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    Shampoos, sprays and perfumes pollute the city's air is not worse than car exhaust

    Can chemicals from household products and personal care products that we use almost daily, to be dangerous in the matter of air pollution, and the contents of the fuel tank of the car? Researchers from the US found that these goods compete with some vehicle emissions.

    If people really want to clean the air you breathe, experts say, need to pay close attention to the most common household products that produce so-called volatile organic compounds (VOC). Exactly what did scientists at the University of Colorado at boulder in a recent scientific work, in which the studied CRYSTALS, derived from petroleum.

    Experts have found that anthropogenic emissions of VOC that occur in cars has declined significantly due to many regulations, from 75 to 50%. The remaining part, according to scientific work, it is necessary for chemical products.

    "Discharge from their CRYSTALS comparable with those that emerge from the exhaust pipe of the car," says the study's lead author Brian McDonald (Brian McDonald).

    Historically, the cars and trucks donated to the air most of the FISHING along with other pollutants, e.g. nitric oxide.

    The experts used normative data, experimental results and air samples collected indoors and in the streets, the work was carried out near Los Angeles. The goal is to determine whether the chemical products compared to the issue of air pollution with exhaust gases of vehicles. Scientists have identified sources of molecules found in air samples, thanks to a database showing the specific GEAR, released certain products.

    Consumer products that emit VOC, have a great impact on air pollution, the researchers conclude from USA.

    Experts note that CRYSTALS naturally produced by plants, but over 30 percent of the emissions responsible industrial processes. CRYSTALS are found in many types of industrial and consumer products. In the new study, in particular, the reference to "pesticides, paints, printing inks, glue, cleaning agents and personal care products" as a key to date sources of volatile organic compounds.

    CRYSTALS are short-lived, but highly reactive gases that affect ozone and methane. As the FISHERY undergoes various chemical transformations, they form hydroxyl radicals, which are practically the withdrawal of methane from the atmosphere.

    Although the reduction in circulating greenhouse gases – the news is good, there are some negative side effects this process. When the VOC reacts with sunlight with gases in the atmosphere, OPIE generate tropospheric ozone and particulates that penetrate into the respiratory tract of people.

    It harms human health. In addition, FISHING also spoil the quality of the indoor air (where urban dwellers spend a lot of time). Such compounds are, of course, will not form smog in the room (sunlight is a key "ingredient" of such a process), but they can cause irritation of mucous membranes of eyes and lungs, and allergic reactions and headaches.

    According to the authors, for a long time scientists have underestimated the sources of VOC that are not related to vehicle emissions. About 95 per cent of crude oil consumed in the production of various types of fuel, and only about five percent are processed for use in chemicals – deodorants, pesticides, for example, adhesives.

    Dr. Jessica Gilman (Gilman Jessica) from the National oceanic and atmospheric administration explains that automotive fuel is combusted, forming mostly carbon dioxide and water, and many products in the household goods just emit these substances into the air.

    "Often they are used as solvents in products such as liquid nail Polish remover, hairspray, which by the way, I enjoyed this morning. They are used as cleaning agents for carpets," she notes.

    Gilman understands that it is difficult to replace such tools as the alternative, they may be just ordinary water, which is known to be not too efficiently eliminates stains.

    However, MacDonald believes that no harm would be to reduce the use of such funds. "Use as little chemical products when necessary," he advises.

    According to him, the products he uses in the morning to freshen up before work, comparable to the emissions that come out of the exhaust pipe of his car. "I think these findings will surprise many," says McDonald.

    The findings of the study can be to some a sign of the success of earlier work. Because the steps to clean car exhaust from polluting substances over the last few decades has had a significant positive impact on the environment. However, the "sources of pollution in the cities now are becoming more diverse," he adds.

    The results of the study presented in the scientific journal Science.

    Wednesday 21 February 2018 - 14:53:49email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    Rospatent master blockchain technology

    The Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent) and the Association IPChain (national Clearinghouse transaction processing rights and intellectual property) on 21 February signed a cooperation agreement, whose goal will be the development of Institute of intellectual property in the digital environment.

    In particular, the parties intend to develop a platform IPChain on the management of intellectual property on the blockchain. And one of the results of cooperation should be to reduce Federal budget spending and simplification of procedures for the resolution of disputes related to intellectual property, said in the Association IPChain.

    According to the head of Rospatent Gregory Ivlieva, the use of digital technologies will accelerate the process of registration and to help inventors to prove patent priority. In addition, the Agency intends to create mechanisms to protect ideas, not yet protected by patent.

    "With the help of new tools it will be possible to obtain accurate and complete information about the real potential of scientific development in Russia", — said the head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev.

    In turn, the President of the Association IPChain Andrey Krichevsky has told, that now experts are working to create the infrastructure framework IPChain service automated build technology using artificial intelligence.

    "The service will allow you to find and compare a variety of patents, analyze their formulas and descriptions, the output offering the possibility to configure them or work to create a full-fledged technology or solutions", — said Andrey Krichevsky.

    Planned joint events for the development of intellectual property in the realities of the modern economy.

    So, on April 11-12, Association IPChain supported by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, "SKOLKOVO" Fund, chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation, under the auspices of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO will hold in Kaliningrad international strategic forum on intellectual property IPQuorum 2018, a key theme will be "Intellectual property — the new hero of the global market and digital economy. Strategy, trends, industry."

    One of the most significant events for the global intellectual property market will be the conference "Digital transformation: intellectual property and the blockchain technology," which will be presented to Rospatent with the support of the BRICS and WIPO in Moscow in the world trade Center on April 16-17 2018.

    Association IPChain (national Clearinghouse transaction processing rights and intellectual property) was created in September 2017. Its founders were the SKOLKOVO Foundation, a Russian organization of intellectual property, national research UNIVERSITY "Higher school of Economics", Russian Union of rights holders, St. Petersburg national research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics, Russian authors ' society, Partnership for the protection and management of rights in the sphere of art and the Bank "New age".

    The main objective of the Association is the implementation of the project IPChain, aimed at forming a national network of transaction rights and intellectual property. This project IPChain already has dozens of company — industry innovators, offering advanced and innovative solutions in the field of intellectual property. In addition, active work on integration in the project IPChain Eurasian societies of rights holders. It is planned to extend this practice in regions of active economic cooperation of the Russian Federation (Eurasian economic Union, BRICS).

    Wednesday 21 February 2018 - 14:53:39email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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