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    Scandal in Oxfam: fighters against poverty will have to answer for the girls prostitutes

    The Deputy head of the charitable organization Oxfam resigned because of the scandal. The British press found out that during reconstruction work in Haiti in 2011, its employees had parties with underage girls of easy virtue. But the most curious that the leadership of Oxfam knew about it and tried to hide the story from the press. Now, the organization could lose funding and start a whole chain of investigations on the activities of other charitable societies and NGOs abroad.

    Helped victims of the devastating earthquake, and in between used the sex services of minors. The story of 7-year-old received the development last week after the Times published excerpts of the report on the activities of the charitable organization Oxfam in Haiti for the British government Committee. It follows from the text that the leased employees for the villas held sex parties with underage prostitutes. And there were cases of harassment and intimidation of staff. That though as-that to save the reputation, the leadership of Oxfam urgently apologizes.

    "I'm shocked by this story, as she fled from the country in which women and girls were vulnerable to men with money and power. Since then, I came to Oxfam, women's rights was one of our top priorities. I Express full solidarity with victims of violence. With regard to the investigation, we must ensure that those responsible will never be able to work at similar organizations", — said Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International.

    Only promises and excuses to put out the fire are unlikely to succeed. The fact that the now former leadership of Oxfam knew about the misconduct of their employees, they tried to hush up the story. Implicated in the scandal, employees were given quietly resign without any consequences. The reaction of the Haitian authorities and officials in the UK and the EU expected.

    "This is the real betrayal of those who faithfully performed their work. From the point of view of Oxfam itself no matter how well and efficiently its employees helped people, if the organization did not have enough morals to take the necessary measures when there was information about the crimes. Without these qualities we will not be able to consider the organization as our partner," said penny Mordaunt, Minister for international development, UK.

    Oxfam is an international Association of 17 organizations fighting poverty around the world. It was founded in the British city of Oxford in 1942. Interestingly, in significant degree, the organization funded by the state. More precisely, the governments of several countries, that is, with taxpayers ' money. Brussels after London also said it is ready to stop funding the organization.

    "We expect that Oxfam fully clarify the situation with maximum clarity and urgency. We are ready to revise and, if necessary, to stop funding any partner that is not following the required ethical standards," — said Maya Kosanic, the representative of the European Commission.

    The name Soros is also the organization is not alien. His Fund almost completely satisfies the needs of the American division. Oxfam fate should become clearer on the basis of extensive investigation, which promised to hold the British and European authorities. According to the press, that after Oxfam unpleasant issues may have to answer other charity organizations and NGOs. So, the former Minister for international development, UK Priti Patel wrote in a column the Daily Telegraph that information about Oxfam — this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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