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    The crashed An-148 flew, the inhabitants of Norilsk and Vladivostok

    On Board crashed in the suburbs of plane An-148 of airline "Saratov airlines" was more than 30 residents of the Orenburg region (25 of them are residents of Orsk, including two children), a resident of Norilsk, Vladivostok, 10 Moscow and two St. Petersburg, reports TASS with reference to information of the government of the Orenburg region. In addition, the plane was carrying three foreigners. According to the regional government, one of them — the citizen of Azerbaijan.

    In the Azerbaijani community of Orsk this information is confirmed. As have informed RIA of news in the community, among victims – the citizen of Azerbaijan Namik Gahramanov, he was engaged in business activity. Earlier, the representative of the mayor of Orsk reported that on Board was also a Swiss citizen.

    The process of identification of bodies of victims of wreck of An-148 and forensic examination will be carried out in the Moscow Bureau of forensic expertise, Deputy mayor Leonid Pechatnikov. "In connection with the tragedy in Ramensky, Moscow is actively helping their suburban colleagues",— quotes its words "Interfax". Pechatnikov said that the governments of the two regions are in constant contact and work together on elimination of consequences of the crash.

    About what happened in Sunday plane crash in the sky over the suburbs also mourns the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, in all churches of the diocese in Orsk for 40 days there will be a memorial service for the repose of those killed in the crash of An-148, the press service of the Patriarch.

    Meanwhile at the scene found one of two flight recorders of the plane – it turned out to be parametric. His condition, according to preliminary estimates, normal, reports TASS citing a source in the operational headquarters on the spot. Black box transferred to the transcript.

    In addition, rescuers found some of the passports of passengers of crashed An-148. Rescuers step-by-step survey the area at the crash site found the personal belongings of the passengers. Search work is complicated by difficult weather drifts of snow. In the air the smell of burning in the snow traces of fire. The wreckage of the fuselage scattered in a radius of kilometers, they are all small, large fragments almost there. Earlier, the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov reported that search operations will be conducted around the clock. Work at the site to 600 rescue workers and 120 units of equipment.

    In the crash of a passenger An-148 "Saratov airlines" was lost 71 persons: 65 passengers and 6 crew members.

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    For that bomb Afrin?

    Erdogan in Syria to the border with Turkey is increasing its pain. His army is suffering unprecedented losses in clashes with the military forces of the Kurds. The center of opposition – the city Afrin. Which is about 60-70 kilometers North-West of Aleppo. The motives of Erdogan is clear: to prevent the formation in the North of Syria of a Kurdish state, which, like a magnet, will attract and Turkish Kurds. And those leaves, of course, taking with him a piece of present-day Turkey. Yes, it seems that is the undeclared plan of the United States. Erdogan had long been solved.

    In ' afrīn the meantime bloodshed.

    This is the fifth airstrike on Afrino. People are hiding on the landing, considering it the safest place. The first in a city hospital brought the boy and the teenager. In ' afrīn still hear the tears, but operating around the clock. Turkish operation against Kurdish district of Afrin continues for 22nd day.

    When the Turkish operation began, the only hospital in this province brought 30-40 wounded. But people have learned to hide, used to go out and wounded was less: only 10-15 a day.

    Areas of the hospital, designed for 120 patients, is now missing. Elective surgery is postponed regardless of the disease. If a heart attack or stroke, people of course will help, but the wounded – in the first place. Even though of them operating sometimes in the queue.

    Fighting and shelling the Kurdish area of Afrin are not only on the perimeter of the Turkish-Syrian border. Under fire were settlements that it would seem that in the rear.

    The Town Genders. Place shells hit a cemetery, houses and even a mosque. The minaret survived, but the roof of the mosque was hit three times.

    "I don't know what we bombed. As soon as the war began, we ran away from home," says one of the locals.

    In the basement of an unfinished house now living to 80 people: and those whose homes are already broken, and those who have a.

    Under fire local man has been living for 22 days. And every day in his yard picking up the pieces that haven't killed him yet.

    Before the war, in the town of Genders live up to 100 thousand people. How many are now hiding in basements, no one believed. We counted the others, those who are tried of war to escape.

