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    Psychologists have figured out how people will react to the discovery of extraterrestrial life

    While scientists are developing a technology to search for extraterrestrial life, we have to answer one simple question: if the meeting with the alien creatures still held, how will people react? Whether we feel threatened or joy? Or mankind will not attach great importance to it, living in such a fast-growing world?

    According to Professor of psychology at the University of Arizona Michael Varnum (Michael Varnum), if a person will ever face life outside the Ground, it will treat this quite optimistic.

    "Still, there was much speculation about how people might react to such news, but systematic empirical studies were not," he says.

    In a recent study Varnum and his colleagues analyzed the vocabulary of newspaper articles telling about the past of the potential discovery of extraterrestrial life. Psychologists sought to study the true response to the existence of extraterrestrial life forms, analyzing data with software.

    The article focused on the opening in 1996, when scientists reported the discovery of possible fossilized Martian microbes. In addition, take into consideration and news about the study of the mysterious star Tabby. So, last year, specialists reported that the light is beginning to fade, continuing the story tainstvennyh scintillation.

    Scientists first noticed the star Tabby (named in honor of the head of the team of discoverers — Tapety Boyajian (Boyajian Tabetha) from Louisiana state University in the US) in 2015. Then astronomers looking for exoplanets orbiting other stars. Explain what worlds are usually darken the light of the parent star for a short time, and the amount reaching the Earth's radiation decreases by only 1-2%. However, the dips in the luminosity of the star Tabby lasted days, while not enough at times to 22% of the light, and, in addition, the intervals between the dips of brightness was irregular.

    Built various assumptions, but some were convinced that sheen outshines some "alien megaconstruction" in its orbit, perhaps a huge array of solar panels.

    In the study, psychologists also entered the plea of 2017 about the discovery of earth-like exoplanets in the habitable zone of their parent stars.

    The results of the study showed that the vocabulary used in the coverage of such events indicated a much more positive emotion than negative.

    In another research work, scientists asked more than 500 different people to write about their own hypothetical reactions, as well as on the presumed reaction of humanity in General on the announcement of the discovery of extraterrestrial microbial life.

    And again: personal reaction of the people was often positive (negative emotions for this reason was much less). Hypothetical response of mankind, according to participants, would also be painted with positive emotions.

    So, one of the participants said that he has some excitement about this news. It would be very interesting, even if it is only a primitive form of life, he adds.

    In the third study, experts showed other 500 people in the past have covered scientific discoveries, and then asked to describe their reaction. Participants were divided into two groups. In the first group of people to read an article describing the possible evidence of ancient microbial life in a Martian meteorite, in the second group the participants were familiarized with the article describing alleged creation in the laboratory of synthetic life created by humans.

    The situation repeated: positive emotions about the discovery of extraterrestrial life more. And this effect often observed in response to reading the article on extraterrestrial life than on synthetic life created by humans.

    By the way, in unpublished work Varnum also reviewed recent media coverage of the possibility that the asteroid Omwamwi may actually be interstellar ship. There was also found evidence of more positive emotions in people. All this allows scientists to make the assumption: people positively react to the discovery of intelligent life in the Universe.

    Simply put, the news that we are not alone in the Universe, will be well received by humanity, concludes a psychologist.

    The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Psychology. In addition, the researchers presented the findings of several studies aimed at investigating this topic at a recent conference of the American Association for the advancement of science.

    By the way, previously, scientists have tried to imagine what really could be aliens.

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