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    The economy, the rabbits, the protection of the monument to Lenin: the presidential candidates are working with the electorate

    Most presidential candidates are now in the regions. Discuss policy with voters on a variety of topics. Among the issues — and industrial development, and support of veterans, and even the breeding of rabbits.

    The voters knew about the candidates not only the official information — members of the presidential campaign, go to the people themselves and prepare campaign materials.

    At the headquarters of Ksenia Sobchak typeset layout of the newspaper. In a brainstorm Sobchak participates remotely.

    To send copies in print — the newspaper must be approved in the CEC. Today there was just doing what was determined is what will be written on an information poster about each of the eight candidates. Information, including of income, and financial assets.

    Voicing all of this data the Chairman of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev was again forced to recall the story about the foreign accounts of the candidate Grudinina.

    "The CEC has letters from two of the options — why do people with foreign accounts, is still involved in the election campaign, and the second letter: stop attacks on Pavel Nikolayevich. FNS informs us that Pavel Nikolayevich has two accounts in Switzerland, of which he was notified , and even the last notification that was closed. But there is a small circumstance, the CEC on these accounts is not informed, also the CEC has not been given information about balances on the first of December, 2017", — he said.

    History with accounts Grudinina stretches back to Dec. At first he did not specify foreign accounts in January — confirmed their absence, and then reported the presence of five that I thought had been closed. It turned out that there are more Swiss and that it does not know even to the tax.

    On the second of February on this occasion, the candidate Grudinin gave an explanation of the CEC. Told that the accounts are closed, and the supporting documents he has. He entered sure. But it has been exactly ten days, and the CEC are still waiting.

    "I hope that Pavel Nikolayevich how dear candidate, registered, show maximum respect to more than 100 million voters, and as quickly as possible will give us, as promised, the documents that the accounts are closed," expressed hope Ella Pamfilova, the Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation.

    To submit the documents today, the candidate of the Communist party personally could not. Met with voters in the Altai. Represented the program abstracts in Barnaul DC "Engine builders".

    "First you have to fill the budget and, above all, we need to end corruption and rastaschilovke in our country. But we are the richest country" — said Grudinin.

    And this is a press conference for local journalists. They are, however, more interested in news about judicial processes and land of the state farm named after Lenin.

    "With regard to shareholders. In the farm named after Lenin never had shares. We had a joint since 1995 we are a joint stock company and all the land up to 1995, from 1991 to 1995, was the collective-joint ownership, and then moved into fixed capital. This is confirmed by all the courts up to the Supreme," explained Grudinin.

    "As it is not the shareholders? In the whole country was, was the reorganization of JSC. Was shares, but they argue that it is not the shareholders".

    "After all, two certificates were issued by the court. In his arms. 417 evidence brought to the court."

    This story in which former employees of CJSC "state Farm Lenin" I believe that the leadership lied to them, when was the privatization of land, stretches for more than 20 years. As the courts.

    "We believe that our principals were unjustly deprived of their shares and we currently believe that they are the owners by virtue of the law", — says Lyudmila Sidorova, the representative of the former employees of JSC "state Farm Lenin".

    Recently Wygnanski city court of Moscow region has accepted to consideration claim to leadership of the farm. Given that such requests for nine, the business decided to merge into one proceeding and to hold a meeting on February 21.

    "The court concludes that in this case the Union of homogeneous cases to a single defendant — the company "Sovkhoz imeni Lenina" in one production will help with proper consideration of the case," says the judge.

    Train Zhirinovsky today makes a stop in the Smolensk region. LDPR leader always likes to lead the region as an example. Five years he is a native of his party. Zhirinovsky is sent to the complex breeding rabbits. Which are known to be not only valuable fur.

    "You'll see what the stall! Rabbit meat — the most useful! It is low-fat and more vitamins!"

    Zhirinovsky checks — how much easier it was to issue certificates and documents — in the local multifunctional center of public services. And speaks to students from the local University.

    "The more democracy, the more people want to have their own state! The device should be only administrative. Smolensk region, Tver, Kostroma. Republic — it's an option that could weaken the state. Almost discouraged it! In the future we can enlarge the territory and go to a single division. Province or region, or region", — said Zhirinovsky.

    Grigory Yavlinsky all day in Saratov. Examined the historical centre — it is clearly in need of repair. And compare prices and buying activity on the local market. And company, produces filling equipment, Yavlinsky said the Foundation of economic prosperity.

    "The next 20 years the whole policy of the external, internal, military, defense, security, all policies should be aimed at solving one important task — the creation in Russia of a modern, large, competitive, efficient economy", — says Grigory Yavlinsky.

    Election morning in the Crimea, Boris Titov began with a roadside cafe and its famous pasties.

    The theme of the competition, appears by itself. Titov is still a business-Ombudsman. And on the way manages to discuss with the driver what is waiting for small business. The trip by the way, cost 300 rubles.

    "It must be very convenient. Less administrative pressure. Must be normal from the point of view of the financial burden that taxes were small. That's why we say — 20,000 per year. Not great. Well and safely. Not to come check, does not take property."

    Tying a traditional scarf colors of the Imperial flag, Sergei Baburin came to support the participants of the picket at Gorky Park. Those gathered to protest against the idea of municipal deputies of Moscow to transfer a statue of Lenin in Kaluga square to the Park "Muzeon".

    "We need people to preserve the history, restore the truth. I hope they, the deputies, realized that was stupid and went to repent somewhere. This is our heritage. That's who would neither belonged to Lenin, Nicholas II, someone loves one, someone else, let's treat memory," said Baburin.

    For Lenin on Kaluzhskaya repeatedly stood up and another presidential candidate — Maxim suraykin.

    But he is today, in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Once suraykin is trying to become Governor here. And today — as a presidential candidate — in a boarding school for veterans of war and labor.

    Suraykin immediately explains: "Communists of Russia" and the Communist party, despite the similarity in name of the party is different. And over a Cup of tea gives veterans commemorative party of a medal — the centenary of the creation of the red Army. Gets them out of the package. In his software package and social guarantees. And about utilities.

    "I am deeply convinced that we need to return to the system of public service enterprises, and state regulation of prices for housing services that they were accessible and did not constitute more than 10 percent of the total family budget," — said suraykin.

    And in Chelyabinsk, in the regional headquarters of Vladimir Putin hosted the first meeting of volunteers who will assist in the preparation and conduct of elections. All volunteers undergo a rigorous selection. And to know them — will be on a special form.

    "It is mostly students. Each discipline has curated. Our task is to acquaint children with curators to assemble mini working groups to each curator met guys with whom he will work more closely and tell you what we have planned", — said Ekaterina Baymuhametova, coordinator of the all-Russian public movement "Volunteer victory".

    Trustees Putin — have also joined the work. Actor Sergey Bezrukov in Samara spoke about the support of culture and art.

    Exactly five weeks remain until election day. And ahead the most active part of the campaign, candidates get free airtime on television. Well, the Central election Commission today introduced an updated version of the website. To seek and obtain election news and information on the presidential candidates — it is easier and more convenient.




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