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    Skier cocks: Mr. Bach destroys the lives of honest and strong athletes

    Russian skier Alexey Petukhov on his official page in Instagram made a statement in which he criticized the actions of the International Olympic Committee and stood up for his colleagues – Sergei Ustyugov and Gleb Zealous, and also supported the athletes from Russia at the Games.

    "This gives the IOC the authority and independence! He is venal and dirty, foreign sports officials are really overworked, forgetting about honesty and the Olympic Charter, in their minds only money and spotted the chair, — said Petukhov. Mr. Bach does not understand that does, it destroys the lives of honest and strong athletes. I wish that he with his companions on a dirty organization called the IOC, would have experienced these emotions, the pain and uncertainty".

    "I believe our Russian sportsmen who are now in the Olympics, and I wish you strength, fortitude and fighting spirit, so luck was on your side and in your soul played the celebration of victories for us all," added the skier.

    Today in the world of sports festival, kicked off the winter Olympics in South Korea. But on February 9 for our guys black day in the history of the Olympic movement, which unreasonably, unfairly and brazenly prevented Serega @sergei86m and Gleb @retivykh_gleb before the Olympics. This gives the IOC the authority and independence! He is venal and dirty, foreign sports officials are really overworked, forgetting about honesty and the Olympic Charter, in their minds only $$$$$ and spotted the chair. Mr. Bach does not understand that does , it destroys the lives of honest and strong athletes. I wish that he with his companions on a dirty organization called the IOC , would have experienced these emotions, the pain and uncertainty. We lived by this for over a year and we have taken the most valuable thing a athlete is the Olympic games, to which man is not 4 years, and my whole life. For Sergey after a bad sprint in Sochi in 2014, the Olympics would be a triumph for Hleb these games would be the first and I think it would manifest itself. I believe our Russian sportsmen who are now in the Olympics and I want to wish you strength, fortitude, and fighting spirit that luck was on your side and in your soul played the celebration of victories for all of us

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    The richest Governor got 13 years of strict regime

    The ex-Governor of Sakhalin region Alexander Khoroshavin sentenced to 13 years in strict regime and a fine of half a billion rubles. Impressive terms have been the mediators through whom he scrolled corruption schemes and collected from the entrepreneurs of the tribute for the right to work in the region.

    When the hall will include the judge and the Secretary will ask everyone to stand up, Alexander Horoshavin will only turn their backs on them. He all the time stood, whispering talking with a lawyer. Former Sakhalin Governor distantly hears the sentence. From the first words of the judges is clear — guilty.

    "Recognize khoroshavina guilty of eight crimes under article 290..."—read the judge's sentence.

    Article 290-I is a bribe. As has established a consequence, Khoroshavin and his entourage were doing it a lot. The former Governor of the organized criminal group, which forced the entrepreneurs of the island to pay them.

    "In one case, the entrepreneur was put in onerous conditions, as it demanded a bribe to obtain legal subsidies," — said Svetlana Petrenko, a spokesman for the Investigative Committee of Russia.

    More than five million dollars Khoroshavin, as already proven in court, received as a bribe at the conclusion of the contract for the construction of the fourth power unit of Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya CHPP. In just six years, the former head of the region together with businesses more than half a billion rubles.

    "I believe that I have left certain obligations that I must fulfill. Left debt that I have to give," said Khoroshavin.

    He's guilty, of course, denied. Claimed in court that none of the witnesses the prosecution did not know personally. However, for that he had comrades-in-arms adviser Andrey Ikramov, Deputy, Sergei Karakin, Minister of agriculture Nikolai Borisov. They are now beside him in the dock.

    "All entrepreneurs questioned in court, as one said, were forced to pay to the Governor because of their company, employing hundreds of thousands of employees, have coped with the problems," says Denis Shtunder, senior Prosecutor of the Department of public prosecutors of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

    At the direction of the prizes, the money was transferred to accounts of offshore companies was transferred to Bank cards and exchanged for foreign currency.

    That's where untold riches, which showed in March 2015, the arrested Governor. Four apartments in the capital region is 240 million, six vehicles, including a Mercedes, two Bentley, a pair of "Lexus". The entire fleet will cost $ 40 million. Jewelry. A large amount of cash in rubles and in foreign currency — for the seven hundred million. No wonder in 2009, he was named the richest Governor of Russia.

