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     Roskoshestvo called the best and worst beer
    on Wednesday 13 June 2018
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    Roskoshestvo presented the results of the study of beer quality ahead of the 2018 world Cup. Was tested 40 brands of light filtered beer. The rating of taste was headed by Amstel.

    On the eve of the world Cup, which starts June 14 Roskoshestvo checked 40 brands filtered lager beer.

    The study involved the most popular on the Russian market brands — Heineken, Stella Artois, Bud, Efes, Löwenbräu, "Ochakovo", "Klinskoe", "Lada" and others. The cost of production ranged from 67 to 260 rubles per liter.

    Among consumers there are rumors that cheap beer is a carbonated mixture of powder, alcohol, water, dyes and flavor enhancers, which is created per day. However, experts refute this opinion. According to the Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Helena Cartaway, during the study, there was not a single synthetic product. The manufacturer is too expensive and impractical to make beer from powders and extracts. But expensive raw materials – malt – can be diluted unmalted products.

    In the manufacture of beer must be at least 80% of malt (sprouted and ground grains of barley, wheat or rye), as unmalted raw materials (neproroschennye barley or other cereals) can be no more than 20%. Point out the violation of these proportions may the concentration of total nitrogen.

    In five cases out of 40 experts has identified a deviation for nitrogen. This suggests that the manufacturer wanted to save money and used bad raw materials. This beer, according to experts, should be called a beer drink. This phase of the study were not "Arsenal", "Okskiy", "Gorkovskoye", "Sverdlovsk" and "Samara".

    The top ten products with a lot of malt went "Hunting", "Ochakovo", "Siberian crown", Löwenbräu and Krušovice Imperial, "Zhiguli barnoe", "Khamovniki", Bud, Amstel, Carlsberg.

    The experts then tested the samples on foam stability. Standard foam while pouring should not be below 3 inches and hold for at least 3 minutes. As a result, three of the goods — "Siberian crown", "Samara" and "Arsenal" — was suspended by the Commission, as their foam has settled before. Remaining 37 samples were admitted to the next phase of the study and were evaluated for taste, color and aroma.

    First place experts gave the beer a Amstel (5,167 points). On the second place — "Halsen". Closes the three leaders of Bud. Next in descending order is located, Heineken, Stella Artois, "the Three bears", Krušovice Imperial (Czech production), Efes, Bavaria, Krušovice (Russian production), Faxe, Bavaria. However, the highest level of fee — 5.5 points — failed to get any of the submitted samples. The worst Roskoshestvo called "Zhiguli", "Gorkovskoye", "Okskiy", "Baltic" and "Sverdlovsk".

    The experts did not reveal the relationship between the amount of malt and flavored beer. So, the leader of the rating by the malt – beer "Hunting" – was only in 20th place. And the beer, "Siberian crown" (2-3 place in the malt) was removed from the tasting due to low foamy.

    Expert Roskoshestvo, nutritionist, doctor of medical Sciences mariyat Mukhin notes that quality and made all the rules of beer is good. It speeds up the metabolism, inhibits the growth and reproduction of many pathogenic bacteria, has a soothing and calming effect. The content of phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium and zinc beer does not differ from the orange juice. This beer has a lot of vitamins B1 and B2, so beneficial for hair. But the benefits of beer are only recorded when moderate consumption: not more than 300 grams at one time and the maximum of two to three times a week.

    However, the problem is that, being a diuretic drink, beer washes away from the body a huge amount of micronutrients. In addition, the hops in very low concentrations contains morphine, which produces a strong dependence with frequent use. And when making beer produces a small amount of substance identical to cadaveric poison. When it accumulates in brain cells and increased risk to dementia.

    Also beer contains fusel oils, aldehydes, esters and methanol more than in other alcoholic beverages. Because of their effects on the brain the legs become wobbly, and the mind confused. According to scientists, frequent consumption of beer increased anxiety, level of aggression, temper, laziness, lying, slowed thought processes.

    As for the "beer bellies," according to experts, fat people not because of the beer (because of calories even in dark beer less than skim milk or any soft drink) and snacks – crisps, nuts and savoury crackers. Besides carbon dioxide and the yeast expand the stomach, and the alcohol irritates the receptors of the digestive tract and blocks the centers of satiety, so after a beer so hungry.

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