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     Crisis of humanity: Italy and Spain do not allow to stick to the ship with migrants
    on Tuesday 12 June 2018
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    The crisis of humanity in the Old world was given the name Aquarius. Commented European journalists the story of the rescue of the vessel with migrants, which is already the third day kicking Mediterranean government.

    The crisis of humanity in the Old world was given the name Aquarius. Commented European journalists the story of the rescue of the vessel with migrants, which is already the third day kicking Mediterranean government. Italy, Malta and France with the queue have closed their ports. By the time when the distress exceptionally, agreed to take Spain, the Aquarius was not able to reach its shores. Went to him the Italian ships, to be transported to Valencia a few hundred people threatened by hunger and thirst.

    At Aquarius over water, food and patience: only for the night on Board three men fighting over the blankets, according to coordinators. This has not happened: three days have passed since search and rescue operations and to upload saved nowhere.

    On 9 June, the ship of the humanitarian organization SOS Mediterráneo picked up off the coast of Libya 629 people, including 11 children, 7 of pregnant women. Ship out of habit headed for Italy, but she ordered the ports to close and sent the ship to Malta. Malta is also refused. Then suddenly the weather turned bad, and the route appeared Corsica. And finally, whether under pressure, whether because in Spain the new Prime Minister — and a scandal — for large headers to accept refugees agreed Valencia.

    "This decision was made personally by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. While other Ministers were idle, he,in conformity with international law opened the port for those who at sea was threatened," said Josep Borrell, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the EU and international cooperation of Spain.

    In the only accused Italy for these three days: in racism, cynicism, in violation of Maritime laws... But in this case, the law was never violated migrants at sea rescued: the debate is only about who to accept and to feed, clothe 2 years waiting for the residence permit.

    The new Minister of internal Affairs of Italy Matteo Salvini warned that the migrants are the first thing he will do in the Cabinet. Here is his Twitter: "Victory!" is it about the news about Spain. And this is the last message: "off the coast of Libya, another Dutch ship catches migrants. Italy no longer nods and listens! Finally, there is the one who said "no".

    "I as the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs and father feel a great satisfaction with how the issue with this vessel. This is the first important signal that Italy could not continue to bear this burden alone. On my initiative we declared readiness to accept women and children on the ship (and this is my answer to those who accuse me of racism, fascism and other things). Of course, our goal remains the salvation of people before they find themselves in the Mediterranean sea. The ship Aquarius has not responded to our offer to take the pregnant women and children, here's the disaster! But the problem is still solved thanks to the generosity of the Spanish government. It is quite clear that the European Union is to live maybe that's why, starting today, we expect that a new life will begin" — said Salvini.

    The situation in Italy is sickening: the sharpest comments came from France, from the President of Macron and his press attache. You can even understand why, because the French waters bordering the Italian, and if Italy will deploy dozens of humanitarian vehicles and the season is in full swing — everyone will get 20-30 thousand people.

    Protests are ongoing in Italy in port cities: Bari, Naples and Palermo. But disagree with the policies of the new Cabinet is much smaller than approving this policy. "Northern League" and "Five stars" in the amount typed on elections more than 50%.

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