    While under arrest, he was very upset that the property was confiscated. Although why he is in jail, and now in the colony, such luxury? It is not necessary. The verdict of the court he ten years — nearly three already served, will be in the state-owned grub.

    Friday 09 February 2018 - 22:04:31email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    The cards are dealt according to a new Putin has warned businesses about the changing landscape of the global economy

    Nothing to do with Ukraine or Crimea economic sanctions against Russia have not. About Vladimir Putin said at the Congress of RSPP. Sanctions are related to competition. In this case, unfair. But the cards are now dealt new, warned the President. The emergence of new markets and new leaders. And the Russian business it is important not to miss the moment. In response, entrepreneurs are asked to trust them.

    The President's speech at the Congress of entrepreneurs has become a tradition. Vladimir Putin began with recent decisions aimed at support and development of Russian business. The head of state reminded that today the state Duma adopted in the third reading a package of laws providing for the extension of the Amnesty until February 28, 2019.

    "I will not hide, many of you know, we consulted on this issue and with international financial organizations. They treat this with understanding and support us in this decision. I hope that this step towards the Russian business will give it additional stability, and will create new opportunities for those who want honest, civilized vbeluyu to work in Russia, to create businesses and new jobs," — said Putin.

    Recently, Putin met with representatives of large French business. The meeting discussed the development of mutual business relations. The Europeans want to work in the Russian market and with Russian business. On common interests is increasingly hampered by the sanctions regime.

    "It's a dead-end path, which leads everyone, including themselves the initiators of such policies to loss of profits and direct losses. I must say that communicating with your colleagues from other countries, I see that they have this view is shared, — continued the President of Russia. — Restriction policy, as you know, it was a very long time, always in fact. The amendment of Jackson-Vanik amendment was abolished, and then, almost in the same day, and, in my opinion, on the same day adopted was the so-called Magnitsky act. Just without any reason. It was still long before any events there in Ukraine, in the Crimea. Just because that's how you want to work with us".

    New technology, reminded the President, seriously change the landscape of the world economy.

    "If so, we can say, today the cards are dealt on the new, will form a fundamentally new markets for goods and services, there will be new leaders, and, of course, that competition now will escalate, warned business Putin. In such a situation with competitors, including in the global business environment, of course, right to say, will not stand on ceremony. In the course can go any form of pressure and any form of competition. It is obvious that the sanctions challenge was not opportunistic in nature and likely will persist for some perspective. But still hope that common sense will prevail, and in the interests of the entire global economy we will move forward together with all our partners in the right direction."

    The leaders of the RSPP has declared readiness of joint implementation by government and business strategies for the coming medium-term period.

    The Congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs was held in the framework of Russian business week. In the course of the Congress were discussed the issues of reduction of administrative barriers, optimization of state control and the development of a competitive environment. A lot of the control and Supervisory procedures is one of the most significant problems faced by entrepreneurs.

    "We're not against the surveillance and control because it needs to be protected, public interests, the safety of citizens. But when you have to create a whole division to communicate with the controllers, when not managed to close the door behind one, and should be open to other controllers to work once. And the result — a significant part of the Russian economy is in shadow. We need bring to the light of God," said the President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin.

    One of the issues discussed at the Congress of the liberalisation of currency regulation.

    "You know, our decision to simplify registration, simplifying foreign exchange legislation, we are going to talk about the cancellation of the implementation of foreign exchange earnings. All of this is designed to help your business back. I believe that the development of business in Russia will be more successful than in the West," — said the Minister of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov.

    On the sidelines of the Congress talking about what is of concern to Russian business. Oil — on projects in the new world climate: business and the natural.

    "Company "Gazprom Neft" has proved that, in principle, can operate in any climate. And even in the Arctic, as you know, we have successfully completed three projects are very complex, major project. But seriously, I believe that the climate is quite comfortable to work with. And this is confirmed, in particular, and the results of our work", — says the Chairman of the Board, the General Director of "Gazprom Neft" Alexander Dyukov.

    The main owner of Novolipetsk steel Vladimir Lisin decided to draw the President's attention, telling him of the old Soviet joke, making fun of the incompetence of decisions.

