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     Lyudmila Geranina charity game that I like to play
    on Thursday 09 August 2018
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    Judging because so far against fraud was not initiated any proceedings, and we are unable to get to such organizations as "Strong children", "Aura", "Time", they are clearly the roof. How much did it come videos, stories and publications about the Foundation of "Time", and he lives happily ever after.

    On the eve on the website of the charitable Assembly "All together" there is information that the Network-hosted form of the online application form by filling which you can tell about conducting fraudulent charges under the guise of charity. Also a complaint to revoluntion can apply on the website of the project "together against cheaters" and even attach photos. All concerned people of the project staff asked to tell about a new opportunity to your friends and family and spread information in social networks. We talked with one of the staff, particularly the project Manager Lyudmyla Geraniol.

    For my taste, Lyudmila Geranina — the little impostor. Jumped like a rabbit from a hat, and once to the kings. Or rather, jumped, jumped into the position of head of the charity Fund. Worked a couple of years, gone in another Fund. Then moved to the Assembly "All together". And then, suddenly — coordinator of the project "together against cheaters". But why suddenly? Watching Cute and what she is doing, more and more convinced: the man found his place. Will change and save the world. At least to save from fraud.

    - Recently I was traveling in the train. Not often, but that happens to me. And for the same train was a beautiful young "volunteers" dressed in aprons, with signs on the neck, the meaning of which was clear to every passenger: "free for Christ's sake, collected by Vasya Pupkin from the Fund "Hopeless hope." I started the conversation, they refused to answer in the normal way: our Foundation is "beyond the Arctic circle, 500 kilometers of taiga. There is no one to ask, then give more. Have the right to assemble wherever I want". Opening the Internet to check, I found the Foundation...

    - Who do have a website...

    - And the site does have numbers, reports, and even included some children. And volunteers continue politely: "Here is the phone of our Director".

    And he will answer you.

    - Of course. Once I was in the same situation near "Novokuznetskaya" called the Director. Came just two, and then I got scared.

    - It became clear that the Director is wonderful and run perfectly?

    And they are very polite. Me no scaring. In addition to their appearance, to me there was no danger. All this, in fact, a long introduction to the question, how to act the concerned citizen, when he understands that they are scammers collecting money in his pocket, not the charity?

    First, do not give money himself, and second for opportunities to tell others that the honest non-profit organizations do not collect cash on the streets, in vehicles, at intersections.

    - We have such a law or will it be an allegation?

    - So far unfounded. In February 2017 appeared the Declaration of integrity, which released a charity collection "All together". At the moment it was signed by 285 of nonprofit organizations of Russia. This is the basic working of NGOs. Then one could argue that this is not enough, because in Russia 6 thousand NGOs. Indeed, nonprofit organizations are many, but not all of them are engaged in charitable activities, not all are engaged in fundraising, fundraising. Honest, real working NGOs, God forbid, a thousand. And I think that's an inflated figure. So I very much hope that we will have no more than 500 signatories.

    Now in the Duma in the second consideration are amendments to the bill on NGOs, according to which asking for money on the streets will be banned officially. While it is not accepted, they are in their right. Here it is necessary to clarify: to raise funds not prohibited, but honest NGOs do not, however, they may feel not infringed. Let me explain why. Scammers appeal to the law under which nonprofit organizations can keep administrative costs to 20%. They argue that all funds do so. Nonsense! If you check the reports of large funds, it is possible to notice kopiranje reverse the trend. They are asking, "what's the administrative percentage for the year? 7 percent? And I – 5". We are committed to optimize its costs to every attracted a hundred rubles to spend less than a ruble. Because the more we attract means the less we spend the money for it, the better.

