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     Prodigy and homeless: mother had left Moscow schoolchildren without housing
    on Tuesday 05 June 2018
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    A talented schoolboy, the repeated winner of the Olympic games, suddenly left without a roof over your head. Without housing left him to his own mother. She discharged the child from the apartment and then sold it.

    A talented schoolboy, the repeated winner of the Olympic games, suddenly left without a roof over your head. Without housing left him to his own mother. She discharged the child from the apartment and then sold it.

    "This degree proves that Ermolaev Nikita, student at school No. 1352, became the prize-winner of all-Russian Olympiad on art and world artistic culture". To the question about your favorite subject in history of art Nikita says: "I love post-impressionist, van Gogh."

    16-year-old Nikita Ermolaev — winner of not only the all-Russian Olympiad, but also two dozen the city. He's a real Prodigy and homeless. Homeless made it his own mother, decided to sell the apartment to pay off the millions of debts on loans.

    "Anya muttered. We found out about it, when she saw a year and a half. And then we found the message of Nikita: "I was evicted from my apartment." And then my daughter and son came to school. There, too, the reaction was also very interesting — no one has made any effort to find out what happened in the family," — says Andrey Mamchenko, uncle Nikita.

    "I was registered in the Ural street, house 1 from birth. And then I was allowed to sell the apartment without encumbrance. In the MFC was given a piece of departure, and said that all legal" — says Nikita. That is, there is obviously a fraudulent scheme. By law, minors cannot be deprived of housing.

    It was here, in the house on street Ural, and the apartment is located, which in a strange way, contrary to all the rules prescribed minor Nikita. Here a blank metal door and the same calls, which nobody answers. Apparently, the living space has moved into the category of commercial.

    In his adopted family, uncle, the boy began to thaw and told me that he had to endure during the years of binge-drinking mother and her friends. "I didn't want to be at home, I tried as little as possible to be there, because I didn't want to see the face of my drunk mom, drunken faces of these men," says Nikita. So he became whole days to devote to study. Went to all the clubs and sections, wore rags, ate in the dining room for the homeless, but has done himself.

    "My husband went to the guardianship, they knew nothing about the situation that the minor child was kicked out. Eight months we can't take guardianship over him," — says Olga Andrianova, aunt Nikita.

    The fact that Nikita's mother while not deprived of parental rights. Today she for the first time in a long time, talked to the son on the phone. "I don't wanna be restricted in parental rights, I found a job and find an apartment," — she says. However, the question of the boy that she was going to buy an apartment if she has a debt in 120 thousand roubles, the woman says: "Think! Well, not buy, will take a while."

    Teenager for more than six months living hand to mouth and without a livelihood. According to the Ombudsman for children's rights Anna Kuznetsova, it's a clear miscalculation of the social services and guardianship bodies. "First, you need to assist all kinds of acceleration of guardianship of his uncle, who wants to be a guardian, and the boy wants to him, that is important, – stressed the representative of the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova. – And then — the registration of the housing. It is very important that he had a prospect of obtaining housing."

    June 14, the court must consider the issue of deprivation of parental rights of the mother Nikita. He is now the most busy issue, what to become — a lawyer or a historian.

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