    The shelling lasted five minutes. Six shells fell in a treatment plant of the city of Afrin. Equipment destroyed, and the city is now without water. A million people trying to survive in this war, and now without water.

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    Dumplings, meat, ice cream: presidential candidates carried away by the food

    In the presidential election on March 18 ballots, the Russians will see eight names. The Central election Commission registered six more candidates who collected signatures in their support. The next stage — the official propaganda in the mass media of information — starts in a week. As long as all travel and meetings with voters.

    The legendary cellars of Abrau-Dyurso. They appeared in the XIX century. Sparkling wine was supplied from here including for the Imperial court. After the revolution the former estate was a wine farm, where mastered the production of Soviet champagne. The company has changed along with the whole country. In recent years, new varieties, technology. But it's winter in Abrau-Dyurso all the talk — mostly about the upcoming election.

    Boris Titov to imagine here is necessary to nobody, but this time he meets with the winemakers, not as owner and Manager. The presidential candidate tells employees that the experience of Abrau-Durso should be an example for the whole country. The vineyards stretch seems to be the horizon, but today this is not enough.

    "I wish it was the same for many other projects in Russia, but, unfortunately, conditions today are not allowed to develop many projects. The growth strategy that we have prepared is a clear plan to the country's economy could develop such projects, not only due to oil exports, so that entrepreneurs feel confident, and people lived better. The whole growth strategy is primarily about people," said Boris Titov, the presidential candidate of the Russian Federation from the "Party of Growth".

    Although Titov, a few years ago, entrusted the management of the business to his son Paul, Abrau Durso still policy more than just an asset; now he, a native Muscovite, decided to settle there permanently and even filed the documents for registration, and taxes to pay on the new place of residence, where cherish tradition. There is even a Museum. Here is a unique bottle, which has more than a century. Next — Soviet era. But in the Krasnodar region are able to produce not only wine. Local ice cream is sold across the country. The presidential candidate also could not resist — tried.

    Boris Titov — in the South of Russia. The schedule is painted on minutes. Especially in the trip not only large cities but small. For example, 40-thousand Korenovsk, about 60 km from Krasnodar. The local milk plant is one of the oldest in the region. His staff Titov intends to submit its program and to tell how he is going to protect domestic business.

    The company simultaneously inspect several agencies, says business Ombudsman. To the economy to breathe freely, the necessary changes comparable in scale with Stolypin.

    "Stolypin is the most successful economic reform not only in Russia but also in the world. He was Prime Minister for five and a half years, but during that time he dramatically changed the country. In addition, we took the first place on agriculture in the world, we have grown as an industry at 8%. Where is our industry today? We during this period increased by 29% the population of Russia", — said Titov.

    The candidate from the "Communists of Russia" Maxim suraykin also tries domestic products. in Ryazan. To succeed, we must place our bets on new technologies, be it agriculture or space, said suraykin. That's "comrade Maxim," as party members, — the exhibition at the Museum of cosmonautics in Moscow. Soviet propaganda posters, the symbols of the era, calling for space exploration is still relevant today, sure "Communists of Russia".

    "We should understand that, investing in this industry, get jobs, development of technology, international dominance. The space industry is one of the most important military-industrial regions, which need to be addressed in detail, in manual mode," — said suraykin.

    Another leftist candidate Pavel Grudinin about the fate of domestic engineering says in Nizhny Novgorod, the plant, which produces electric heaters. The industry ceased to slip, need to change public policy. The thesis applies to agriculture — it sounds at a conference of producers of young plants "Nurseries of Russia: strategy of development".

    "First of all, the government should change the economic conditions and make them such that we were competitive. And if that happens, we will succeed. Although we have no training. Agronomists who come out of institutions, generally they can not apply their new have to retrain. Our main goal is to have the state changed its economic policies and made it so that we could be competitive and successful as the Dutch, the Germans and all the rest" — sure Grudinin.

    He emphasizes that the answer is not leaving. Although at one meeting someone who was in the audience thought otherwise. What questions to answer, the candidate Grudinin chooses.

