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    The tragedy of a catamaran on the Volga: the belated measures taken
    The Volgograd court has taken the decision to arrest the owner of the boat "Marina". Investigators suspect that he did not prevent the escape into the waters of the river catamaran, with the drunk team. The result is a pleasure ship collided with the barge, and killed 11 people. EMERCOM of Russia begins an unscheduled inspection of the bases of small vessels throughout the country.

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    Russia defeated Saudi Arabia in the first match of the world Cup
    On the capital stadium "Luzhniki" match of group "A" between Russia and Saudi Arabia started the world championship on football. It was opened by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Russian players in the first leg achieved a major victory with the score 5:0.

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    The court took away parental rights from a woman who left a son without a home
    Preobrazhensky court decided the fate of 16-year-old Nikita Yermolayev, Moscow talented student and a repeated winner of competitions, whose own mother left without shelter and livelihood.

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    The French created champagne for the holidays in orbit
    Space dictates its own rules. So, the weightlessness does not allow to eat regular food and even sit at the table. However, before humanity forward years, extraterrestrial journeys, and what they have to give up champagne? No, the answer producers of the world-famous sparkling, created a new high-tech bottle, and even glasses.

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    Not to the dump, and in the case study: "School recycling" came to Balashikha
    The largest town near Moscow - Balashikha - joined the regional ecological action "School of recycling". It is taught properly to do with electronic stuff instead of throw it in the trash or dumped in landfills. This year the number of standouts in high school, apparently, will increase dramatically.

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