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     Group B: will you give battle to the Spanish and Portuguese national teams of Morocco and Iran?
    on Monday 11 June 2018
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    Soon will start the main event this year – the world Cup. What to expect from the Portuguese and the Spaniards and what they are capable teams Morocco and Iran?

    Soon will start the main event this year – the world Cup. What to expect from the Portuguese and the Spaniards and what they are capable teams Morocco and Iran?

    Group B, which will play the neighbors as one of the favourites of the tournament, the Spanish and European Champions by the Portuguese. They will be national teams of Iran and Morocco: follow the Moroccans, they have a great team!

    After the failure at the world Cup 2014 and Euro 2016 national team of Spain prepares to return to the podium – well-equipped team easily passed the qualification for the world championship.

    The Spaniards did not bother the presence of the qualifying group of Italians, offenders at the European Championships. In the end, the Spanish team here in Russia, and the "Squadra Azzurra" for the first time in many years, misses world Cup.

    Head coach Julen lopetegui its job fine, although he has replaced on a post of the coach of a mastodon, as Vicente Del Bosque. Lopetegi past goalie, reliable reputation, but the superstar did not become.

    Tried his hand at Real Madrid and Barcelona goalkeeper has focused on more modest clubs, had a lot of matches in the championship of Spain, and after his career began working with the Spanish youth. Then there was a short period at Porto, and now He is the head coach of the Spanish national team. Under his leadership the Spaniards had played 19 matches and none of them was lost.

    Of course, part of He wonderful – it has almost no weaknesses, but Andres Iniesta is a very special person. The captain finishes performances for Barcelona and moved to Japan. 4-time Champions League winner, 2 times European champion and world champion, finally, one of the most respected players in the world.

    For sparkling Cristiano Ronaldo sometimes is hard to read rest of the Portuguese players, but it must be done: in the end, the final of the European championship they won, even without their injured captain.

    However, even after the title of Portugal national team is inevitably perceived as a team of one person. Cristiano Ronaldo continues to shatter records and win trophies.

    26 goals in the League, 15 in the Champions League, 15 in the qualifying tournament of the world Championship. The third consecutive title of Champions League winner. The superstar 33 years, but Cristiano is not losing momentum.

    Two years ago, Bernardo Silva was one of the young talents, and today he is the leader of the "Manchester city", the important details of the game mechanism Pepa Gvardioly. Silva is still the youngest of the Midfielders, whose head coach Fernando Santos has made the bid for the world Cup.

    And most experienced – a 32-year-old Manuel Fernandes, the leader of the "Locomotive", recently won gold of the championship of Russia. Midfield and attack are the strongest lines of the Portuguese, yet the defense is already old, and it continues to be supernaturaly Pepe and Bruno Alves.

    In the 80-ies and 90-ies of the Moroccans appeared in the world Championships, and appeared quite strong respected team. Then came the dark time: 20 years Morocco could not get to the world Cup.

    And then, finally, came the triumph. In the last match of the qualifying tournament of "the Atlas lions" defeated the strong team of the ivory coast with the score 2:0 and won the right to play at the world championship of 2018 in Russia.

    The most interesting figure in the current Moroccan team – the coach. Herve Renard has long been working with African teams and made them much success: Renard led to victory in Africa Cup of Nations the national team of Zambia in 2012, and then repeated the same success with the Ivorians. In between working with the national teams, Renard tried to try your hand at the championship of France, but failed every time, and again returned to Africa.

    Composed of Moroccans stands out, Medhi Benatia, currently playing at Juventus, and before that played for Roma and Bayern. He's the captain, he is a leader, he is the hope of the defense team.

    If you look closely at the composition of the Moroccans, it is possible to find names of people who are familiar to us in the Russian League.

    Da Costa in his time defended the colors of Lokomotiv – however briefly. For the "locomotive" played and Boussoufa, and before that took the field in the form of "Anji". In addition, fans "Anzhi" have to remember another midfielder Carcela-Gonzalez.

    Seven years ago in Iran decided to entrust the management of the national team, the Portuguese Carlos Caruso. One of the strongest Asian teams trying to solve the main problem: still get in the playoffs of the world Cup.

    Despite the failure in the past, the Brazilian world championship and conflicts with the Federation, Queiroz continues to remain on his post.

    Moreover, he already set two records: no one has ever ruled so long the Iranian national team, and never led Iran's national team for two world Championships in a row. However, the Portuguese is a very experienced specialist: he has long helped Ferguson in "Manchester United", and also coached real Madrid and the Portuguese national team.

    Of course, the Iranian team has no stars of the same magnitude that Cristiano Ronaldo, but their heroes are. Moreover, some of the Iranian leaders play in Russia. Sardar Azmoun is the most productive player in the current squad. However, for the goals Asana we have long been accustomed, even if he spent a season 2017-2018 less bright than the previous one, in "Rostov".

    Portugal and Spain will meet each other in the first round. In case of victory of the Spaniards, the Portuguese find themselves in a difficult situation – they need the 20th of June at the Luzhniki stadium to defeat the Moroccans, or in the fight for second place in the 1/8 finals of the favourite can be a African team. Recall that with one team from this group will meet the team of Russia – if, of course, she will overcome the group stage.

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