    Begin to believe. These comrades call themselves volunteers. But who will trust a stranger a box of money? Or close relative, or a volunteer that contains someone pays him a salary. Because the person working on you all day, you need something to live. But if he gets paid, so it is not a volunteer. Such "volunteers" about 10 (by implementations in these groups we have established the approximate number). On the morning of 10 "volunteers" get their boxes and go into the woods. For these 10 need someone to watch, and it is also necessary to pay salaries. For example, it is an honest organization. She paid the salary of one, paid another, and then the day she withdraws money from a drawer by the act and puts it to the account. But before they put in the cash register, and prepares all accounting. He, too, is paid salary. And honest non-profit organization pays the salary of white, and then she gets about 40 percent of taxes. All of these overheads is lost at least 50% of the funds. And then we remember that, according to the law, administrative consumption to 20%, and here is half of the amount collected is lost. This is inefficient. This means that the Fund puts a lot of effort but gets little money. Easier to hold a big event and raise funds. Find a journalist to ask to write a fundraising text. Even if he has to pay the fee, the funds will be attracted with the help of this text, it will pay back with interest.

    When the project "together against cheaters" was just beginning, we thought — 're gonna cheat. Place them 2,5 thousand rubles, tape, then it will come to the Prosecutor and say: see and prosecute. But we consulted with the prosecutors, and they said it was a provocation. The guys responsible for these charges, very cunning, therefore, will suffer in this case you. And it became clear that a positive result we reach. To really change the rules and say you can't do that, we definitely need legislative assistance.

    - It sounds beautiful. But while the fraudsters to collect money.

    - They still collect money. The law is now on second reading, we very much hope that in September it still will be.

    But you know as well as I that scammers different spill, and not necessarily in the charity, not stupid.

    - They're smart.

    - Smart and has long been tracking the situation, so we do America will not open.

    - Oh, they know everything. Fraudsters is great because watching the trends. One time we were told that the cheater from an honest Foundation can be distinguished by the report on the website. But now you come to half of his colleagues and crying, and I want to say: please have a look at the website of the Foundation "Strong children", see how reports are written. Against the background of the scammers sometimes look better.

    - I understand that they're watching everything. So I realize that in that happy moment, when we are celebrating the adoption of the law, they will find the following form for obegorivaniya.

    And we will fight with the following form.

    - It turns out that the law is taken in vain?

    - No. We at least this way we kill. As well as all activities of the project, it is difficult, but things are moving forward. Through our project we try to convey to people that need help using honest, proven organizations that, in fact, not so difficult to calculate. The basic principle of the normal operating organizations – not flipping their reports, not to climb on the Ministry of justice website, and googling it, what about this organization, write and speak. You go to the Fund "Faith" and see: Yulia Matveeva Director. Find Director of the Foundation "Faith" in Facebook is not difficult. It remains to see what it is about his work writing.

    On the other hand, scammers use the exhaust principle. For example, on TV a girl or a boy, tearfully telling their story with the prospect of recovery, but only if the donations. And then thrown the dice where you can throw money. Man is so constituted that the will not come back to check. I'm not saying — do not trust information on TV, I just about what this means for the same emotions. People saw wanted to help — help. People going by car, and saw at the crossroads of a decent girl with a placard on it a photo of a sick child. He pitied child, he gave money. Correct calculation — very few people will think, open Internet, check.

    - I don't believe you can give money not at the moment. This is normal, right. But if we will be able to any quantity of people gradually to explain that the charity should become a way of life that you can choose a charity that they are close, spending hours of time, that's good. Someone helps cerebral palsy, someone gives money to cancer. Usually, a person has preferences. Select your preferences, and you will know that your money will really work. I really like the comparison of charity organizations with banks. We choose the Bank, which put the money at interest. And the choice of charity I want my money worked.

    - So they were not lost.

    - Yes, so they were not lost. And payroll card I'm not going to open anyhow which Bank, even if I will be there to promise a large percentage of the remaining amount, because if I get a salary, and the Bank will not, I will not pay. It may not be as big, but I live off it, and I would like to my salary guaranteed dawned on me. Here, too, I would very much like to see the donation reaches the recipient. I have very different tastes and preferences, I am now subscribed to the Service, BASS on "our Children", "give life", "Children's village SOS", "Mercy". Deducted a small amount, literally a hundred rubles, but I understand that a hundred rubles of my regular support to these organizations will give them a safety cushion. I believe that "Charity" my hundred rubles will really spend for help, and I really want to explain to people that, in fact, cheaters will always lose the normal funds.

