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     Team Russia in penalty shoot-outs gave the team of Croatia
    on Saturday 07 July 2018
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    In Sochi Olympic stadium "fischt" ended in a quarterfinal match of the world Cup, in which team Russia played with the opponents from Croatia. A draw in normal time 1:1 led team in overtime. There was also a draw — 2:2. A penalty was won by the Croats.

    In Sochi Olympic stadium "fischt" ended in a quarterfinal match of the world Cup, in which team Russia played with the opponents from Croatia. A draw in normal time 1:1 led team in overtime. There was also a draw — 2:2. A penalty was won by the Croats.

    The rivals played the match in the following composition: Croatia – subašić, Vrsaljko (Corluka 97), Strinic (Pivaric 74), Lovren, Vida, Rakitic, Modric, Perisic (Brozović 64), Mandzukic, Kramaric (Kovacic 87), Rebić

    From the first minute, the Russian team did not sit in the defense and tried by the high pressure to cover Croats near his gate. In one scene, teammates great brought to the shock position of Denis Cheryshev, however, that at the last moment covered by a defender.

    A little later Artem Dzyuba gets his shot on target but the ball went for a corner. The Croats intensified closer to 6 minutes. Ante Rebić was beaten from close range but his header missed the target.

    Gradually, the team Zlatko Galica took the initiative and became increasingly close to the possessions of Igor Akinfeev. But the real threat is from time to time is not reached.

    At the 15th minute all the same Rebić earned a dangerous free kick. However, Ivan Rakitic struck considerably above gate. The Russians began to counterattack, hoping to catch the Croatians. But those carefully in defence.

    And yet in the 31st minute Cheryshev opened the scoring in this match with a long shot into the top corner. Subašić was powerless to help partners.

    But before the break the Croats managed to win. The Russian defenders miss in the penalty Andrey Kramaric on 39 minutes, who freely shot into focus Akinfeev.

    The beginning of the second half of the game remained with the Croats. Coach Stanislav Cherchesov paced the sidelines, trying to give his players a path for avoiding danger near our goal. The defense of Russians have not made serious mistakes, but the Croats poddavlivat.

    By the end of the game the game gradually leveled off, but not due to the activity of the Russians, but because a few guests thrown up. However, exactly on the 60th minute, the Croat Perisic was 100% goal-scoring situation, but goalkeeper Akinfeev helped the post and the ball bounced into the field.

    The coaching staff of the Croats immediately replaced perišić on Brozovich, and the Russians came on the pitch for CSKA Moscow, but instead of the headlights, as expected, and is the author of the first goal Cheryshev. Two strikers in our team at the tournament, it's been a while.

    The ending of the second half of the game left for Croatia, but before real threats to our goal is never reached. However, the Russians did not distinguish itself in the line of attack, despite the presence there and tired of the headlights, and a more recent Erokhina and Smolov. Instead of the headlights, by the way, in the 79th minute came Gazinskaya, but he's a special sharpness in the game has not introduced.

    Both teams played overtime in the 1/8 finals, and in the meeting they also had to play two extra mini-periods of 15 minutes.

    At the end of the second half, the injured goalkeeper Croats, though, which is a leg cramp a strong cramp. It seemed that the goalkeeper will need to be replaced, but he remained in the "frame" for an additional 30 minutes.

    Immediately during the overtime, it became clear that both teams looked quite tired. However, the Croats continued to hold the initiative, and our playing the second number, tried to counterattack.

    It seemed that all agreed "standard" performed by the Croatian national team when, after a corner protector of the Kind of left without cover in the penalty area of the Russians and the head sent a ball in gate of our team.

    However, we got down to business and substitute Dzagoev perfectly executed free kick, after which Fernandez scored the second goal against Subasic. With the score tied and the remaining 5-6 minutes were very tense but fruitless struggle.

    In the penalty shoot-out in the fore goalkeepers, though his shot that pulled his team to the quarterfinals in the previous meetings. This time victory went to the team of Croatia is 4:3.


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