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    All versions of wreck of An-148:the plane crash in the suburbs recorded video

    Specialists of the Interstate aviation Committee have started decoding flight recorders of the crashed An-148. The first data may appear in the next day. As reported the Investigative Committee of the devastation on Board the ship in the air was not. The plane exploded on impact with the ground.

    The search operation already without the prefix rescue. No survivors. In the snow was found both black boxes, including the cockpit voice recorder, pieces of the fuselage and the parts. hundreds of Them.

    "The Board went the first batch of 453 fragments of the victims, — said in the MOE. — The cargo-200 is delivered in city hospital of the city of Moscow No. 6 and from there atapered to a forensic medical examination".

    For the day's surveyed the area of 30 hectares. The plane crashed into a field, although it is clear how close is the village. Camera on one of the houses took the time of the disaster. At 14:27, the aircraft collided with the ground. The flight ended 4 minutes after takeoff.

    "At the moment of impact the aircraft was in integrity, without the fire. The explosion occurred after the crash. The withdrawn fuel samples, files, radio dispatchers, and aircraft commander, a file tracking system for aircraft on the ground and in the air," — said the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Svetlana Petrenko.

    Theories about the causes of the collapse of several from crew error to equipment failure. Withdrawn documents at the Domodedovo airport, where flying the plane, in Saratov, where the carrier is based, and in Penza. There crashed An-148 was a few hours before the disaster.

    "The technical status at the time of departure from Penza — without comment, the procedure for the admission of the issue was the standard: it is filling with water, draining those fluids, refill with kerosene, — says the Director of Penza airport Yuri Oskolkov. — At the airport of Penza left at 6:44, almost complete was. After us, he made two flights on the route Moscow-Saratov, Saratov-Moscow".

    That is, the flight Moscow — Orsk was the ship's fourth in less than a day. For aircraft this is the normal load. But that's what the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" with reference to a source in the Russian transport inspection: last fall from the crashed An-148 was found in violation of maintenance. Perhaps because of the intensity of flying the plane in time had not time to change the oil.

    "The frequency of oil changes and wash the filter in accordance with the maintenance program shall be 375 flight hours. On this Board this work was carried out with a frequency of 750 hours," — said "MK".

    The crew of the An-148 in addition to the pilots and cabin crew were two technicians. They were inspecting the plane before take-off from Domodedovo. The comments of dispatchers not reported. Flew in Orsk on schedule. According to the site Flighttadar that has telemetry data of the aircraft An-148 took off at 14:22 Moscow time.

    The beginning of the flight went normally: smooth climb to 2 thousand meters, then somehow reduced to a thousand, this also reduces the speed of the machine, then re-climb and fall.

    "On a scene the Commission engaged in drafting a scheme of the fragments at the accident site, is the identification of the fragments to prepare them for evacuation from the accident site," said the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC).

    The plane belonged to the airline from Saratov. From there, the majority of the members of the crew. Technology remember their colleagues from flight engineers Oleg Sergeyev and Andrey Revyakin. Both 50 years old. In the profession was not the first day.

    "The boys and I talked. They flew in a great mood that Andrew, Oleg, — says the head of the operations Department airline "Saratov airlines" Valery Vorobeichikov. Oleg – a competent technician, was flying a lot in the crew. Apart from the base worked on the aircraft."

    The second pilot Sergey Gambarian. His plaque is small — about 800 hours, but the commander — the most experienced pilot. Valery Gubanov in the civil fleet moved from military aviation. Fought in Afghanistan, was awarded the medal "For courage". On passenger aircraft I have flown over 5 thousand hours. And flight attendants Anastasia Slavinskaya and Victoria Smith was not yet 30 years old.

    "Vic Smith I went to school together flight attendants, good responsible girl, says colleague girls. — Nastya Slavinskaya did the last flight before my vacation, too, a very nice girl. All very good, young. Very sorry".

    The airline "Saratov airlines" has declared that stops operation of aircraft An-148 to clarify all the circumstances of the disaster. In the Park the carrier have 5 such machines.

    The timetable of Moscow Domodedovo airport today, there's a flight from Moscow to Orsk. The flight as usual on schedule at 14:10, but the plane is fully loaded.

    The scoreboard still on "Saratov airlines", but the flight is already combined. Performs flight of the other airline.

    In the Orenburg region on 12 February declared a day of mourning for those killed in the crash.

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