    - You've been working for how long?

    For the fourth year. On the "Scam" is the second.

    - What have you done? Can boast, except the law, which has not yet been adopted?

    - It will be adopted. I'm really proud of the fact that the law will be adopted, even in the long term, because to reach the state very difficult. After the conference, Medvedev was the decision of the government, and, in the end, we drew the attention of the higher ranks of law enforcement agencies and has established a working group, because the crooks are entrenched not only in the streets but also online. In addition, since we received last year, the presidential grant, I have to report how many people saw our content.

    - Is there a return line? At least one person wrote: I read you about the scams and then decided to help only funds?

    - There are many. Moreover, because the Federal campaign thanks to our information materials and recommendations regions also struggle with the scammers. Last year in Vologda kicked all scams. In Arkhangelsk this summer the scammers suddenly appeared at the event, but the organizers of this event immediately called the police, and they removed the fraud. And if we are preparatory work is not carried out, no one would know what to do.

    And before the police can bring, when deployed is not a good story. First, they were deeply spit on charity. What I myself did not hear: Yes, you territory divide the loot between themselves saw. And, sometimes, I sit in his office for a talk: "Man, look, here is parsley," and he will listen to him, actually, too, to help from my own impulse would like. It is clear that the conversation alone was not an effective method, but word of mouth is the best working. You tell him the situation laid out, and he's surprised looks, "Hey, you really help? And all charities do that?" And then you start to talk about their experiences, about the experiences of colleagues from charities, and he begins to penetrate. In the end, he saw on the street lipoproteic, he kicked. I understand that the situation will not change immediately. Not in a year not five. Maybe it will take decades, but it must be done.

    And I am proud of the educational effect. In fact, many commercials came out, how many interviews on TV, in the Newspapers — we have total coverage of the population is 40 million. I think it's cool. And these figures are underestimated: making the report to the Fund for presidential grants, I deliberately understate the ratings. And 40 million once heard, the second time to hear the third. And gradually they have in mind information is deposited.

    - There is hope, at least.

    - Already postponed. Judging by Moscow, the Scam has become less. I was much less comes a message with their pictures. And come with a different message. Now I often write: "And I know you can't do that. I stood up and the whole car is said. People looked at me and said to them, go away." While word of mouth works. When enacted the bill will be much easier.

    - Because several times you said the word "police", I want to ask a very different point of view. If you have suggestions...

    - What Scam someone protects?

    - Of course.

    - Is. I can't name anyone specifically, because I have, unfortunately, no specific names, so I rely on the decision Medvedev, that we have to pay attention. But this is clearly kryshuemoy history, and the money they revolve global. In Tver, and the cities of her plan to collect on the day at least 1000. Then it is easy to calculate: one volunteer brings 1000. The group consists of 10 people. 20 % gets volunteer...

    - Quite a few!

    - It is normal for the student of Tver. Will bring more, and a prize is awarded. A further 20 percent from each volunteer (2 thousand rubles per day) get the organizers of the office of "Fund" (usually two of them). Part of the money they hold back part of the spend on advertising to recruit new "volunteers". And 6 thousand rubles per day spent on personal card of the organizers of the gathering. Six thousand multiplied by 30 days, it turns 180 thousand at one point, and they work in three or four regions. And if you look their statements, not having those numbers, the account is logged about 100 thousand rubles, although they collect a month at least, million. Of these 100 thousand 10-20 thousand is really going to help ward. We have found these players and asked them: "do you fond this helpful? – Yes, it helps! – How many of you gave money? – 10 thousand. Where are the other 990?!"

