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    Zhirinovsky Courts the Youth Vote - Visits the Brilliant Children's Mental Arithmetics Championship

    How long until the Presidential elections? Only 35 days. Alexander Balinsky will tell us about the Saturday events.

    The closer the election day, the more actively candidates hold their meetings. Vladimir Zhirinovsky arrives to the first international championship in mental arithmetic. It's a program for developing both mental and creative abilities using calculations.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky: How much is 66х6?


    - 396.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky: Who said that? Way to go! You see, the boy did it in his head. The most powerful computers are here, you see how successful it is. A machine works slower than that. The representative thinks a little slower. We will criticize him. I can't count that at all. You, the new generation, will do everything better and will do it for everyone, and our country will become even stronger, and you'll be brave like this boy.

    It's clear that the audience is mostly too young to vote. But they are the future. And after suggesting to think about the future profession, Zhirinovsky decided to take a selfie right on the stage.

    Boris Titov he's representing the Growth Party during the election, was also counting.

    Boris Titov: "Each ruble invested into the tourism industry returns five or six virtually any of additional investment in small, medium-sized, and large enterprises around it."

    Where else to discuss tourism development but on the Black Sea coast. In Gelendzhik with local entrepreneurs, Titov spoke about his growth strategy, and how to make Russian resorts more accessible.

    Boris Titov: "If the government approves the tax reduction, cheap loans, subsidizing loan rates, this will not affect the country's budget, on the contrary, due to the development of the industry, by increasing the numbers, the budget will only benefit".

    Today in St. Petersburg Sergei Baburin met with the local activists of his "Russian People's Union."The summary of the pre-election program is for those who need to take part in activism.

    Sergei Baburin: "We need State Planning instead of the State Duma, we need strategic planning, economic reality, and not the myths of the Gaidarovshina. And of course, we would like there to be a change in the interests of the majority, which means that the minimum wage, the minimum pension should be at least 1.5 times the subsistence level".

    Pavel Grudinin platform is the 6th Congress of the Lenin Communist Union of Youth. The heir of the Komsomol is the backbone of young communist cadres today.

    Gennady Zyuganov: "Last year 5,000 kids became Komsomol youth".

    Accompanied by Zyuganov, a Communist Party candidate inspects an exhibition dedicated to the Komsomol's centennial. Both are offered to add to the picture, "Communist Fire."Zyuganov First and then Grudinin write. Both, about victory. And on stage the leader of the Communist Party introduces everyone to the candidate-businessman. The speech is translated to the foreign delegates.

    Gennady Zyuganov: "Friends, please give a loud applause. This is the program and a worthy candidate that we have to offer".

    Pavel Grudinin: "The strongest impression is from putting on the red tie for the first time. I don't know how to tie my own ties, but I know the pioneer one very well. We are on the right path, because our principles are: freedom, equality, brotherhood, and we will achieve that our country will be great under the flag of the Communist Party".

    While Komsomol members from Russia were taking pictures with comrades from North Korea, Zyuganov shared his experience of political struggle.

    - What are your first suggestions?

    Gennady Zyuganov: The main recommendation: talk about business, about the work, about your program.

    Grigory Yavlinsky''s program was heard in the Cosmos Hotel.

    Grigory Yavlinsky: "I'm running in the Presidential elections so I can develop, with the best professionals in Russia, a modern, rapidly developing, and effective economy in Russia".

    Today the candidate from Communists of Russia party put on camouflage and went to a shooting range. "Comrade Maxim," as Suraykin''s associates called him in a revolutionary way, was first of all drawn to the "Maxim" machine gun. Suraykin took aim, and posed.

    Maxim Suraykin: "I hit a 10, and a 9."

    And then he explained to the journalists why he took up arms.

    Maxim Suraykin: "We are deeply convinced that military-sport training should start from childhood and every man in our country must be proficient with all kinds of weapons. We, of course, would like to live in the bright time when Leonid Brezhnev fought for peace and we really felt with our soul that security is guaranteed that there will be no war, but now we see that if the whole country is not ready for an attack, and for resistance, then we will simply crumble".

    Vladimir Putin's headquarters Co-chairman and head of Sirius educational center, Elena Shmeleva today met with the residents of Novosibirsk. And personally welcomed citizens in the candidate''s reception. They came with a variety of issues: health care, transportation, ecology, landfills.

    "If you just exit a little, they move it from their house a little and that's it. And not just our, they bring it from the whole city and dump trucks".

    Every appeal at Putin's headquarters is carefully recorded, and volunteers will monitor this.

    Elena Shmeleva: "For each of us, this is a unique experience that will allow us to consolidate very many groups that want to be useful later to solve as much as possible of the problems that we are fixing now."

    During meetings with activists in the regions, the co-chairmen of the headquarters of the self-nominated candidate Vladimir Putin always note that the campaign must be conducted honestly and openly. This was talked about today at the all-Russian practical seminar "Public Control". Experts, election organizers, and independent observers came to Moscow from all over Russia.

    Igor Borisov, Election law Institute: "We don't observe for the sake of observation, but the task that we set before ourselves and want to convey to the experts who have gathered here is taking part in the process, removing problems, and assisting citizens to realize their voting rights".

    Alena Bulgakova, the head of social movement "Korpus": "About a 100 people are at this seminar, they will be involved in the process, will build this up in their regions, learn from each other's practices and also get new knowledge that will enable them to do good work on issues of observation, openness, and legitimacy of the electoral process".

    Their public organization is called: The Observers Corps for Clean Elections. From the name it's clear that their goal is to make sure that on March 18 there are no violations at the polling stations.

    Alexander Balinsky, Alexander Berezhnoy, Vladimir Menylov. Vesti, Saturday News.

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