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     Inflexible people: Iran has lived under sanctions
    on Sunday 08 July 2018
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    6 July, Vienna hosted a very important meeting of foreign Ministers of member countries of the nuclear deal with Iran. Russia was represented at the talks Sergei Lavrov.

    Author: Dmitry Kiselev

    6 July, Vienna hosted a very important meeting of foreign Ministers of member countries of the nuclear deal with Iran. Russia was represented at the talks Sergei Lavrov, came as the foreign Ministers of China Wang Yi, Germany — Meuse, France — Le Drian and Iran's Zarif. Britain was represented by the Minister for the Middle East and Africa Bert. From The European Union Federica Mogherini.

    The fate of the nuclear deal with Iran, embodied three years ago in a Joint comprehensive action plan (FDP), was under threat after the unilateral exit of the USA. Moreover, anyone who cooperates with Iran and conducts a business there, the Americans threatened sanctions. Many companies, including giants such as Peugeot, Renault, Total , Iran is already leaving, they decided that the American market is more important for them. However, the remaining "five" countries and Iran is still ready to oppose America its unity, but to preserve it all the more difficult.

    "We agreed, though it was difficult to do, given the not always overlapping interests of the European Troika, China, Russia and Iran itself that the mechanism of the Joint Commission at the level of experts will be in continuous mode to consider options that will allow, regardless of the U.S. decision to continue to adhere to all commitments in the framework of the FDP and to provide such methods of trade-economic relations with Iran, which will not depend on the whim of Washington," said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

    By and large, Iran has every reason to withdraw from the deal, especially if the Americans decided to restrict the sale of Iranian oil. As for the sanctions, Iran is no stranger to them. He lived with the sanctions already in the early 50's. And quite well. How?

    Author: Alexander Rogatkin

    Tehran is very different. For the dim from the bright sun with portraits of the Supreme ayatollahs and posters to the world Cup are reviewed, and modern road junctions and highways, leaving in deep tunnels, and luxurious hotels: with the marble, gold and Parthian statues. Brooding Shiite theologians, somehow making it to the conference on oil and gas, high-speed panoramic lifts lift over repetitive blocks of mass building.

    Iran almost 40 years under sanctions. Over the years there have learned to live with them, and around them. Attitude toward America the most reflect the huge posters, in style reminiscent of the cover of the Soviet magazine "Krokodil" during the cold war.

    In the shadow of the formidable agitation live amazing characters Alikhan Abdollahi. He is the janitor and sculptor by vocation. His Studio is in the attic. The artist complains that his work is necessary for nobody. "The whole world is politicized, not only Iran," he said.

    Visual propaganda is woven manually even in the famous Persian rugs: the American eagle has spread you out wings, skulls, and full of patience in human blood. This rug Arab-zadeh personally woven by order of the President hot. "The carpet this would give the UN, but they refused to accept it — was afraid to hurt America," — says the master.

    The Studio owner constantly complains about life. Sanctions do not apply to him directly, but because of the General economic situation was less buyers, and there are 30 weavers and 150 students. You have to sit down at the machine. "Unfortunately, the state no support. Very hard, but we endure," says the Arab-zadeh.

    The cacophony of sounds, the chirping of machines, embroidering mourning banners to the day of the Shiite martyrs, the smell mixed with the scent of Oriental spices, rows of Chinese goods, Isfahan pottery and shawls from Tabriz all the world's oldest known Tehran Bazaar. Here like to say that the Tehran market at the crossroads of Asia appeared 6 thousand years, and American economic sanctions, and before the discovery of America itself.

    If you want to know the latest news, go to a local Bazaar. In a closed from all over the world the country is the most free place. "The dollar rose, rent also. No buyers at all. Things are disgusting," — complained to the traders. Someone blames the government, and someone who sees conspiracy everywhere Americans.

    "America is to blame. They got into Iraq and destroyed it, went to Syria, now we want" — say the locals.

    Under a pyramidal vaults of the Iranian Majlis noisy. MPs is not worse than the traders at the market blamed the government, who will develop a plan for the development of the country in terms of new sanctions.

    In the Iranian Parliament, the debate continues about whether it is necessary to give America a harsh response and resume its nuclear projects? Or, conversely, not to hurry and not to withdraw from nuclear deal?

    "We don't need an atomic bomb, we have a weapon that is much more important than nuclear, is our faith. She helped us to survive the war against Iraq, when his whole world supported", — said Ramazan Ali Sobhanian, member of the Iranian Parliament, the head of the Iranian-Russian parliamentary friendship group of the Islamic consultative Assembly of Iran.