    "What kind of Spanish property reported in the media? Yes ordinary. My child is very well earned. But the fact that he took a loan and bought it. But, by the way, let's talk about something else. I told here why I have foreign accounts. And I want to just raise your hand those who trust Russian banks. See how many hands," said Grudinin.

    The property in Spain. Footage taken by journalists of TV channel "REN-TV". Two-story mansion is decorated in light tones. From the road it is separated by a high fence. Visible pompous balustrade. In front of the house is a huge swimming pool.

    Some questions can really be uncomfortable. For example, former employees of JSC "state Farm Lenin", who appealed to the Moscow region Duma. People claim that they were deceived, deprived of rights to land, and handed over to MPs documents.

    It turned out that the deluded consider themselves not only to the shareholders. Some employees of CJSC received apartments under the contract of employment – with the right of subsequent registration in the property and in 2012 was supposed to be full owners. But two years before that were left without work and on the street.

    "My position was downsized, I was fired. And we remained, that is, with nothing. Cash and property are held to this day by Grudinina Pavel Nikolaevich," said one of the former farm workers.

    At the meetings Grudinina — and with journalists and potential voters – is still one of the most pressing issues is the foreign accounts. The story runs for a second month. First there was the five Austrian accounts, then about two Swiss.

    "Their foreign accounts I notified the Tax office in March and July of this year. I opened them, I didn't hide anything, another thing is that under election law you have the right to inform a bit later, because you have to close them. Since I found out that nominated for the presidency, only 23 of December and the 24th in Europe on the weekend, I received the documents a bit later, what informed our beloved Central electoral Commission, not violating any law," Grudinin said.

    "Grudinin can't close the accounts. That a man can have billions abroad, and he comes from the Communist party. He remembers Stalin, but Stalin would be the first put up against the wall. Because robbed our peasants. The money is there. So Grudinina need to withdraw from the election because he's hiding accounts overseas. Shut? And where is the money? Closed in the same Bank, opened in another," — said the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

    The candidate of the liberal democratic party flew to Volgograd. Together with party members Zhirinovsky on Mamayev hill commemorates the defenders of Stalingrad.

    And here is Samara, where at the airport show domestic policy Antonovich talking about the future of the automotive industry and availability of Russian cars.

    The era of total deficit Zhirinovsky says in Ekaterinburg, giving a master class on dumpling making.

    In the food exhibition "Prodexpo" Zhirinovsky flashed the ability to roast meat. But the food has to be right, especially for kids, said the presidential candidate, visiting one of the capital's kindergartens.

    In spite of the heat of the campaign, another candidate for Ksenia Sobchak flew to the United States. The candidate in Presidents of Russia attended a prayer Breakfast US President trump charity event, and certainly not political — and also spoke at the Center for strategic studies report.

    "I am actively engaged in his presidential campaign, but despite this, I came here for a few days, because I really believe that relations between our countries is very important. This is something that we should discuss and try to find the right direction and a mutual decision for both of our countries", — said Sobchak.

    A trip to the States she uses as an occasion for criticism of Russia's political system. "The opposition in Russia has no opportunity to speak to the media, because they all belong to the state. The only way to keep in touch Internet and one TV channel. But all this does not allow us to reach a wide audience", — said Sobchak.

    The American press commented on her trip reserved. And some Parallels, which was built by journalists, presidential candidates seem to irritate. "I am a political journalist and has worked in this field for over 10 years, I don't know who came up about Paris Hilton, but it has nothing to do with me. Your press needs to be more attentive to what she says. I make stories on different topics of Russian life, and that's how I know people in Russia, not the star of the show-business. It was 20 years ago", — said Sobchak.

    Other candidate in presidents — Sergey Baburin — handed certificates to all authorized persons who will promote his position. One of the points of the program is to restore order in the housing sector.

    "We have to stop speculation in the housing sector that all costs for utility repairs, the state took over, stopped to shift it to the people. How to do it? Of course, abandoning the current neo-liberal Gaidar another policy. We must go to the restoration of normal living conditions, the destruction of poverty, which plunged millions of people. We should not be afraid of the rich, but we must despise those who live on stolen, stolen, dishonestly rated," said Sergei Baburin, a candidate for the post of President of the Russian Federation from party "Russian national Union".

