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     Ten years of peace on 08/08/08 in Abkhazia and South Ossetia held a minute of silence, in Georgia - military exercises
    on Wednesday 08 August 2018
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    A minute of silence in Tskhinval and Sukhum. A memorial service in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and many Orthodox churches. Flowers have shot of buildings. In South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Russia recalled the events of ten years ago.

    A minute of silence in Tskhinval and Sukhum. A memorial service in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and many Orthodox churches. Flowers have shot of buildings. In South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Russia recalled the events of ten years ago. August 8, 2008, after a massive shelling of Georgian artillery began a fierce battle. Killed more than a thousand people, including civilians and Russian peacekeepers.

    Ten years have changed externally, Tskhinvali and South Ossetia. New bridges and roads, tunnels and mining galleries, rose modern neighborhoods, uninterrupted gas, water. For mountain areas it is a very serious factors. Everywhere clean and well maintained. At the international level, the Republic received the recognition of Russia, and several other countries. Of course, there are problems. But their solution is found. But most importantly, here no longer shoot people. Freedom and security was given a high price. And here remember it well.

    On the night of 8 August 2008, Georgia, in violation of their official pledges and agreements, attacked South Ossetia. Guns and rocket systems of volley fire beat on the sleeping Tskhinval. Avoiding the peacekeepers, Georgian troops entered Tskhinvali, began street fighting. Ossetian volunteers and Russian peacekeepers in the absolute minority defended, were shot, burned attacking their tanks.

    Tower of one of the Georgian tanks after hitting his shot flew a few meters and crashed into a house. It failed to pull out of the concrete. After the restoration of Tskhinvali, it has remained in the city centre as a reminder of those events.

    And next the headquarters of the Russian peacekeeping forces. Was in command of the peacekeepers, General Marat Kulakhmetov. Today he is a member of the Russian foreign Ministry and Ambassador to South Ossetia.

    "Despair was not. On the contrary, were calm and understanding that we are not abandoned, that Russia knows, sees and will come to the rescue, — stressed the Russian Ambassador in South Ossetia, Marat Kulakhmetov. – So this happened."

    Georgian tanks, infantry, commandos first attacked an "upper town" of the Russian peacekeepers. The fighting here went on for almost two days. Sixteen hundred civilians in South Ossetia were killed in the assault of the Georgian army.

    Near the Central cemetery of Tskhinvali a lot of graves August 2008, and here are buried the defenders of the Republic, and the elderly, and women and children.

    8 August to the aid of peacekeepers under attack to civilians was already the first two battalions of the 58th Russian army. There was the first battle.

    Here was a wounded General Khrulev, commander of 58th army. He personally participated in combat with the gun in his hand.

    "The hardest thing is to decide on those or other operations, knowing that not all will return from the battle," explains the commander of the 58th combined arms army in 2008 Anatoly Khrulev.

    Now this place is a monument to major, a Russian officer.

    "He put me a saved life, and he died. Exactly on this place," says journalist Alexander Sladkov.

    "First shock, then a misunderstanding, I am very long in that condition was. Still don't believe it," said the widow of the Hero of Russia Denis Vetchinova Catherine.

    In those days, tragic events took place in the neighboring Republic of Abkhazia. Georgia sent its forces, violating all their pledges in the upper part of the Kodori gorge, putting the situation to the brink of war.

    The crew managed to drive a hundred miles on difficult mountain roads, and along with former Deputy defense Minister of Abkhazia Harry Kupalba to get to one of the former Georgian mountain bases in the upper part of the Kodori gorge.

    - How many Georgian bases in the upper part of the Kodori gorge?

    In total, about ten different places — meets Harry Kupalba.

    These days in Abkhazia and in South Ossetia held a commemorative ceremony. Were their traditions. In Tskhinval on the steps of the destroyed Parliament lit candles.

    This is the ladder on which he gave a concert with the Mariinsky theatre orchestra under Valery Gergiev. Now here are the performers of the Alexandrov ensemble.