    - In my experience it is impossible to beg with impunity. On the stretch between "Kolomna" and "Avtozavodskaya" long years of begging. And I noticed that they give money to a man in a black jacket, then saw him at the metro station in the form. Apparently, organized a business.

    I love to talk to people privately. I am super grateful that they show a different view of the world, that I, with my pink pony imagine. And one of their former police officers told me: "Look. At the station grandmother sell. One a bow, the second the tights, the third raspberry. Comes the new COP says, "Now I'm here to fight with everyone!" And passes all the trade and the one who protected her, boss. The chief looks at it and says, "Okay, now I'll be fronting without intermediaries." This is the simple example at the lowest level. But, judging because it is still against fraud was not initiated any proceedings, and we are unable to get to such organizations as "Strong children", "Aura", "Time" (they wander from region to region), they are clearly the roof. How much did it come videos, stories and publications about the Foundation of "Time", and he lives happily ever after. Worse, of course, but lives. So, someone upstairs gives them a chance to live. I hope my arrogance and perseverance enough to find a caring, General (I think, all last summer I spent in "Facebook" under the slogan "Give me General"). I'm ready to come to him with flowers, he only let me listen. I really want to believe that someday, at the top there are the interested party that will take this mess under the patronage. Because it is necessary to cover this shop!

    - Are not you afraid?

    For those who use in the genus what is written. Sometimes bricks fly, the machines are confusing. What to do then.

    - How many people work with you?

    I'm a project coordinator, I have an assistant. And me got a tip, now I'll take it to avoid confusion. Tatiana Tulchinskaya, Director of the Foundation "Here and now", the Chairman of the Board "All together," Kate Berman – Director of Fund "Children's hearts", Board member "together," Volodya he has been President of the "Legends", Board member "together," Anna Vinogradova, member of the Board "All together", Executive Director of the Fund "Volunteers in aid to children-orphans", Tanya Konstantinova – member of the Board "All together," Executive Director of the Foundation "EDINENIE", Executive Director of "together" Kira Smirnova... it Turns out I have a lot of chiefs.

    - Almost everyone you listed I know personally. And I know that they are also engaged in other businesses, each with their Fund.

    - They coordinate with my actions, it's a working group that we are discussing the plan of attack in a particular direction.

    - Works together with you as a person?

    It isn't right to ask. For example, Katya, Vladimir and Tanya – they always talk about what to do next. As for stories with lawmakers, the Duma, there knows about Tatyana Tulchinskaya. Everyone has a role to play. I am the center of creative information and battel language. My assistant more on the technical side.

    Fund "ORBI" at one time produced an infographic.

    - This is probably my biggest pain: we are trying to make a year and does not work.


    - And here we return to the beginning of the conversation: scammers well moderniziriruyutsya. Of course, we work, artists paint...

    - Can you remain silent about your plans? How do they know? You have informers?

    - It is possible. We are asked how to distinguish honest from dishonest benefactor, at first, we gave people instructions that I wrote: call 112, write on the website of the Ministry of interior. But after one of the girls at ENEA tried to take away the phone and threatened to give head, I realized that perhaps no one else will be campaigning to call the police. While the infographic was being prepared, we said, go to their website, view reports. We only the first text is thrown. Bang! After a week they have reports. We thought, well, let's say — show us the Bank statement. Yikes — they have Bank statements. Please, show us photos of real children on your site, they show. They work faster than our colleagues.

    - May not have to do anything?

    - In Moscow it is impossible quickly. Belgorod hosted an excellent discussion of fraud. There was hung a poster with a doll-puppet, and terrible labels that people began to discuss, and I am very happy. Because the story may be terrible, but it remember. Write about it on the Internet, so we have achieved even greater success. And the Agency that we developed this poster for free — a huge well done.

    Frankly, we ourselves want to work faster, but unfortunately, the subject of the border. Step left – step right, and we kill the charitable sector. Any word that we say is wrong, can be used against the whole sector. And our task is to convey information so that people understand: charities actually do very much, they need help, but bad people to sacrifice is not necessary.