    Baburin, despite the election campaign, and finds time for spiritual matters. He took part in the Liturgy in the Church of St. Theodore the Studite and of the Smolensk icon of the Mother of God.

    Another candidate, Grigory Yavlinsky, special attention was paid to students and professors. The politician arrived in Rostov-on-don, where he himself had to remember their student years. At the Institute of philosophy and political Sciences, doctor of economic Sciences proposed again to take the exam and pull tickets with questions. Speaking to an audience, the candidate from "Apple" talked a lot about the role of the state.

    "We need to take very seriously what is happening in our country and that it needs to be done. The essence of what I have to do: seriously, in the strongest terms to change the policy, economic, domestic, foreign, so that the next 4-5 years in Russia, a new Foundation of growth and development in our country certainly exist, you just have to find them, get to work," stressed Yavlinsky.

    And it looks like the identity of one of the officially registered presidential candidate — Vladimir Putin. His agent Sergei Kabyshev, receives the document from the hands of the Chairman of the Central election Commission. The candidate himself was unable to come in person — schedule does not allow.

    Despite the huge number of signatures collected — the headquarters Putin has submitted to the CEC almost 315 thousand defect rate, the lowest among all participants of the election campaign, those who passed the petitions. Total 232 invalid signature, and no fake. In the campaign of Vladimir Putin involved a lot of people known all over the country. Such a known trusted person taking phone calls, helping in solving complex problems.

    "Call of the different regions are different people, no prepared questions. My goal is to listen, record, celebrate, and then pass on to their colleagues," — said Sergey Bezrukov, confidant of Vladimir Putin, people's artist of Russia.

    The co-chairs of Putin's election headquarters actively travel to the regions. Here Elena Shmeleva communicates with volunteers in St. Petersburg. And this is the conversation in Tomsk.

    Looks like the Bulletin is already clear. Eight names. Strictly alphabetically. And information about each candidate. Already on 17 February, will start campaigning in the mass media. New stage of the race, no doubt, will be hot.

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    The games in Pyeongchang: the Russian medal and world record

    That started in South Korea's Pyeongchang winter Olympic games. They called the first political. The Russians are involved and have opened the score medals. Our cheer!

    She's even on the starting position of travel, as if the program has started. Deep breath. Close my eyes. Music. A cascade of jumping, spinning. On the ice, Evgenia Medvedeva came out simple, but every element is so perfect that the athlete from Russia sets a world record. Barely all ends – again breath and smile. This victory is just the beginning.

    "I went out on the ice with the idea that it is necessary to observe absolute tranquility. When you get up to the starting position and wait for the inclusion of their music is very nervous. Only the music starts immediately as all fades into the background, you are immersed in the program and just think about the elements," priznalas Evgeny Medvedev.

    Couple from Russia Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev are third in the short program. Natalia Subiaco with Alexander Emberton — arbitrary. Russian athletes in the team competitions come in second place.

    We are at the arena, which has already brought us the first victory and the first medal: and here are the figure skaters and short-track athletes. Can gently touch your palm to the ice. Watching him very carefully. Not only cars are constantly traveling and make it smooth, but if somewhere there is some serious crack there are volunteers who cover them with ice and then polished and polished.

    It seemed that even still, the semi-finals. To the finish line a few laps, and semen Elistratov – sixth. Suddenly — like a second wind: one ahead, almost immediately, the second until the last round is third. A few meters before the finish line — as if waiting — jerk — you can tell, cuts the canadian and Korean, comes first! In the final split seconds when the canadian and Hungarian athletes in the fight fell through, Simon has resisted. The medal is ours!

    "I lay on my side, and I clapped my coach that I was screaming and I covered my face and sobbed like a little child, that all happened," admitted Simon.

    Albeit under the flag of the Olympic Committee, but the athlete from Russia gets a medal. The interview strays from the Seeds of breath, voice shaking. "I was standing on the podium and thought: Simon, you're a man, hold on, the main thing is not to cry. When I get up on the podium, I think you can see where I'm from. And this medal, heavy, hard-won for me, I dedicate to all the athletes, all the guys, which, unfortunately, was not allowed into the Olympic games. Guys, I, we, all Olympians, with you this medal, this victory is for you!"said Yelistratov.