    "Farm, is a collection. The Chairman rises and says: "You know, we have a problem. The crop on the nose, and the Smith took to the bottle. Need something to do. Well, any suggestions?"Rises the most advanced and says: "Let's send them for treatment". He says: "What treatment, sowing on the nose, who will repair, a blacksmith, everything was gone, the other not. - Any other suggestions?"Someone says, "Let's take quarterly premium". He says: "Three children, he now simply go to a nearby farm and all, we lost him too. One person, let's take something a little better." Someone says, "Let him face nabem". "What's with you guys? 40 years old man, beat face, he'll turn around and throw all the work, so too it is impossible." Stretches the hand, and said: "And let him iznasiluem". The President throws up his hands: "what are You crazy, what's that?"Stretches the other arm, says: "And let iznasiluem tractor". He says: "Where is the tractor?""And we have two of them". Here are sometimes we therefore make decisions. I'll tell you a concrete example from our practice," — said Putin, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Novolipetsk metallurgical combine Vladimir Lisin.

    "Volodya, well I would say about a milkmaid at least! Where you pull, well, where?"asked Lisin Putin.

    "Yes, not tried yet. Everyone knew perfectly well, build pipelines. The theme is clear, the strategic question of building pipelines. Well, of course, in my opinion, everything we imagine is the amount of oil that goes in the pipeline, of course, gets in the Railways. Okay, okay, the tank stand, it's not so bad, by and large, one does not lose much. Now at the same time the Presidium of the state Council, Mr Putin, with your participation, makes a decision about the need to develop waterways and to create an alternative in the season of carriage transport rail river. Dear Ministry of industry in the face Manturov financing refinancing for the construction of vessels. You decide to unleash a narrow host Gorodetsky site. 180 billion rubles in order to increase the traffic on the motorway. So, the river is environmentally friendly, in season, is quite normal. But what's next? Built on more than a hundred vessels at our shipyards, including 60 liquid. And leasing companies, banks, everything, accordingly, was involved, because there is a normal process of government support. And then at the same time last year, we respected the Railways gives a discount during this season it is on the administration of river transport. 25% from transportation of products. Away million tons of cargoes. Accordingly, further investment projects? 2 billion, sorry, $ taken from the River fleet. Russian Railways has received 600 million rubles of profit. It seems to be necessary to think what to do next. Nothing of the sort. This year, an additional 37% discount. Further, accordingly, the court who will build? Why we invested in this theme? First, we put the navigation of the river, and then put again the shipyard. Well, wait, but this is a Smith number two."– cried Lisin.

    "The tractor just don't touch, okay? called Lisin Putin. — That's what Volodya said, it's easy to solve. But it was necessary to conclude an agreement with the government for the construction of vessels. So, the Ministry needs to be a mechanism for payback of these investments. So it was necessary to keep the tariff. Representatives of the government in the Railways had to say about it. And they all rest about the same, different mechanisms need to be established. Very sorry that we still have such basic things, which generally lie on the surface, we did not formulate them. This is a must-do. As for the whole of our intentions in the near future, I think that the government overall, the Ministry of economic development, Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank will work as it should with unions, separate large enterprises, associations of medium and small businesses. We have, I assure you, the mood is very serious, decisive to all, I have already spoken about it publicly to all that prevents us from moving forward, it was stripped".

    Bankers and financiers are talking about reducing inflation, investment and relations with international partners.

    "If I knew that then the relationship will not deteriorate, will be to improve relations, people are now significantly encourage investment. I also heard today from the President that he hopes that steps will be taken to improve mutual relations with the West," — said the Chairman of the Board of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin.

    Putin stressed the mood to create conditions for the increase of efficiency of the national economy.

    "Of course we understand that the most important thing that it was stable. But we will try to do is not only stable, we will try to make more and more efficient from the point of view of business, — said Putin. True, and I think it's clear, sorry, the state should at any variant to meet their social obligations. But still a priority for the near future, we will proceed from the fact that priority is advancing the development of the economy."

    Today, Putin met with members of the RSPP Board in closed session. At the meeting, told the head of the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin, one of the key topics was the discussion of a mechanism that would help the businessmen, who had problems in the past with legislation to emerge from the shadows. Commissioned to work on with the business of such a mechanism were members of the Cabinet.