    - Come on friend. We're aware that in Russia is still quite will to sacrifice cash. Psychologically much easier to give the employee the envelope with the money than to do the translation is not clear where. The money is not easy to consider.

    - I think the situation with those who like it, who spends like, always was, is and will be. And I don't think only in Russia. It is the human factor, it can not be insured. And then the question: what do people with these cash money, which he gave up, going to do? When I worked in Fund, they called me the man with the words: "I Want your Foundation to donate 50 thousand rubles! But to donate cash." "Come into the office." He comes into the office, and we begin to draw up a contract of donation. I told him:"Look, maybe you have money on the card?". He was surprised: "why?" "You know, I'm on the money that you gave me, I fill a bunch of paperwork put to the cashier, and the cashier then escape to put to the account. Because this is my principled position that all funds must be on Bank account. Because when I buy medicines in the pharmacy, I have arrangements with the pharmacy that I'll send the payment, and they gave me this medicine to ship". I continue to say: "If you want, I can take your card, ask all my friends to call me her money threw 50 thousand rubles, and then they your cash to distribute. But I'll make a donation when you and on your behalf, so you don't have any issues." He said: "Everything! Do not worry! Let the terminal!". I give him a terminal, and it translates 100 thousand.

    And yet, if a person donates through the payment system, I determined the e-mail address. And I automatically to this address can padding to make: "Mary, a huge thank you for donating to my Fund." You pleased? You have received confirmation of their money. And then, with your address, I can give you more to tell about the activities of my organization. You want you read, do not want, will not. But statistics show that people want to know about the people, about the programs for which they have sacrificed. Thus, they become regular supporters of the organization. So even from the point of view of fundraising to collect on personal cards is inefficient. I'm not even talking about ethics, but about commonplace benefit.

    We're moving from the present to the past. First job — the head of the well-known charitable Foundation. Different than something working on a charitable Foundation from what you do now? And why, having worked in such a status post, you did not look for in another Fund?

    - I wanted to do something more global. What I do in the framework of the Assembly "All together", is a complex problem I want to solve it. About diversified targeted assistance Fund, especially one which has a so-called traffic, which collect donations, I am, in principle, everything is clear. I understand how donations to increase and what will happen, and you want something global. To change the situation here – the problem long term, I it to the end even do not understand because there is constant upgrading. When a year and a half ago, this project has just appeared, and the question about changes in the legislation, about the lobbying of our interests.

    - By the way, what did you set goals?

    - Tell everybody about the Declaration, to collect as many signatories and to conclude agreements with Russian Railways and transport Ministry to these people to drive. But in the course of their implementation it became clear that just to come and say: "This is a Scam" – not! Neither the word Sweet Geraniol or on the basis of requests charitable Assembly "All together". Only on the basis of the bill. I had nowhere to go, had to go to talk with the government. To talk hard, it's scary.

    - What does "with power"? What level of government do you agree?

    Now, thanks to the forum of donors (and they regularly communicate on all changes in legislation on the subject of non-profit organizations), we work with the Deputy of the State Duma Natalia Kostenko. When we came to the first debate (the bill itself was not there, and it was wonky enough) was that they studied our website, reviewed our interview and on this basis spoke with us. But their proposals were, as theory without practice. The rules and the changes we proposed to make, was that it became clear: take and hit not only the scammers, all will suffer. And MPs listen to us! They can make changes based on our experience. And this is a normal, constructive conversation. I used to think the Duma is a clone. Gathered that something was pondamali and dispersed. I was always afraid that the lawmakers as "datacontact", and we will clean up all of this! In our case (and I hope that a sober assessment of the situation) it is not. For example, at the last meeting they discussed the item, which in our opinion, in the opinion of the charitable sector, is the norm for the norm, and the introduction of changes in legislation only newsworthy, we explained that and they agreed. They said, "Yes, you are right! It is not necessary to change it". We are going to meet. Moreover, we do not own legal terminology, as it turns out, each word has several nuances. And the deputies help to make the text so that a single conceptual system, according to which the law can be interpreted only one way.