    In the sports section of the Seeds given in the elementary grades. Taekwondo. And every day he ran with the guys in the Palace of sports classes, which was called the interesting and then does not understand the word "short track" ("speedrun"). Since semen training will not be missed.

    Here and now — the medal is. Tired to such an extent that mittens down, but it's still faster home to recover before training.

    Locker rooms our figure skaters and short-track athletes — the competition is held in one stadium: here — all kinds of drinks. Each locker in which they hang their clothes. Floor covering made specially soft, so as not to damage the skates. They dress up, coaches give final instructions, the athletes are going to perform.

    Another win of this Olympics — the performance of Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov. In the team competition is when athletes compete at a time, and after their points are added up — brought the team a maximum of 10 points. Ahead of them fighting for their own medal.

    Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov in the rare moments of rest walking on Olympic projects. Ask that to them no one came. It's important now to focus to get ready before the competition. But when you meet on the waterfront of the famous Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, I can not resist.

    How does it feel to be, when the whole country expects you to win only Tatiana knows. For support and flew — it is needed now. And moral-and sometimes physical — knows.

    About our skier Natalia Nepryaev at the ski stadium of the local speaker in the microphone shouted: "Nepryaeva from Russia", although the official wording for our athletes, "Olympic athlete from Russia."These are the first Olympics, and she's just in the top ten. The first results in biathlon.

    Despite the fact that the leaders of our team on biathlon in South Korea not arrived, we have a chance to compete for a good position. These races transmits the channel "Russia 1". Here's what a commentator position on the inside: this three-story building with cubicles. One of them is Dmitry Guberniev.

    Russian Tatyana Akimova though and finished twentieth, but as the winner of the race the German Dallmeier, struck exactly ten targets.

    In the men's skiathlon our Spicav Denis and Andrey Stalls fell at the start, faced with the Norwegian Kruger, but continue to struggle. In the end Spicav lost only famous Norwegians.

    The same path to Olympic gold was and Alexander Legkov. For the Olympics it is not allowed nor the international Olympic Committee or the Sports court.

    And here's Denise Herrmann of Germany, which for a year was suspended for use of banned substances, already embraces the symbols of the Olympic games in Pyeongchang. Or Swiss Sanna Ludi, who three times failed a doping test and was grounded for a year, arrived with suitcases with national symbols. And both went to the opening with the flags of their country. Our team at the ceremony, appeared with a flag of the International Olympic Committee, who was carrying one of the volunteers.

    Russian flags on tribunes were not only compatriots. The tricolor unfurled American Philip Vacua — now lives in Oakland. Laying out photos in the Network became a local celebrity.

    The image of matryoshka dolls with balalaika and accordion, as well as Russian songs — this is the Home of sport in South Korea. Here anyone can come, without appointment — greeted everyone very warmly.

    On the wall — inscriptions came from Korea, Kazakhstan, and Armenia. Anyone here draw on the cheek of the flag — fans of this symbolism is not forbidden — pancakes will be served with tea from a samovar, Tula gingerbread.

    At the House of sport in South Korea, organized a Museum of the hockey team. Here are all the medals that the "red machine" won at the Olympics. More than just Canadians — one — but they play since 1924, and we 1956. Seven gold medals from the national teams of the Soviet Union, but in 1992, the year our team, as now, played without flag of Russia. The result is gold.

    So in this year's Olympic games, teams play without their stars of the American League of the NHL. The first match, albeit a friendly, our Team vyigrala with a crushing score of 8:1.

    Russian hockey players were moved from the hotel to the Olympic village. Barely Ilya Kovalchuk appears in the street — immediately ask to be photographed. The mood of the players, judging by the wide smile Andrey Zubarev is a great. And this, despite the cold outside. Vice-President of Federation of hockey Roman Rotenberg even wearing the hat. The temperature drops to minus 25. Olympic games in Pyeongchang could be one of the coldest in history, but the schedule of hockey players is not affected.