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    Trump refused to read the reports of intelligence agencies

    The President of the United States Donald trump often neglects the practical reading in the morning print version of the report prepared by the intelligence agencies, giving preference to oral briefings.

    According to "Interfax", reported the American newspaper the Washington Post, citing three knowledgeable source.

    According to the publication, seven U.S. presidents before trump started his morning in the oval office, reading the daily intelligence report for the President.

    45th head of the White house after a few months of his tenure as President made it clear to American intelligence officials that he does not like to read documents compiled by them.

    Trump prefers oral briefings with representatives of the intelligence services, which are held almost every day at 11 am local time.

    Thus, according to The Washington Post, the constructed so as not to upset him. For example, information about the alleged Russian interference in the presidential campaign of 2016, are included only in the written version of the briefing.

    With the information of the newspaper do not agree, the Director of National intelligence Dan Coates, called "pure fiction" a claim that trump does not read residnetial and therefore not fully aware.

    At the same time, the ex-CIA chief Leon Panetta told the newspaper that, preferring oral information, trump may miss some important information, and this can drive him and US in General, in a vulnerable situation.

    The trump occupying the highest office in the country, said the U.S. media that he didn't need to read 200-page reports on the issue, which you can fit on one page.

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    Carlson exhumed: family Spartaka Mishulina want to recognize the actor Eremeeva impostor

    The family of people's artist of Spartaka Mishulina suing with his newfound relative, claiming to recognize him as an impostor and to defend their honor and dignity. February 9 began consideration of the claim on the merits. The widow and daughter refuse to believe DNA study that the actor had an illegitimate son. Need to schedule an examination and even agree to exhume the body.

    The Tushino district court of Moscow was not able to put an end to one of the most famously twisted intrigue of recent months and legally to answer the question: is the actor of Theatre of the Russian army Timur Eremeev illegitimate son of people's artist of the USSR Spartaka Mishulina or an impostor?

    Family Spartaka Mishulina — the widow Valentina Konstantinovna and daughter Karina — filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity of the newly-minted family member, who called himself the son of the famous artist, only 12 years after his death. The Respondent — the magazine "Caravan of stories" published an interview with Yeremeyev.

    "Even there are such fragments that he in school, 17-year-old mother of Timur Eremeeva offered to marry. 17-year-old! You understand that it is illegal definitely emphasizes the family's lawyer Michelini Igor Simonov. — Therefore we say that the presence of a second family and the concealment of life for two families — this defamatory information".

    - Timur, why are you silent 12 years after the death of Mishulina?

    As stated in an interview, the mother of Timur Eremeeva met Spartak Mishulin still a schoolgirl in Vologda, during the filming. And in 1983, when the artist was already the legitimate family, Tatiana Eremeeva son was born. And supposedly secret affair lasted three decades. However, a single documentary evidence of this.

    "I love you very much, very much. And what if someone would have about you would say, and I know that you're the best, like you no people! We have evidence on hand. I'll go to the end. If you need to, and mom goes, we're not leaving you. You have not betrayed, we will not betray you never in this life", — assured in front of the monument to the father at the cemetery Vagankovsky daughter of people's artist of the USSR Spartaka Mishulina Karina Mishulina.

    In the court of Mishulin Valentina became ill did not survive the transfer of details of the alleged infidelity.

    "Well, if you think you are son, so she's your sister! What do you destroy? Well you have it destroyed? Now you're yelling, he always yells that is, we are Swedish family, she's in our bed slept. How can this be?"– does not understand the widow of national artist of the USSR Valentina Spartaka Mishulina.

    To protect the good name of the father, Karina Spartakovna agreed to DNA testing of Spartaka Mishulina and Timur Eremeeva. The results shocked: a 99.99% probability that they are father and son.

    "It was very scary. That survived my mother, when she shouted that I will not lay down with him in one grave, — tells Karina. — Truth is on our side, I know that. But if we are not able to prove it, I'm really talking, I just desire to lay hands on myself, because I don't see then sense in this life."

    However, it turned out that DNA Spartaka Mishulina experts supposedly miraculously singled out the concert suit Carlson, lain 12 years after the death of the artist in the basement. The plaintiffs demand to appoint a forensic examination, and even willing to go to the exhumation.

    Friday 09 February 2018 - 22:04:01email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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