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    The secrets of the film industry as "Ice" and "moving up" hit records fees

    Almost half a billion for the first weekend — the film "Ice" has become the new leader of the film. And the tape "moving up" which is in theaters from December 28, has already earned a record 3 billion rubles.

    "Ice" has melted the hearts of the visitors of the Russian cinema. At the weekend the picture became the leader of the film. According to rough estimates, in the first weekend tape has earned more than 450 million roubles in Russia. Experts say, the film was positioned as ideal for Dating. Not for nothing the premiere was held on February 14. In the end, only this first day of training camp in Russia and the CIS amounted to approximately 92 million rubles. The painting looked more than 2 million viewers.

    Market experts note that today the share of Russian films in theaters already have more than 50 percent.

    "If you look at the share of Russian cinema, before it was 16-16,5 percent and now this year, two months has not yet passed, and we have fees of the Russian cinema for 5 billion rubles exceeded. For more than 20 million people watched Russian films, and our share in the region of 55 percent," says Anton Malyshev, Executive Director of the cinema Fund.

    Another kinoproby is a sports drama "moving up", which was released in Russian cinemas on the eve of new year holidays on December 28 and still provides for considerable fees. Just the movie earned more than 3 billion rubles, it was seen by about 12 million people. For comparison: more than 3 billion in the history of film distribution in Russia and the CIS have collected only a movie "Avatar" by James Cameron, and the new part of "Star wars" has collected in Russia 856 million rubles. Earlier, the "Crew" has earned approximately 1.5 billion, and the "Gravity" of just over 1 billion.

    The producers of the film "moving up" explain this cash is the result of three components: the unprecedented quality of the film and the promotional campaign, as well as getting into the waiting audience. But experts note that Russian cinema has reached a qualitatively new level, which is confirmed by the numbers.

    "And in what have become well-off, and in that learned a great, powerfully to promote the picture, and that the effects out on a world level — today, the major Hollywood studios bought the special effects in Russian studios. Take the brightest from the point of view of special effects — the film last year, "Salyut-7", which gathered more than 700 million rubles in the Russian hire. Here is a Prime example of how our know how to do special effects when the viewer turns just in third astronaut," says Ivan Kudryavtsev, editor in chief of kinoportal "Movie".

    Last year was a record year for fees and attendance. Total box office earnings amounted to 53.5 billion rubles, which is almost 11 percent more compared with the year 2016. 11.5 percent increase in attendance — sold just over 213 million tickets.

    And here is some figures on Russian cinema, and they are also a record. Box office — 13 billion roubles, as compared to 8.5 a year earlier. The increase in attendance — more than 55 percent. Domestic films looked on the big screen about 55 million viewers.

    Together with the growing demand and investment in the creation of films, they say in the film Fund.

    "The average budgets of the Russian paintings are growing, they are already in the region of 150 million rubles last year. We remember when all the movie was filmed for $ 30 million," explains Anton Malyshev, Executive Director of the cinema Fund.

    According to experts, there are currently five Russian films, including "moving up", topped the level of fees at 1.5 billion rubles. According to the forecasts of the sixth can be "Ice."

    "Judging by the fact that he collected more than 40 million rubles on Monday and more than 40 million rubles on Tuesday, I think that the second weekend will be good. I think that 1.5 billion can expect," — said Alexander Semyonov, editor of the magazine "film business today".

    As described in the Fund the movie, usually on its financial support accounts for less than half the budget of the film. For example, last year on these purposes it has been allocated about 3 billion rubles. However, according to experts, the share of public investment in the movie business will be gradually reduced after the capture of the foreign market. Oh, and as for movies, "Ice" and "moving up", ahead of a long weekend, after which experts are preparing to announce new records.

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    To catch up to July 1: the developers are "vacuumed" the market, trying to get the maximum permissions

    Moscow developers are trying to get the maximum number of building permits prior to July 1, this year, when will enter into force legislative amendments to tighten the procedure for the developers, said at a financial forum on real estate organised by Repa Association, Chairman of Moskomstroyinvest Konstantin Timofeev.

    Thus, the developers want to catch up to the moment when the rule of "one permit in one hand".

    This trend in particular, explains the growing volume of supply on the capital market. In addition, there is the influx of construction workers from the regions to Moscow, which also adds to the volume market.

    Now, according to him, in Moscow with attraction of money of shareholders is constructed of 512 objects. Up for sale is a 13 million square meters of housing, the fifth of which is apartments.

    "Every universal commercial Bank to evaluate risks. The construction industry is high risk. Therefore, at least 30% of the projects in the future, commercial banks will not take on financing", - said Konstantin Timofeev.

    If we now have 512 projects, 150 projects, banks will refuse to Finance, these sites will be frozen, he said. Public money for developers would no longer be available.

    The head of the Ministry of construction of Russia Mikhail Men noted that while the banking sector is not ready to work with developers of housing on the principle of project financing. "By January 1, banks do not that the escrow account was not ready to open — they were not prepared to carry out banking support", - said the Minister.

    It is likely that up to 30% of developers under the new funding schemes will not be able to receive the funds, as they will not meet the requirements of banks, the General Director of company "MIEL" Natalia Shatalina.

    Those objects that are already under construction or will be built in the framework of the 214-FZ, will be completed under this scheme.

    From July 1 will come into force amendments to the law on joint construction. Tightened requirements for the financial performance of the developer throughout the construction period the contractor shall have a tenth part of the equity of the planned project cost.

    In addition, in summer, working model in an escrow account, which should be a transition from shared construction to project financing. The main reason for the failure of the PO, in the opinion of the authorities is to protect shareholders and restore order in the construction industry.

    Thursday 22 February 2018 - 09:12:27email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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