurs, which was before. The infrastructure is the same. Build a "window in window", sometimes in areas that are unacceptable for development. Many such buildings have been legalized by judicial decisions. And I carefully from the moment of my arrival watching this, I have no examples, when such court decisions arise. Very many appeals of citizens. Now came the prosecutors, they literally in some areas of the queues. This is the line for truth, for justice, which people don't see. So I apologize to those who feel offended, a national identity which is affected. But at first we should to change the situation and to follow the wishes of the people. We expanded the powers of the National Assembly. We were given the opportunity all along to approve of the Prosecutor. And this our candidate a few months after his appointment came in the National Assembly and there was the test. Against a bit, supported him. We work with people, with the candidates and we will continue to improve this work for the vast majority of inhabitants of the Republic.

    - Is not afraid of revenge?

    - No. Why? I worked all my life on such sites. Remember the 90-ies. The head of the Police of the country.

    - The fight against organized crime.

    - Previously worked in the Management of emergency situations at the interior Ministry, went everywhere. That's why I, when I argued in Parliament, said it was not Vasiliev came, it was examined further. We today, thanks to the support of the President in the first place has a lot can, but the more we work to combat the underground economy, corruption, the more we will be able to do it themselves. I am glad that this year it's 300 million more in taxes. But at the same time is very small. I recently had the head of the Tax service, and we talked about it. We will seriously work on the collection of taxes. I have already warned all the leaders of our districts that their stay on the posts will depend on tax collection. To me comes from one of the districts performance on the prize of the high order of our Republic. I immediately called the Tax office — more than four million did not pay tax. And the head of the district didn't even look and wrote me a letter: "Give money". With this we close. I met with Alexander Bastrykin, soon we will arrive Yury Chaika. It's gone. The President set a task. The fight against corruption and shadow economy in Dagestan has begun and will continue with the support, and I can feel it, the population of our Republic.

    Saturday 10 February 2018 - 15:21:16email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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