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    Rejuvenating apples for robots? New "electronic skin" will be able to update itself

    Many experts around the world strive to make electronic devices harmless to the environment. Someone looking for ways of disposing of electronic waste (sometimes very original), and someone making electronics disappear. American scientists have developed an electronic skin and decided to make it completely recyclable and suitable for reuse. This invention can also quickly to heal their "wounds", if it gets torn.

    The development is a thin film, equipped with sensors capable of measuring pressure, temperature, humidity and even air movement. The film itself consists of three chemical compounds (it is noted that they are available for purchase), connected together in a matrix, and "twisted" with silver nanoparticles.

    If the skin is cut into two parts and then add the mixture of the three compounds on the "wound" it will heal itself (recover the chemical bond between the two parties, separated from each other). Therefore, the matrix takes the former structure, and electronic skin again becomes what it was originally, is safe and sound.

    If the skin is not subject to restoration, it is possible to "soak" in a particular solution. The latter transforms the matrix into a set of small molecules. Silver nanoparticles thus sink to the bottom of the tank.

    Later, all the materials can be re-used to create "flaps" new electronic skin.

    The whole processing takes about 30 minutes if the process is carried out at 60 degrees Celsius (or ten hours at room temperature).

    It is noteworthy that the process of "self-healing" of the skin happens faster. "Delay Russian Academy of Sciences" room temperature will also need 30 minutes. If the same procedure to hold at 60 degrees Celsius, just a few minutes.

    One more advantage is the fact that it can be easily pulled against a curved surface (such as a human hand or robot). It takes a little to heat and apply a little pressure (without excessive effort).

    One day such a device could be used in prosthetics, robotics and to create "smart" fabrics.

    Many scientists develop electronic skin. For example, the European model allows users to manipulate virtual objects without touching them (this is done with magnets). But Japanese scientists have developed ultra-thin, ultrapractical protective film for the skin and has demonstrated its use in an organic led display that shows the oxygen level in the blood or pulse. This technology will also allow you to create electronic skin.

    But the latest model is truly special because it is recyclable. Experts call it an important additional bonus considering the amount of electronic waste worldwide. All kinds of circuit boards, transistors and hard drives can contain toxic chemicals that are required to be disposed of properly.

    "This device will not generate any waste. We want to create electronics that would be environmentally friendly, says one of the authors Sanglan Xiao (Jianliang Xiao) from the University of Colorado in boulder. We are confronted daily with the problems of pollution. It is important to preserve our environment and to make nature safe for us and our children."

    Xiao says he and his colleagues currently are working to make the device more flexible. Then it will be easier to produce and deploy the prostheses or robots.

    The results of the study and description of electronic skin capable of "healing", presented in the scientific journal Science Advances.

    Previously, the authors of the project "Conduct.Science" (nauka.vesti.ru) talked about self-healing electronic chip and curing instant chip.

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