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    "The blue bird. The last Bogatyr": fabulous show on "Russia 1"
    25 March on the TV channel "Russia 1" - the Grand premiere. For the first time on television together two super-project: all-Russian contest of young talents "the Blue bird" and is a popular family blockbuster "the Last hero". Turned out "Fabulous season".

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    Saturday 24 March 2018 - 15:16:26email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    The Cabinet of Germany has not commented on the possible expulsion of Russian diplomats
    The German government has not commented on the publication of The Times, which claims that around 20 EU countries, including Germany, can follow the example of great Britain and to expel Russian diplomats in retaliation for the poisoning of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia.

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    A watershed year: the Trustees of Putin about the changes in the country

    The invitation to Putin's headquarters, which was election day in the hands of its Trustees, curious and now a historical document. Not they, the Trustees, liaised with their candidate, indeed a record number of voters who handed Putin a mandate to update?

    These Trustees are talking about what, in their opinion, the country is confronting major challenges in the next presidency? View Putin's speech at the election night and his eyes the mass of voters, those who, for example, was at the rally on Manezh square, and from within his headquarters — through the eyes of those of its Trustees gathered at the headquarters of the arcade.

    It was the first of three public appearances of Vladimir Putin in the evening. But in all three speeches will be three themes: trust, hope, and... On the square someone will shout: "We are your team!" "You are our team, and I am a member of your team," — said the President.

    At the headquarters that evening and followed for a speech at the rally, and ever-changing numbers. Although there was at least one person who that evening had everywhere. It is the people's artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoi.

    At different periods of the campaign the expectations of the scientists were different. Unprecedented footage of queues at the voting day to the Russian diplomatic missions around the world — perhaps the most vivid illustration of the fact that this time the voter felt something new.

    One of the most notable changes is the doubling of votes cast for Putin, even in London. Oh where, where, and there is no administrative resource will not suspect a thing.

    And now to the headquarters in Moscow began to approach new Trustees — with the very same invitations. A curious detail: at the headquarters of the Putin – no. Although, of course, me personally and struck galoshes Andrei Konchalovsky. And what stops he proposes now to go to the world?

    "You can say that now Russia is perhaps the most serious European power that has not abandoned European values. I think that Europe, especially Western, rejects the values that created the European culture that a generation from now the Europeans will have to go here to remember what they were," — said the Director.

    Is not a challenge. It's just, maybe even the advantage of Russia in this case?

    - Of course. When I say challenge, we need to keep it. We — The Third Rome.

    - And the fourth will not happen?

    - Not going to happen.

    And yet, despite this apparent reorganization of the world now, most of the interviewees primarily spoke about what tasks in the next presidency are, in their opinion, within the country.

    "I, as always, afraid for their children. Since 1996, Mr Putin turned to the children. But then was closed all schools. And my school was closed, we were thrown out, and we had 600 children. We have created "Sirius" and the center in St. Petersburg, who literally gathers children from all regions. What happened in the terrible 90-e years? We lost the strong side of — mass. Now it's all revived," — said world-famous figure skating coach Elena Tchaikovsky.

    "First of all we should take care about their country, our people lived richer and richer every year, to stable the country was. And when will be a stable country to develop, when it will be really rich when she will be able to solve all the issues, then it will be more respect," said the President of Federation of hockey of Russia, triple Olympic champion Vladislav Tretyak.

    "Be strong, be above it all, to be reasonable, intelligent, decent people. I think that sooner or later our colleagues from abroad will appreciate it," — said four-time Olympic champion in gymnastics Alexei Nemov.

    - If to speculate about what you need to take in the first place, what would it be?

    - Of course, for the economy, said people's artist of Russia, composer Igor Krutoy.

    - With his country begin?

    - Yes, for the economy of the country. It is clear that the international situation is very difficult, but the economy of the country it is necessary to raise first of all in the current world crisis, with all the sanctions.

    Recently, the "Vesti on Saturday" was in the workshop of the sculptor Andrey Kovalchuk, when he completed the work on the monument to the head of Soviet intelligence during the great Patriotic General Phytin. Meet him in the arcade.

    - What will be sculpting new realities?

    - I complete the creation of the monument to the victims in Katyn, those who were persecuted and executed, — said Kovalchuk.

    - In any case can not forget about it!

    - Of course, because there were different pages of our history, and today we see what we remember is not only good, but also some such tragic moments.

    Without knowing this you cannot build the future.

    All true, but there is another feeling.

    "For many years, we were tortured. Somewhere better, someone better, somehow all of us was bad. And suddenly, this year was a turning point. We began to love, to respect, we have to study their own history and be proud of. And this is probably the most important", — said the people's artist of Russia, the fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin.

    Putin supported artists out there, and the creative people that bring the political agenda and the very special view on how it should change society itself.

    "We need to be law-abiding," — said Vladimir urin, General Director of the Bolshoi theatre.

    - By the way, little by little we are changing.

    - Very quietly. If we talk about us, we're Russian, us main thing is to circumvent the law.

    - On a Zebra crossing, drivers stop. And in the wrong places almost do not smoke. However, more because of penalties than the law-abiding.

    - Of course. And the number of fines that are unpaid, also let's count. Have quietly become, in this sense, a civilized country.

    A civilized country is, and when you respect their fellow citizens

    "It is very important to maintain this unity, dear ones, to attract those who could vote for other candidates. This unity we need in order to move forward. But in order to move forward, we must perceive and feel the elbow of every citizen of the country", — said Putin.

    But back to the headquarters where the Director of the Bolshoi theatre said, in our opinion, another very important thing that would be done to the society.

    "If we talk about culture, then of course it's the culture of relationships, work culture, human culture", — said Vladimir urin.

    - How interesting your mouth to hear it. I was sure you now about the ballet and the Opera.

    - No. We should not treat culture as a sector. There is a branch of culture, the Ministry of culture.

    - And there is metaphysics.

    - But there is something that is the essence of culture, human society, human relations, cultural production. Until the culture of the movement, and so on. Wherever we looked, everywhere there is the concept of "culture", which , by the way, depends on a very serious level of production.

    But things changed and reinterpreted.

    "Our strength inside. I can say as an athlete who was constantly in this situation, when the whole world is against us, that it gives additional strength. You his friend's shoulder as never before", — said Vladislav Tretiak.

    "We know what to do, I feel, against it, in my opinion, wholly unjust condemnation," said actor Alexander Baluev.

    "I am absolutely convinced that we need first of all to figure out what you can do for yourself. You need to do business. As my great teacher Oleg Tabakov, the thing to do", — said people's artist of Russia Vladimir Mashkov.

    Saturday 24 March 2018 - 14:44:13email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    CNN was accused of undermining the system of international relations
    It "shakes the whole system of international relations" - the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei chepa said message CNN obtained by the President of the United States recommendation to expel Russian diplomats. In his opinion, some of the media and certain stakeholders continue to hysteria and to develop anti-Russian sentiment.

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    Saturday 24 March 2018 - 13:24:01email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    The undermining of the tower: Toronto deprived of one of the main symbols of the city
    Impressive shots from the centre of Ekaterinburg, which got rid of their highest standing for many years restless and unfinished facilities - 220-meter tower.

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    Saturday 24 March 2018 - 13:23:56email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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