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    Kiriyenko has awarded 103 "leaders of Russia"

    In Sochi the ceremony of awarding the winners of the management competition "Leaders of Russia". The winners for the equal points was a little more than one hundred first Deputy head of presidential administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Kirienko has awarded 103 people. The results of the final, according to him, the experts summed up to four hours Sunday morning. The winners of the first contest managers, I'm sure Kirienko, "has history".

    This is an absolutely unique competition, which has no analogs, Kirienko added. The task set by Russian President Vladimir Putin, "was to create a system of mechanisms which would allow to identify the talents of people," said Kiriyenko.

    The contest aims to create a system of personnel lifts to control in all areas of the country where need skilled personnel, reports "Interfax" not only in the sphere of state and municipal management, but also in business, government, private business, health care, culture, social policy.

    All-Russian competition of managers "Leaders of Russia" — one of the projects of platform "Russia — country of opportunities", aimed at supporting programmes for youths, community initiatives, volunteer movement development. To take part in the competition could all citizens of Russia in the age to 50 years old with management experience.

    According to the organizers, at the start it became clear that it is relevant to the project: the number of applications exceeded forecasts by 20 times. Just the desire to try to become a "Leader of Russia" was expressed by about 200 thousand people, only 300 of them reached the final. It is the representatives of the 54 regions.

    The finals took place in the Park of science and art "Sirius" in Sochi from 7 to 11 February, reports TASS. The winners, selected from 300 finalists, will participate in the mentoring program. During the year, they will be able to receive consultations of representatives of state bodies, top managers of leading Russian companies and heads of leading public associations. During the following days, the mentors will choose their wards.

    Sergey Kirienko called on all finalists become mentors for children in orphanages in their regions. "In Latin America there is such a wonderful program, when the heads of large companies are taken as wards of the high school graduates of children's homes. If the winners of the first contest "Leaders of Russia" has taken on this responsibility and would be able to do it against guys in the region, it would not only be an important social objective, it would be a very important step in your growth as managers and leaders," he said at the ceremony of awarding the winners.

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    Coach Nina Mozer supported skater Mikhail Kolyada

    A famous figure skating coach Nina Mozer was supported by Mikhail Kolyada, causing errors in the execution of the short program. Carol took eighth place in its form and now our team behind the Canadians on 6 points.

    "Not the same as a man to do that! Tell those who do how wrong it is, – quotes the words of Nina Moser . – He didn't come here to fall, bad to ride, make mistakes and lose. He's just too young. The team is young. Of course, if you have something in doubt, "team" better not do that. I our singles players about it and said. He went on high, and the "team" risk – an unnecessary thing. Because at 10 am it is impossible to roll perfectly in principle. With a full set of quads purely on these competitions will not otkatilsya no boy".

    Honored coach of Russia Nina Moser praised the performance of sports pairs Natalia Subiaco – Alexander Enbert, who took third place in the free program. "pleased with the hire, said Moser. – We are a little bit easier, because they first time in this competition, training was unexpected, as in the team competition and I had to ride Ksenia Stolbova Fedor Klimov I understand that it is necessary for the team and they have coped with the program. The only thing Natasha tripped at the end. But for beginners, they are great, considering the pressure. I had hoped that the third place Natasha with Sasha would be a good option. We knew that the first place will not, when he learned that Canada will be released in arbitrary Megan Duhamel/Eric Radford. The second, third or fourth could be. Got the middle – and well for the team, for us as well."

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    Strike on Syria: the U.S. stood up for Israel and blamed on Iran

    The United States supports Israel in connection with the incident on the border with Syria, said the press Secretary of U.S. President Sarah Sanders. In her words, "Israel is a strong ally of the United States," and Washington believes that this country is "entitled to defend itself against Iranian-backed militias and Syrian forces in southern Syria." The United States also called on Iran and its allies "to stop provocative actions and to work towards peace in the region", RIA Novosti reported.

    State Department spokesman Heather Nauert meanwhile stated that the responsibility for what happened before the incident on the border between Syria and Israel as Tehran. According to her, in Washington "is deeply concerned about the escalation of tension in the Israeli border and strongly support Israel's right to self-defence".

    Tehran, according to the Americans, is planning "by escalating threats" to achieve a dominant position in the region, "at the risk of peoples from Yemen to Lebanon." Requires the state Department to stop actions that "undermine peace and stability", transfers "Interfax".

    The Israeli air force on 10 February launched an airstrike on the positions of Iranian troops in Syria. Syrian air defense has reported about a downed Israeli F-16 aircraft. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of the consequences over Israeli territory, the Iranian drone. According to Netanyahu, Iran is using Syrian territory for aggression against Israel, and his country will defend itself against any attack from the outside.

    The situation around the Israeli air strikes on targets in Syria on the eve discussed by telephone the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reported the press service of the Kremlin. According to her, the Russian side preferred "to avoid any steps that could lead to a new round threat for all conflict in the region."

