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    "Sorin - in Tibet, Yakovlev, on the Islands,": red "Ivanushka" believe that their relatives are alive
    Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo in the "Destiny of man" admits: in the past year he barely survived. In 2017 with a difference in a month Andrey lost two loved ones: his friend (the former "Ivan"), Oleg Yakovlev and sister Julia. An equally difficult period, he experienced 20 years ago.

    Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo – red "Ivanushka" in the program "the Destiny of man" admits: in the past year he barely survived. "Thought I was thick-skinned. Did not expect that I will suffer", says the artist. In 2017 with a difference in a month Andrey lost two loved ones: his friend (also a former "Ivan"), Oleg Yakovlev and his sister Julia.

    An equally difficult period he experienced 20 years ago: in 1998 killed "Ivan" Igor Sorin, and in the same year did not become Pope Andrew.

    "I was so close to them that still represent that they are alive. Sorin in Tibet somewhere, Michiel – on the Islands, Julia in Sochi is waiting for me, dad – in Saratov... With these feelings I have and continue to live," — says Grigoriev-Apollo.

    The loss last year helps him survive wife Mary. With her pet huge number of fans settled down and became a faithful and devoted husband.

    Andrew admits that introduced him to Mary at that moment — "passion" of the singer. But when he saw Mary, the "second" realized: this is his future wife.

    To her Andrew had many loves. Moreover, thanks to the first love — Polina Griffis, who then danced at Lima Vajkule, he was in the musical "Metro" on Broadway.

    Andrew says: he went to the contest in Moscow as a dancer and passed it, and in the vocal competition the winner was Igor Sorin. Together they then will be lit in the group "Ivanushki International".

    With Pauline after a whirlwind romance, they parted as friends.

    The name Andrew is inextricably linked to "Ivan", and few fans know that he first came to the screens in the video "lube" for the song "don't fool around, America!"

    Moreover, it is then Grigoriev-Apollo met her future producer and composer of "ivanushek" Igor Matvienko.

    About how started to work as a school teacher, and then in the Sochi fashion, as was the best male model of the Soviet Union in 1988, and in 1985, he met the then little-known Grigory Leps, what unexpected gifts received from fans and as it endured a series of deaths of close people, — a Frank story of Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonova Boris Korchevnikov in the "Destiny of man" on TV channel "Russia 1".

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