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    The sad acceleration: the Global sea level is rising even faster than previously thought

    Today already for anybody not a secret that global warming has caused increase in Global sea level. But despite the most modern equipment and a large amount of data, scientists still can't form a coherent picture of the dynamics of sea level in global scale.

    Certainly know one thing: since the mid-nineteenth century, the sea level is constantly rising, and since 1993 this phenomenon has reached alarming rates.

    In 2015, this issue was raised repeatedly: there are numerous scientific papers showing that increase of level of World ocean has significantly accelerated over the past 20 years. The overall rate of increase from 1993 to 2014 amounted to about 2.6 and 2.9 mm per year with a margin of error of plus or minus 0.4 millimeter. Then NASA said that this effect is further exacerbated by emissions of greenhouse gases by which the ocean receives more than 90% of the heat.

    A new study conducted by experts from the joint Institute for research in environmental Sciences (USA), did not add optimism. The main conclusion of the large-scale work, which lasted 25 years, is that global sea level does not grow steadily

    Recall that since the end of 1992, Global sea level measures the international system of satellites TOPEX/Poseidon. The study authors analyzed data from these devices, and with them the information received from the three satellites of the "family" Jason, the first of which began work in 2001. These space Oceanographic laboratory to measure the surface topography of the oceans.

    In addition, they considered the ground-based sensors of the tides and climate simulations.

    Experts estimate that the growth rate of the sea level is rising approximately 0.08 of a millimeter per year (besides the fact that every year the water rises to 3 mm). If everything will remain as it is, the end of the century the oceans will rise by at least 10 millimeters annually and will increase in comparison with today's level even 60-65 centimeters.

    Moreover, as noted by the head of research group Professor Steve Nerem (Steve Nerem), all estimates given in this work, though higher than the previous, but still very modest.

    According to him, the main reason for this growth is the same – the melting of glaciers. Compounding the situation is the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere for increasing the temperature of the air and water.

    The rise in sea level occurs, according to experts, in two ways. First, the heating water expands, and this "thermal expansion" of the oceans over the last 25 years have raised global water level about 3-4 inches. Secondly, water from melting glaciers flows into the oceans, which also increases its level.

    A contribution, albeit relatively small, makes and volcanic activity. Previously, the team Nerem found that a volcanic eruption 25 years had hidden the real increase in the level of the World ocean, so now the experts are focused on these indicators to reduce errors to a minimum.

    As already mentioned, indicators of the satellite altimeters (altimeters) were also cross-checked with ground data about the tides. The authors explain that this information is extremely important: because the water in the World ocean tides can become more dangerous for residents of coastal areas.

    After analyzing and summarizing huge amounts of data, it is possible to build the latest and most accurate climate models. They will not only help to make future projections and to assess the scale of the environmental disaster that we're facing, but also to predict possible natural disasters in certain regions, conclude the experts.

    Scientific article on the results of the extensive work published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    By the way, in 2016 the American climatologist predicted that melting glaciers will raise the sea level by at least one meter by the year 2100, and if a signatory to the Paris climate agreement, does not fulfill it, and all five meters. Some colleagues considered it to be a groundless statement, but now their arguments seem to melt faster than the ice of Antarctica.

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