    For its part, the Israeli Prime Minister said that he had held with President Vladimir Putin telephone conversation, during which the declared "right and responsibility" of the Jewish state to defend itself against attacks from Syria.

    Both leaders agreed to continue coordination between the military of the two countries to avoid conflict situations in Syria.

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    The shareholders protracted hope

    LCD "Terletsky Park" for 14 years thought three times less. Defrauded real estate investors began in 2008, the new party joined them after a few years, when the developer stepped up, swinging high and wide. "The plan was to start construction, sell at the high flats, Parking spaces, the construction simply collapse and go away," says the equity holders of the residential complex Andrey Dmitriev.

    Just like the owner of the holding, who once baked bread, and in the mid-2000s, decided to go into construction. Attracted 35 billion of credit funds, the same amount collected from the investors. Promised to build 26 buildings LCD "Tsaritsyno". Construction took only 14 billion, and the rest disappeared in offshore accounts. So the house is not rented, and some even built. Different, sad people one.

    During the years of struggle they met and became friends with families, and now they say - hope to friends houses. The occasion was a statement on the personal website of the Mayor of Moscow. Sergei Sobyanin said that LCD "Tsaritsyno", "Academ-Palace" and "Terletsky Park" is the most problematic. For each object, said the mayor, a long trail of criminal cases. Revealed flagrant abuses and management mistakes.

    Experience in dealing with such problems is impressive. To zero, to put it mildly, unscrupulous developers did not skimp on the quality of advertising, drew pictures of family comfort in the "dream apartments" and actively digging trenches for the Foundation. Investors took out loans, selling your existing home and all the money was given to the investor. Left without money and housing, took to the picket lines, went on hunger strike. Over the last seven years 11 dupes thousands of Muscovites have already received keys from their apartments. Without the support of authorities it would be impossible.

    In agreement with the authorities in an abandoned construction site in Moscow has gone a bona fide construction company. The legacy he inherited — not to be envied.

    The marriage comes at times funny. In one of the buildings, for example, the builders forgot to build one balcony. And that = lesser of two evils. Today, the city is 30 unfinished projects of varying difficulty. The root problem of the deceived shareholders in Moscow are promised within five years.

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    How to challenge the cadastral value and save on taxes

    A few years ago in Russia has changed the procedure of calculation of the tax on immovable property of citizens. Previously, he was charged of accounting of inventory value housing and more recently — on the basis of cadastral value, which in turn, as close to the market price.

    Since the algorithm changes the tax calculation, many are faced with the problem of increasing the cadastral value of the property and, accordingly, increase the size of the property tax. In this context, the question of challenging the cadastral value of real estate was particularly important.

    Here are the basic steps for those who decided to challenge and reduce the cadastral value of housing. About them says the head of practice "property Management" company LDD Marina Evseeva.

    The first step is to determine the feasibility of the procedure. For that, you should contact the appraisal company and to its conclusion. It is worth considering that for apartments Standart class overstating the cadastral value is minor (10-15%). In this case, the savings in tax due to the challenge not cover the costs to carry out works on the most challenging. Challenge appropriate only if the residents cooperate, thereby reducing the costs for the one owner. The situation is similar in the majority and flats belonging to the segment of luxury housing. However, each situation requires careful evaluation, because the procedure of cadastral valuation is massive, can not take into account the individual pricing factors of each object.

    The second step is to choose the way of contestation. According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation there are two ways of challenging the cadastral value of the property: the Commission of Rosreestr or court. When considering the Commission has several advantages:

    it is possible to further challenge the Commission's decisions in court, if suddenly it does not suit the applicant.

    the extract from the egrn with indication of the cadastral value — you can order it in Rosreestra, on the website of public services or in the near IFC

    documents confirming the unreliability of information about the property used to determine its cadastral value. For example, a report on market value of property

    The procedure for challenging the Federal registration service is as follows: by contacting the Commission office to fill out an application in which to specify the personal data and reason for the establishment of the Commission. The application shall be considered within one month from the date of its adoption, after which the applicant will be advised of the outcome. In case of refusal, the decision of the Commission may be appealed against by the owner in a judicial procedure within 3 months.

    To challenge the cadastral valuation of a natural person may not apply to the Commission, and directly may submit an appeal to the court. It is important to remember that the statement of claim is served only at the location of rosreestra. In the lawsuit indicate the requirement of challenging the decision of the Commission or the revaluation of the cadastral value of considering new or previously undiscovered material misstatement.

    To a claim accompanied by all the documents, and the Commission, plus the Commission's decision (if any). Paper should be certified by a notary.

    The court examines the application within one to two months. If the court takes the side of the plaintiff and the cadastral value of the property is subject to adjustment changes will apply from 1 January of the year in which the claim was submitted. It is worth considering that the application for revision of cadastral cost can be filed in court not later than five years from the date of entry in the state cadastre.

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