    In the Georgian village Ergneti in the front yard of the restored house of Vines, Chlachidze is shot in an old "Volga". In August 2008, the witness of the Soviet era, someone fired a machine gun, as if trying to finish off the surviving fragment of a once great country.

    "My children were sitting that night in the basement, sat the other night too — says a resident of the village of Ergneti, Liana Chelidze. — Said Mike, don't start! Don't start a war because you will lose. It was not necessary to go to war. Because it was already in the beginning of losing the war. He just got involved in this adventure".

    In the basement where she was hiding with her children, Liana decided to open a Museum. Collected fragments of shells, charred toys, pictures of destroyed homes and killed neighbors. To be fair, I called the Tskhinvali — was asked to send out materials and eyewitness accounts.

    "There is Georgia and Ossetia — is still. Blood is blood. And there is no alternative to dialogue. They sent me photos. Of course, it is also very heavy pictures I posted on these plywood because it needs to see the whole world. War should not be repeated", — says Liana.

    Tearing the economy war of 2008, ditching people, the President of Georgia managed to leave behind a defensive line. Line Saakashvili — sounds like the Mannerheim line. Around Tbilisi heights placed concrete bunkers. Bunker gunner and a concrete bunker behind on the hill can call in tanks to control the road to Tskhinvali.

    Bunkers with armed guards as its terrible now spoil the delightful mountain scenery of the Jvari monastery at the confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari, which still sang Lermontov's poem "Mtsyri".

    "I'm not afraid to say that I think the main culprit in this war Saakashvili. Because of these statements made me almost lynched and declared the chief traitor of Georgia. But I believe that we must speak the truth, if we want to establish relations with Abkhazia and Ossetia, and Russia. We must speak the truth," — says the acting President of Georgia in 2003-2004 and in 2007-2008, Nino Burjanadze.

    The anniversary of the war Georgia said the joint exercises with NATO. The Russian press to remove them banned.

    NATO troops located at the military base in Vaziani, which, in August 2008, Russian aviation bombed, forcing the Georgian army to the world. Tactical exercises are held at the local landfill. From Europe and the United States has delivered 450 units of armored vehicles and trucks.

    - Where the exercises take place?

    - There on the ground, ' replies the driver of the army truck.

    Is there equipment costs?

    - A lot of very.

    "Worthy partner" — so-called teachings. Ukraine also sent its commandos.

    A state with unresolved territorial issue can not be a member of NATO, but for Georgia promised to come up with a simplified procedure.

    "You stand on the ground of the country that will peacefully restore our territorial integrity," promises the President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili.

    While in Tbilisi to the main memorial at cemetery in Mukhatgverdi, the burial place of the Georgian military, the President solemnly laying wreaths.

    Reservist Shota Parulava says that when the war started, never had a doubt and went to the recruiting office. His parents fled with him in 1992 from Sukhumi, leaving the house and cottage.

    "I wanted to fight," — says Georgian army reservist Shota Parulava.

    But the front of his squad never made it. Russia began its military operation to enforce peace. The planes struck in the area of the base Vaziani, where 6 thousand reservists.

    - This flyer specifically did not throw a bomb to where the reservists were, he recalls.


    - Sorry, I guess.

    But scared of the young guys much. All that was left of Parulava to the memory of the war, this soldier's medallion with his blood type. Retreating, his force reservists got rid of the weapons, and uniforms.

    - I was 24 years old, and there were the guys for 18 years, he says.

    - All gone?

    - Well, of course. Not all, but fled.

    If the breakaway Republic will not return to Georgia by peaceful means, and the Motherland would call him into battle, he again, without hesitation, go to war.

    "Of course, I have to go, and for what should I live? I'm Georgian born!" – recognized Georgian reservist.

    From the Georgian villages of Ergneti visible new roof restored five-story building of Tskhinvali. To them no more than a kilometer. To full reconciliation with South Ossetia and Abkhazia, it seems, an eternity. But for the past 10 years here at least no one is shooting.

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