    Ballistic missiles on display in the complex of the Sacred defense, above the minarets of nearby mosques.

    "40 years ago, we were not able to do even the mortar, and now we have missiles with a range of 2 thousand kilometers. The leader of our country said, "If there is at least one punch, the answer will get ten," said the political scientist Hossein Kanani.

    The gilded minarets of the largest temple complex of Ayatollah Khomeini, it seems, are melted in the unbearable heat. On the street under forty, and inside in the saving coolness of the imams tell Pakistani students-Shiites about the man that changed the entire middle East.

    The founder of the world's first Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini is buried in the mausoleum in the silver grating under the dark green velvet. The tomb inside is also covered with bulletproof glass. Terrorists several times tried to break in here and blow this Iranian Shrine. Here does not stop the flow of pilgrims from throughout the Shiite world. Unseen power lifts the faithful, even from wheelchairs. Sleeping pilgrims here, on the soft Persian carpets.

    The Imam of a small mosque from Shiraz came to the capital to bow to the Ayatollah Khomeini, who taught Iran to fight the world's evil. "All the corruption that is in the world, all the destruction — all the United States. This is the main devil," he said.

    The anniversary of the victory of the revolution Hussein Ali Khan is likely to meet in the workplace — in political prison in Tehran. Now it is a Museum. Hussein works as a tour guide, and during the reign of Shah Pahlavi was a prisoner under the number 85240.

    In this prison active fighter for the victory of the values of Sharia met with many leaders of the Islamic revolution and even "shared a bunk" with the future President Rafsanjani.

    Torture the bloody regime of Shah Pahlavi colorfully reproduced in the Museum of the Islamic revolution. In total there were 90 ways of taming human flesh.

    Ahmad Sheikhs that has tried for himself: and the electric chair, and needles under fingernails. Almost 60 people have died under torture, but he survived. Freed Ahmad Sheikhs just before the victory of the revolution.

    The Director of the Museum of political prison Dawood Asadabadi Khomeini also spent about five years. Recalls that the hardest we had in a single hole. On the question whether there is now in Iran, political prisoners, answering with a smile.

    "These are probably no countries without political prisons. But under the Shah, it was much worse: people were disappeared, tortured, and brother wrote a denunciation of the brother," recalls David Asadabadi Khomeini.

    The whole of 1978 in Iran continued rallies and strikes, which were brutally dispersed by the Shah's guard. The country was paralyzed one massive strike. Pahlavi, fled with his family in the United States. And in early 1979 of a Parisian exile returns Ruchala Khomeini announces the building of an Islamic Republic.

    Prohibited and destroyed by alcohol. Introduced a Constitution based on Sharia law and created the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. Women who also took an active part in the uprising, and some were held together with men prison and torture, now it is forbidden to appear in public in a non-Muslim clothing.

    "There are no restrictions for women. If there were restrictions, I would not have been a Manager and supervisor. I now had to walk in a burqa and then you wouldn't be," says Sayada Fatima Moghimi, Director of the transport company.

    Moghimi Fatima — the owner of a large transport company where she drove a truck. Strongly defends the rights of Iranian women in a distinctive way and there is no question about the enslaved women of the East lead does not.

    "We are in a public place can walk with men. For example, in the cinema no one stops to go to women. Go families. But for a stadium where men Express their emotions and sometimes say bad words when there are women who may not be allowed," — said Fatima.

    Instead of heavy men's Shoe to check the tire pressure Sanat Azami uses a rubber hammer. Their foot the wheel of a big bus, it does not probe. For 5 years she drives buses for the route Tehran — Esfahan.

    "At first the passengers were afraid to ride with me. Some even handed over their tickets. And then everything got used and even began to respect," says Zeinat.

    In the streets of Tehran the movement is that men can not stand the nerves, — in traffic comes to a fight. From complex road traffic distracted by questions about female discrimination. "There is no discrimination, say locals. Football matches that were held in Moscow and Kazan, we in the stadium were shown on the screen. And our women could come there and see them."

    The championship and look in the Shisha. Not as active as in the beginning. The Iranian team fought well, but failed to qualify from the group. Some Iranian cheerleaders arrived in Russia and was watching matches in the stands in all its glory fan the envy of the rest of the house to the player.

    The confrontation between Iran and USA is in full swing. The ball in the penalty area of Tehran. The result of the fight in the political arena is as unpredictable as football. Only at stake now something more — peace in the middle East.

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