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    The Croats will face France in the world Cup final
    At Moscow stadium "Luzhniki" ended the second semifinal match of the world Cup, which pitted Croatia and England. Normal time ended with the score 1:1. In the first half of extra time win for his team, brought Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic – 2:1.

    At Moscow stadium "Luzhniki" ended the second semifinal match of the world Cup, which pitted Croatia and England. Normal time ended with the score 1:1. In the first half of extra time win for his team, brought Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic – 2:1.

    The teams had a match in the following compositions: England – Pickford, Walker (Vardy 112), stones, Maguire, Lingard, Henderson (Dyer 97), Kane, sterling (Rashford 75), Trippier, Yang (rose 90), Allie

    Already on 4-th minute England got the right to a dangerous free kick. The captain and the leader of the Croats, Luka Modric before his free-kick hit the midfielder in the English Case of alli. The ball went right back the English team Kieren Trippier and passing shot sent the ball into the right top corner of Daniel Subasic.

    In General we can say that the first match was held with a small advantage to the British, whose attack and the chances were more dangerous. At the end of 45 minutes, the England team five times punched in the side of the goalkeeper of Croats and twice hit the target. The opponent responded with one shot on goal.

    The second 45 minutes started in the same pattern as the first: England how would technically owned the territory, and the Croats tried on the counterattack to break through a fairly tight defence. For a long time it didn't, but by the end of the hour, the situation on the field was equal and even with some advantage of the teams of Croatia.

    Strinic, Rakitic, Mandzukic tried to sharpen the game, created half-chances, but the exact impact is not reached. But Perisic scored (68), who managed one of the moments ahead of the Walker. A goal, by the way, it turned out, though beautiful, but on the verge of foul: the Englishman played a head, and the Croatian ran onto the ball foot. And it is fortunate that the boot broke the path with the Walker hair...

    After that the game went more fun. It turned out that the British are able not only to keep the ball and fight back, but unable to attack. But now inspired by the Croats tried to play fully on a collision course, and it made the ending of the main time is completely unpredictable. To score but no one succeeded. A 1:1 draw. And – overtime.

    The most dangerous moment occurred near the gate of the Croats in the 99th minute. English defender John stones seemed to be shot certainly head into the far corner. Subašić was powerless, however, to help his goalkeeper came defender Sime vrsaljko, who is also the head hit the ball on the goal line. The Croats responded compensated for the extra first-half injury time. Mandzukic struck at close range literally with a meter, but Pickford saved his team.

    The match went to penalties, when forwards Croats mandžukić (109 minutes) alone received the ball in the penalty Englishmen and sent it into the net gate of the British. Final score 2:1 in favour of Croats.

    Thus, in the world Cup final on 15 July at the stadium "Luzhniki" will play the teams of France and Croatia. In the match for third place July 14 in Saint-Petersburg will meet teams from Belgium and England.

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