    Moreover, when Blogosfere took place the second conference "All together" against fraud" Natalia Kostenko came to us, talked with everyone, gave his email address to all interested gathered from all the feedback, and then in a narrower range discussed the situation. She's actually coming to this with interest, that was a revelation! I always had the worst opinion of the lawmakers.

    The Fund differs from meeting? I think if it were not for the Fund, there would be no "All together". "All together" for me is the second level of evolution. Thanks to the Foundation, due to the fact that I wrote reports, I know how the money goes. I know that I, as the Fund came to the pharmacy asking yourself a discount. And answers the volunteer organizations I was not baffled, I know where they lie, and where their words are similar to the truth. Due to the fact that I own hands at the time was building a system and looking at all the processes and terms papers, and from the point of view of the mechanism of fundraising, I have done work in the project. Wood would be mangled much more, but I might have actually failed. That experience gives me the opportunity to talk with my colleagues in the sector in one language, and to explain: "Guys, on maps play inefficiently! We have to work through the payment system. I know this because I do this on my own experience". Remember calling me a colleague: "Look, here on the Arbat are with the boxes, and they all donate. Maybe you have in the Fund, too?" I love to consult with senior in rank and experience. Called with a question: "Volodya, right or wrong?" He enlightened me and then that is unethical. And then I am a lover of numbers, I began to consider to reduce on paper and found out not only unethical, but also impractical, and I don't want to! So don't be Fund, there would be no me here.

    Then there is the practice of narabatyvaya life experience, narabatyvaya cones?

    - Naturally.

    - There is another kind of fraud, I don't know whether you work with her. It charges on a loved one or on behalf luridiana "sick kids" in the Network.

    - I keep repeating: if you need help, contact the charity. There are several funds where you can go with completely different stories, and the phrase "my canvases are not history, and we will not take" – nonsense. Write a letter, call, explain why you really need to help you.

    Sometimes, of course, that people do not know about the Fund. Then on the page of the dues comes someone who knows and talks about it. If the person really needs help, he turns to the Fund, and the Fund is trying to help him.

    But sometimes people are adamantly against the Fund.

    - Several times I came across a replica that the funds you steal the money collected.

    - It looks especially ridiculous when you start to explain that the Fund will help to provide the same services for which you are willing to pay, but for free. For example, will help to make your family member in hospice.

    And there's a third story, when people fundamentally continues to collect on your personal card. It is their choice to help or not. But I always ask these people two questions. First: aren't you afraid that you will come to the Bank with a check? And second: are you concerned that your neighbor uncle Peter, thumps behind the wall, know that you have a large amount of money and come play Rodion Raskolnikov? This too can be. In particular, therefore, the Fund never transfer money to a personal card. And the myth that they steal funds, will soon start a program with the working title "All together for a reasonable aid." She will tell you what to do funds. To collect money is the tip of the iceberg, the most simple. The Fund has the ability to find medicines free of charge. If a person put the drug under the quota or the operation of the quota, the Fund would raise money for maintenance at the time, there is no opportunity to get free help from the state, contact with lawyers, with patient organization, helps to help on public basis.

    There is another side that people don't usually consider. You are diagnosed, you and your family is now in panic. You have a lot of friends, but they are also in a panic. You begin to gather yourself money because you one woman said that the clinic will help you or on the forum I read that there is sure cure. But very often need a second opinion. And the Fund makes a request of your doctors, and that, as a rule, experts at the Federal level, but they are free to look at your documents and will confirm or refute your diagnosis. The Fund may pay a visit to Moscow to get a second opinion. In my experience the event history when the prescribed treatment (not necessarily in the regions) does not match and does not help. And sometimes is assigned to a expensive drug, while treatment is free. To raise money each fool can. But use them wisely that people really received the help he needs, not an easy task.

