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     Astronomers have found the composition and climate of the acclaimed "a perfect world"
    on Wednesday 11 July 2018
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    The results give scientists more optimistic about its habitability.

    Scientists have discovered what is the famous planet of Ross 128 b and what is its surface temperature. The results give scientists more optimistic about its habitability. The achievement is described in a scientific paper published in Astrophysical Journal Letters.

    "Science" ( wrote about the reasons why this world has interested astronomers. A heavenly body like the Earth by weight. It revolves around a "quiet" stars, not prone to catastrophic outbreaks. To him just 11 light years, which is almost a record. Finally, experts suggested that the planet is in the habitable zone.

    However, scientists still lacked key data. Unknown was the chemical composition and the radius of the planet, has retained much uncertainty with the temperature of its surface.

    A new study has provided astronomers long-awaited information. Experts have studied the chemical composition of the parent star Ross 128. He has much to say about the planet, because the star and its satellites are formed from the same protoplanetary cloud.

    "Until recently it was difficult to obtain detailed chemical parameters of the star," admits the study's lead author Diogo Souto (Souto Diogo) from the National Observatory of Brazil.

    The fact that Ross 128, as approximately 70% of the other suns of our Galaxy belongs to the red dwarfs. It's small, cool and therefore faint stars. It is very difficult to collect from them sufficient light to obtain a qualitative range.

    The authors used data Kaunasskogo digital sky survey (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) received at the receiver APOGEE. The wavelength was 1.5 to 1.7 micrometers (near infrared range). Using especially for this purpose developed method, the researchers analyzed the spectrum of the star.

    "The ability of APOGEE to measure the near infrared "light", in which Ross 128 brightest (compared to its emission in other bands – approx. ed.) were key for this study, explains co-author Johanna Teske (Johanna Teske) from the research of Carnegie Institute in the United States. It allowed us to consider some fundamental questions about semiautonomy Ross 128 b".

    In particular, the researchers measured the contents in a star of eight chemical elements: carbon, oxygen, magnesium, aluminum, potassium, calcium, titanium and iron.

    Usually as a measure the content of elements heavier than helium, astronomers use the iron concentration. It turned out that on this key parameter dwarf Ross 128 is similar to the Sun. But the ratio of iron and magnesium suggests that the iron core of the planet even more than Earth.

    Knowing the mass and the approximate chemical composition Ross 128 b, the scientists determined its radius. Explain that it is impossible to measure directly, as this exoplanet crosses in its movement the line "star – watcher".

    It turned out that the radius of the planet exceeds the earth is not more than 1.7 times. This means that we face a rocky world, not mininatur.

    The composition and the radius of the Ross 128 b helped to determine the reflectivity and thus to estimate the temperature. Calculations confirmed that the climate of the distant world allows for the existence of life.

    "It's amazing what we can learn about another planet, seeing that the light from its parent star tells us about the chemistry of the system, summarizes Souto. Although Ross 128 b is Earth's twin and we still do not know much about his potential geological activity, we were able to reinforce the thesis that this [climate] reasonable a planet that could potentially have liquid water on its surface".

    We will remind that earlier "News.Science" wrote about other earth-like worlds in red dwarfs. In particular, we talked about the planet nearest to the Sun stars and the famous system of TRAPPIST-1.

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