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     Portugal is the most discussed foreign team for the 2018 world Cup to Classmates – study
    Добавлено: Суббота 09 Июнь 2018
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    Users of Odnoklassniki social network most actively discuss the Portuguese national team among the foreign teams of football world Cup. These are the findings of a study conducted by OK.

    Users of Odnoklassniki social network most actively discuss the Portuguese national team among the foreign teams of football world Cup. These are the findings of a study conducted by OK.

    Classmates using the tools of Brand Analytics analyzed the Russian-speaking messages of users in the public profiles and groups over the past month. All posts contain a mention of the world Cup 2018 in various spellings.

    During the analysis of the total body of posts about the championship was highlighted messages that contain a mention of the national team of Russia and other States-participants of the world Cup. Portugal was in first place for mention among the foreign teams, 17% of presentations were devoted to her. In second place for mention – Argentina (13%). It is noteworthy that the main topics of posts on the national teams of Portugal and Argentina were their star players – Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Third place was shared by teams from African countries from 12%. In fourth place – the national team of France (9%), the fifth national teams from Asia and North America (5%).

    11% of the total number of messages on the 2018 world Cup is dedicated to the Russian team. Users discuss, in particular, coach Stanislav Cherchesov. The leaders by the number of references among members of the national team Artem Dzyuba, Fedor Smolov and Aleksandr Golovin.

    The social network is also analyzed, which topics in the context of the world Cup is the biggest concern of residents of the regions participating in the championship. It turned out that users from Moscow are the most popular discussions of fans (11,2%) and possible political tension with Ukraine (11.4 percent). Petersburgers often discuss the symbolism of the world Cup (12.7 per cent) and fans (9.2 percent). The theme, the fans are also residents of Rostov (16,1%), Volgograd (15,3%), Samara (16,9%) and Nizhny Novgorod (12,5%) oblasts, and also Krasnodar territory (13.1 per cent) and the Republic of Tatarstan (15%). Residents of Sverdlovsk region are concerned about security during the world Cup, it is prevalent in 13% of posts. It is interesting that users from the Republic of Mordovia and in the Kaliningrad region the most discuss the problem with stray animals (destruction, construction of shelters, the placement of the mutts in the detention centres). This theme is present in almost 20% of posts of mordovan and 11% of inhabitants of the Kaliningrad region.

    Users OK are not willing to spend money on the world Cup

    The content of the posts, the social network conducted a survey among 2600 Russian-speaking users OK about the plans during the world Cup.

    Almost half (46%) of respondents plan to avoid any costs associated with the championship. The tickets for the matches are willing to spend 10% of respondents, which is almost two times less than the number of people wishing to buy Souvenirs of the world Cup (17%).

    61% of respondents plan to follow the matches of the Cup. Of them 16% are going to cheer for their favorite teams in the stadiums. In the top 3 of cities that users of the OK plan to visit during the world Cup, had (39%), Sochi (20%) and Rostov-on-don (19%).

    The majority of respondents (84%) of those who will follow the matches, noted that watch them they are in public places: cafes, bars, parks. Answering the question "who do you plan to watch matches?", 42% of users said they would watch with the family, more than a third of respondents (38%) alone.

    Three quarters of respondents (74%) say they will know the results of matches from television news, 19% are from search engines, 18% of news feeds of Classmates (users can select multiple options, so the sum of answers is more than 100%).

    OK the beginning of the application of the 2018 world Cup, which fans will be able to see the tournament through the eyes of bloggers, filming live broadcasts from the cities hosting the matches, as well as to know the results of the games and read the latest news.


    Odnoklassniki is one of the largest social networks in Russia and CIS countries. Every month, the social network is visited by 71 million people, who communicate with friends and share emotions with loved ones through various social network services: messaging, voice and video calls, postcards, and stickers. OK is also the technological content and service platform: in the social network, you can watch the broadcast of important events in 4K, listen to current music, to buy goods and services and to make money transfers to 18 countries.

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