    - We are talking about a relatively blissful history. I know that among such a gathering also there are scammers.


    With them you plan to work? Bring to light? Or it is not possible to solve all the problems? For example, tomorrow I will start to collect at the treatment my friend's daughter. And this girlfriend doesn't exist or doesn't have a daughter, or the girl is healthy, married, and bore five children.

    Therefore, there are two areas of work. The first direction (when the instructions of Mr Medvedev will be executed), the Executive bodies will help us to build the mechanism at least in manual control, because now forbid people to collect the money. If aunt Masha ran down the roof, and I want aunt Mary to help, how not to chip in: the farm – is voluntary. But if it is obviously fraudulent story, comes to the aid of the public: there are people who live constantly checking different stories and bringing clean water, thus they help us to work, and then start the criminal case about the swindle, and sometimes of fraud in especially large amounts when we are the victims. But when the scammer is a natural person, the problem is solved easier, and that person be punished easier. Although such charges have always been and will always be a lot a lot.

    But I do not get tired to remind: reminding the idea that help should be tested through the organization, should find close to your heart organization. Want to help the hospice – help your hospice. Optional Fund "Faith." There is a wonderful Fund of "Holy Belogorye against childhood cancer" in Belgorod. He is now building a children's hospice "emerald city". Choose in the region, support those you believe in. In each region, not so much really working NGOs. "Gift of life" conducts an annual conference, which brings together all the funds of partners in the region, they are training, they talk about new trends of technology. And it turns out that funds are not many, less than a hundred.

    - On the one hand not so much, on the other, it is enough to choose for everyone.

    Yes, you choose to their liking. And help. I hope that we will have introduced bans on the fees help on personal cards of employees of the funds is contrary to transparency. Of course, when collecting a person has a community of good people is a good thing. And here there is only the question of trust to that person. There are people who I trust to help transfer and can even repost their requests. Individuals to prohibit fees is impossible, but to protect people, to warn we must. It is a question of awareness. Any action when it comes to money, must be consciously, because it earned you money. It is clear that they often want to give impulsive — throw then in the trash, what's the problem? Gave to swindlers, anyway, that threw it in the trash. But if you want your money to work, want to be sure that you really gave the benefit, spend an hour of time, but choose who to help. Don't want to help the funds, don't. Do you have a friend of the family, who need your help? Help family, just keep in mind that people hooked on the regular help you: they stop working, don't want to shake a leg, don't want to spend the effort. Want to help the old grandmother to buy her products work. It's a question of mercy.

    - Do not leave the charity?

    - What if I get married and will be leaving for North pole penguins to feed? I don't know what will happen tomorrow. Or rather, I hope that you know what will happen tomorrow. And what will happen in a year or two — no. Me with his life would be determined. But for me, charity is not about the salvation of my soul, not about otmerivanie sins, it's a game. I do believe that any work should be interesting and enjoyable. If you perceive work as a game, you do it with pleasure . In this game I like to play, because I see the fruits of your labor. I can see how slowly changing consciousness, and I hope that with the aid of Rusfond I'll see in the numbers, as they will be filled with the register of bone marrow donors in Russia. Again I all translate in figures: activation of the donor from the Russian register is 500 thousand, and from foreign — a half million. And I understand that everyone who will potentially become a bone marrow donor in the future can save millions of donations, and it's interesting. I see the exhaust. Someone sees your exhaust in the advertising campaign of a glossy magazine, I see our database of donors. I believe in it. And I can't deal with the fact that I do not believe and that to me is not fun. Plus charity a large number of people that I love and with whom I enjoy working. The fourth year the charity is, of course, a little time, but during this short period I was able to meet amazing people who have much more experience than me, and they share them with me. That is priceless — the knowledge I can't get in any of the Institute. And learn from the experience of those who made it through these steps of evolution, which I pass, and then the experience to apply that upgrade it is so cool.

    Remember? Shaken, not stirred.

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