    The first game of our hockey team in the Olympics – on February 14. The bookies say: the Russians in Pyeongchang are the favorites. And already 12th on the ice leaves our 15-year-old starlet skater Alina Sagitova.

    "Cheer for me, and I will try to do everything that depends on me," said the athlete.

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    The threat to civil aircraft: the terrorists appeared MANPADS

    Farewell to the hero of the Novel Filippovym, grief and honor is not the end of the story of the downed su-25. Will have a continuation. Our military intelligence is an important task: to extract the wreckage and fragments of the missile, which can identify what type of portable anti-aircraft missile system (MANPADS) used by terrorists.

    That it was MANPADS, no doubt. Even after a gunman Mahmoud Haj Ismail (call Castro) from a certain group "Jaish Idlib Hur" (banned in Russia) said some independent journalists from some malonates organization Northern Syria Observer that was shot down Russian armoured su-25 that he, Castro, was shot allegedly from the paired-aircraft guns of the Soviet production half a century ago ZU-23-2, as if from a machine gun.

    This organized information stuffing — for the gullible and to deliberately confuse public opinion, to blur an obvious and very dangerous terrorists on the weapons — MANPADS. Portable air defense systems fanatics put their people are trained, and they have already started to use them.

    The fact that the missile head heat observation flew into the nozzle of the right engine of our su-25. An experienced pilot major Roman Filipov immediately reported it by radio to his wingman, another pilot who flew his attack link from behind, covering. Later guided accurately described what happened: "When MANPADS worked on the car commander, all conventions were discarded. I always cover the commander in the air, it had to be done, on earth when he took the fight. Remained in the area and responded to several attacks."

    That is, the pilot, who was in the back of the Novel Filipova, saw that it was a missile from MANPADS. And says: "When MANPADS load". And here we are some anonymous pseudo-Castro something to tell... Deal with this.

    Another topic: where did the terrorists MANPADS? And this principle. A related question: what type of MANPADS, whose production? It could be the American "stinger", the old Soviet Strela, a newer "Needle" or, say, Chinese FN-6. If you define a type, then it will be easier to trace the supply chain.

    If you go to the other side — who benefits more technologically advanced weapons in the hands of terrorists in Syria is the United States. If it come not from the words — in words-they are suspicious of quickly after the tragedy in Idlib muttered: "No, it's not us" — and of the specific actions of Americans in Syria and the historic experience of our relationship.

    First, the action. Being in Syria illegally US troops, despite the protests of the legitimate government, have arranged there own military bases. Announced the creation of a inconsistent with no one of certain "border security force", headed for the dismemberment of Syria in defiance of all UN security Council resolutions and agreements with Russia. Moreover, since last year began to support militants fighting against the Syrian army. It came down to the fact that the defense Ministry was forced to declare: "the Main obstacle to complete the defeat of ISIL (banned in Russia) in Syria is not a combat capability of terrorists, and the support and flirting with them American colleagues."

    Recently it was reported that on the dam in raqqa that is under control of the Pro-American coalition, raised sharply the damper, and the waters of the Euphrates were demolished at Deir-ez-Zor bridge, induced by the Russian military. The construction was temporary, but still regularly served as a transportation artery for the region.

    And in the beginning of the year at the Russian airbase Hamim was attacked by a swarm of armed drones, ostensibly artisanal, green tape rewound, but not soaring would be no high technologies are the most developed in this area of the state of the world. Well, we posbivat these drones, some planted and taken away for research. But the fact is that the terrorists now and the shock drones mastered. At whose instigation?

    It is clear that the United States all the issues in his address strongly dismiss. But we previously held. A good historical example here is Afghanistan. Then U.S. President Reagan, in order to annoy the Soviet Union, decided to put dushmans MANPADS "stinger" — to fight against our armored fighting helicopters Mi-24D.

