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     Hit him in the face, broke the phone: PAOK fans attacked the Russian journalists
    on Thursday 09 August 2018
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    The Russian foreign Ministry has begun investigation into allegations of attack on Russian journalists in Thessaloniki during the football match PAOK — "Spartak". Version of the Greek club, the incident before the starting whistle was triggered by the obscene gesture of one of the representatives of the media to the fans of the local team.

    The Russian foreign Ministry has begun investigation into allegations of attack on Russian journalists in Thessaloniki during the football match PAOK — "Spartak". Version of the Greek club, the incident before the starting whistle was triggered by the obscene gesture of one of the representatives of the media to the fans of the local team.

    The story of crazy fans of PAOK — old. 6 years ago even UEFA disqualified the club for the unrest in the match against rapid, and this February, the coach of Olympiacos got a roll of paper in the face: the game was canceled.

    "Spartak" lost Greek PAOK — 2:3 — in the first match of third qualifying round of the Champions League for the first time since 2008 started the Eurocup season with a defeat. Then the club on the same stage was destroyed Kiev "Dynamo" with the score 1:4.

    Spartak quickly took the lead: goals scored by ivelin Popov (7 min) and Quincy Promes (17 min). However, PAOK conceding two goals, not only equalized but also scored the third — winning — goal. The Greek team regrouped, changed tactics, and Muscovites, these changes did not react in time.

    One of the key episodes of the match was a penalty, not implemented Promes with the account 2:3. The Dutchman from the podium shone laser pointers in the face that could interfere with the forward when striking from the 11-meter mark.

    "It was difficult to concentrate in front from the penalty spot. Saw a lot of green laser in front of the eyes. I took responsibility, I missed. It's time for another lesson," said the midfielder "Spartacus" Quincy promes.

    The match against "Spartak" was for local fans, principled character, because fans of Greek team traditionally have friendly relations with the Serbian Partizan and CSKA Moscow's principal rivals Spartak. Prior to the meeting, the Moscow club has urged its fans to refrain from travelling to Thessaloniki, given the fact that rival fans can be hostile.

    During the day, in social networks, fans have a record of them in Greece, provoked, and attacked by local fans with the intention to take away the club's paraphernalia. During the match, Spartak fans present in the stands, the withdrawal from the sectors of security, to avoid unexpected cases.

    Another significant moment was the attitude of the Greek fans to Russian journalists. Before the game some local fans attacked the media, began a small skirmish, which quickly separated the stewards. During the meeting, the security personnel did not allow journalists to enjoy touchdown passes, turning with a request to be quieter. After the match, the Russians evacuated from the stadium and taken to a specially ordered taxi to the airport, where "Spartak" has put them on their Charter flight to Moscow.

    "Before the stadium of the Greek fans attacked Russian journalists, beat them in the face, kicked and, in fact, barely we were able to escort the police go to the press box," he shared what he saw sports journalist Maxim Allanazarov.

    "At some point, they jumped, I flew in the face from my operator tore the backpack, began to look for some red and white rags," — said another journalist Andrey Lipovetsky.

    Once again, fans of PAOK at the entrance to the press box of the stadium "Tumba" attacked Russian journalists, among whom was the correspondent of "Sport-Express" Dmitry Zelenov. Hooligans smashed his phone, while the police remained inactive. The newspaper is preparing a formal paper that will be sent to UEFA.

    "We were colleagues at the entrance to the press box, we had about seven people, it was in a protected area where access is only by accreditations, and there came a few people — about ten — in black t-shirts, active fans of PAOK, they asked us in Greek, pointed to the tattoo of one of my colleagues on my leg, thought it was the fan of "Spartak". We said no, we're not fans, and journalists, and then without a word the Greeks attacked us, one guy was hit in the face, I broke the phone. The police and stewards, who immediately jumped, they did not detain the attackers, they arrested us. Rudely dragged into podtribunnogo room, the data recorded accreditations, passports," account of the events of the journalist of the edition "Sport Express" Dmitry Zelenov.

    Fans of "Spartacus" has sternly hinted to the Greeks: "Welcome to Moscow!" I hope to continue this story and not be to serious incidents will not come.

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