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     Gravity will help echo find "tunnels" in space-time
    on Wednesday 13 June 2018
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    A new method of research, described by an international team of astronomers, will help determine, whether generated by a gravitational wave wormhole is a hypothetical "tunnels" connecting different regions of space-time. According to the authors, it can even deny the existence of black holes.

    Astrophysicists have developed a method that will help determine, whether generated by gravitational waves of a mysterious wormhole. According to the authors, it can even deny the existence of black holes. Details are reported in a scientific paper published in the journal Physical Review D by the group headed by Pablo Bueno (Bueno Pablo) from the Catholic University of Louvain.

    Recall that wormholes, or wormholes, is a hypothetical "moves" leading from one region of space-time to another. They can communicate even different universes within the multiverse. Modern theory admits the existence of such tunnels, but only in very exotic conditions. While scientists are not sure that this wormhole is really somewhere.

    Can astronomical observations to help solve this issue? Of course. However, the problem is that the entrance to the wormhole for external monitoring looks almost indistinguishable from a black hole. The difference is that the wormhole does not create the event horizon. Recall that the surface around a black hole that you cannot escape no particle of matter or electromagnetic radiation.

    How to check whether a space object the event horizon? "Science" ( spoke about a proposed method. It requires observation of the object in radio telescopes with exceptional, yet not achieved detail. The humanity is trying to make it or not yet but it will in the future.

    However, there is another way. Neck wormholes behave almost the same as black holes. In particular, when confronted, they generate gravitational waves. However, received signals should be subtle details that can differentiate between these two sources of burst. This should help existing detectors LIGO and VIRGO.

    "The final part of the gravitational signal detected by these two detectors, known as ringing, corresponds to the last stage of the collision of two black holes, and fully extinguished within a short period of time due to the presence of the event horizon, explains Bueno, whose words leads portal SINC. – However, if the horizon was not, these fluctuations have not disappeared completely, and after a while produced the echo, just as it happens to sound well".

    Bueno and his colleagues studied theoretically the "echoes" that needs to be generated by the rotating necks of wormholes.


    Recall that the detectors are six times detected sources of gravitational waves. While there is no "echo" was not found, but maybe only because he wasn't looking.

    The fact that gravitational waves are very weak signal. The engineers have gone to incredible lengths to make the detectors more sensitive. But still extract useful information from the ocean noise has a subtle mathematical methods. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to imagine the characteristics of the desired signal, so to say, discovered or not.

    "Time will tell, there are these echoes or not. If the result is positive, it would be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of physics," says Bueno.

    The researcher hoped not only to prove the existence of wormholes. It is configured even more radically. Bueno not much doubt the reality of black holes.

    The fact that these objects relate to specific theoretical problems. The behavior of matter falling into a black hole as we now imagine, contrary to the laws of quantum mechanics.

    Most of the researchers correctly point out that quantum mechanics in General is difficult to reconcile with the General theory of relativity (gr) describing black holes. To satisfactorily reconcile the two great theories, each of which are perfectly checked out of the applicability limits of the other, are still unknown. So to build on this shaky ground sweeping conclusions prematurely.

    However, some physicists are inclined on this basis to reject the idea of black holes. Yes, they say, we are seeing some superdense objects. But we have not proved that they have the event horizon, which must be "space predators". Therefore, they may be something else. For example, openings of wormholes.

    "Confirmation "echo" signals in the LIGO or VIRGO, it would be virtually irrefutable evidence that astrophysical black holes do not exist," says Bueno.

    However, the scientist specified that under astrophysical black holes he is referring to the corresponding objects of stellar mass. The existence of supermassive counterparts so you can not deny.

    Of course, researcher of a radical in their assessments. Perhaps much to the surprise of most experts, do you find that fixed the gravitational waves generated by the wormholes. However, this will not mean that the existence of black holes of stellar mass refuted, but only that it is not yet proven.

    The idea of the existence of black holes, most likely, no one will refuse, even if "echo" in the gravity signals to succeed. However, this will mean the reality of wormholes, which will be a stunning discovery in itself.

    Recall that "Conduct.Science" has already talked about using gravitational waves to study the innermost secrets of matter, space and time. For example, with their help, was able to study quark matter and possibly in the future, will open new dimensions.

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