    Here is what Milton Bearden — CIA in Afghanistan and Pakistan in those years. He also led and covert operations against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan: "the Soviet Mi-24D "the Crocodiles" is a very powerful and dangerous weapon. They represented a serious threat for the rebels. They could not cope with them. Their 12 - and 7-mm machine guns just didn't take their armor. The bullets bounced. So in 1985 it was decided to provide weapons to the rebels, which would help them cope with the shock air force of the USSR. And such weapons was the "stinger". We took them on Board and trained Afghans. In September 1986 under the Jalalabad group of Mujahideen, armed with "Stingers" brought down the Soviet team "Crocodiles". Yes, these were the games of the cold war".

    Not in the same "game," the Americans are now playing in Syria? After all, only doing it to put a spoke in the wheel, on the way to the seemingly common goal — the final expulsion of the terrorists and a political settlement in Syria.

    Dissuaded the leaders of the Syrian opposition to go to Sochi at the recent Congress of the national dialogue Syria, and when fifteen hundred representatives of various political and ethnic groups there is still profit in the United States were quick to devalue the whole event, they say, not those gathered.

    Or all these accusations of Russia that we supposedly disguised Bashar al-Assad, which here and there uses chemical weapons. While Americans are strongly opposed to the creation of a mechanism of investigation of chemical attacks, with the obligatory departure of experts on the scene. But false accusations of using chemical weapons, we also passed. And also in Afghanistan.

    Back to confessions of the then CIA station chief Milton of Berdina. He made them 30 years after the event for the documentary film "the Afghan" Andrey Kondrashov. "There were a lot of inventions, all were convinced that you used forbidden chemical weapons and other prohibited by international law things. It was not so. However, about it wrote Newspapers and magazines around the world. It was all a lie," said Bearden.

    Isn't it like that now? But so far so good from Michael Birden. About "toybuy". This is a made-up word to mines disguised as toys. Allegedly, they were scattered in Afghanistan Soviet soldiers. Is also a lie.

    "But what a header! You've done this. Actually that was the story of one journalist who said that you stuffed toy with explosives, and their children raised. This has never happened. However, the notion has been remarkable. Everyone knows how it feels to be the great Russian soul in relation to children. But, you know, lying is part of war," said Bearden.

    And that USA, their morals and methods have changed greatly since then? So where did the terrorists in Syria MANPADS? Of course, you can now analyze different ways of delivery routes, chain of chance — and even countries — from Ukraine and Bulgaria to Jordan, Israel and Iraq. But one thing is clear that now these weapons – MANPADS in the hands of terrorists can be used not only against Russian attack aircraft in Syria, but also against civilian aircraft anywhere.

    December 23, 2016 the outgoing US President Obama has signed the law on the defence budget, which included permission to supply anti-government forces in Syria weapons, including MANPADS. In early January this year as part of the secret deal, which according to Arab news portal Al-Masdar News, the United States under a secret agreement delivered a consignment of weapons, including MANPADS, the forces of the Syrian Kurds of the YPG in Afrin. From Afrin to Idlib, where recently, the terrorists shot down our su-25 — hundred kilometers. Just a hundred kilometers…

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    Блин. Ну мне просто интересно, хотя и не только... ...
    Психотронное оружие
    По всей стране строятся для новой радиолокационно ...
    Психотронное оружие
    А что если они разрабатываю оружие которое по схож ...
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    Россия демонстрирует новое лазерное оружие после того, как США угрожают выйти из ракетного договора
    Россия столкнулась с трудностями в разработке гиперзвукового оружия после того, как его запустили в производство
    Весы бытовые напольные электронные SATURN ST-PS0282
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    Песня "Света Ермолова"
    Вестник, песня на продажу
    Cамый лучший способ противостоять депрессии, болезням и ранней смерти
    9 гениальных способов обновить прошлогоднюю одежду для нового сезона
    Могут ли мужчины получить послеродовую депрессию?
    Может ли плавание в холодной воде лечить депрессию?
    Вы передавали передачи с проводниками поездов?
    Были серьезные проблемы по вине проводников
    Были проблемы НЕ по вине проволдников
    Претензий нет
    Другой вариант
    Права на материалы принадлежат их авторам. Перепубликация разрешена с указанием гиперссылки на первоисточник.
    Переведено сервисом «Яндекс.Переводчик»