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    Tears, flowers and candles: Orsk grieves for those killed in the crash

    Most of the victims in the crash of An-148 in the suburbs, the population of Orenburg region. In the region today is a day of mourning. People bring flowers and light candles in natural memorials, organized in all the cities have lost loved ones.

    Catherine, Nastya and five-year Vika was waiting for his mother and prepared her a gift. Natalia Mescheryakova raised daughters alone — worked in Moscow. Home was able to escape 2-3 times a year.

    "She went back to work, because we had a lot of loans and debts. All fathers abandoned us," says Catherine Bond, daughter of the deceased Natalia meshcheriakova.

    That plane that flew Mama, crashed, girls learned on the way to the airport. Now most of them are concerned about the fate of little sisters.

    "She cries, we tell her, mom will arrive, when you stop crying," says Catherine Bond, daughter of the deceased Natalia meshcheriakova.

    "Now inside all empty. Incomprehensibly. Still don't believe it. Can't talk. It's very hard," adds Anastasia Meshcheryakova, the victim's daughter Natalia meshcheriakova.

    The pupils of the school №8 in Orsk today canceled classes. In the crash killed the student of 11 class of Ilya Poletaev. He dreamed of becoming a lawyer. On this flight he was returning with the profile of the Olympics.

    "We came in and only spoke about Ilya. We have supported teachers. And we just sat there," says Catherine Borodon, student of school №8 of Orsk.

    Among the dead and the bride hockey players of "Admiral" Sergei Ilyin — 22-year-old Daria Tolmasova. She just flew to the young man. Muscovite Oksana Krasova was on the plane with five-year old daughter. And this photo was made by passenger Eugene Livanov before the flight — he was killed along with his son, who was also named Eugene Lebanon.

    Residents of Orsk bringing flowers and toys to the airport and Komsomolskaya square of the city — they put a stand with the names of the victims and organized a watch of memory.

    During the 40 days in all churches of the local diocese will host a memorial service for the victims of the disaster. Today in the Orenburg region a day of mourning. The incident has undoubtedly affected the lives of Orsk. It is also felt on the streets and in other public places. In this small town many knew the passengers of the flight Moscow — Orsk.

    "This grief....Well, in our city this has never happened before. Was home, alive," — says Olga Differential.

    "We mourn. This is incredible. Can't believe it. Do not want to believe," adds Galina Abramova.

    "You know, it really hurts. All condolences. All of us good health and more warmth, kindness to everyone. So everyone understood that life is so short", — condolences to Galina Borodulina.

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