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     The nascent planetary system were factories for the production of organic matter
    on Friday 10 August 2018
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    The oldest meteorites are told how at the "birth" of the Solar system originated organic matter. These results are encouraging regarding the habitability of other planetary systems.

    The study of the oldest meteorites shed light on the source of organic matter in the early Solar system. Apparently, the organic matter formed as a result of the processes typical for the formation of planetary systems. This increases the chances of finding extraterrestrial life. The conclusions of the scientists described in a scientific paper published in the journal PNAS by a group led by Romain Cortese (Romain Tartese) from the University of Manchester.

    Life on Earth exists due to organic substances. But where did the primary organic matter, which served as building material for the origin of life? Whether it was her appearance as a happy coincidence or a natural stage in the evolution of planetary systems? Clearly, the answer to this question depend the chances of the astronomers to find extraterrestrial life. But it's hard to find a response, exploring only the terrestrial rocks.

    "Earth is a dynamic planet. Processes such as plate tectonics and erosion have erased most evidence of early Earth's past," explains Cortese.

    Fortunately, the space sometimes gives humanity a sort of time machine.

    "Science" ( told in detail about what the chondrites. We briefly recall that this kind of "debris", solid matter the time of formation of the Solar system, not included in the composition of the planets and other major bodies. it is 90% of known meteorites.

    "The chondrites — is "snapshots" of the early Solar system, giving key information about how it was formed and changed the proto-planet and the planet," says Cortese.

    A particularly rare species of the "heavenly stones" are carbonaceous chondrites. They constitute only a few percent of the total number of meteorites. These bodies are great because they contain organic matter, and including the basic chemical elements necessary for life: nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, phosphorus and sulfur.

    Group Cortese spent two years thoroughly investigating the isotopic composition in three carbonaceous chondrites. And for the first time, scientists have found the ratio of oxygen isotopes in meteorites of this type.

    Previous research group was interested mainly isotopes of hydrogen and nitrogen. However, the oxygen can carry key information about the processes that led to the formation of organic matter. The fact that this chemical element has two stable isotopes, like hydrogen or nitrogen, but three. Therefore, their relative content is more rich in information. While the oxygen is quite common in carbonaceous chondrites, accounting for 10-20% of the weight of their organic component.

    The data collected allowed scientists to discard some hypothesis of the formation of organic matter. For example, it became clear that they are not formed in the cryovolcanism of asteroids as some experts.

    Encouraging the conclusion of researchers is that organic matter of meteorites are not captured from the interstellar medium. It was formed of the native Solar system of the substance, as indicated by its similarity in isotopic composition of the Sun, planets and asteroids.

    Moreover, the authors are inclined to believe that organic matter is not a product of some exotic events. Probably, it appeared due to the inevitable chemical reactions occurring in the protoplanetary cloud under the influence of the young Sun.

    This finding suggests that in other protoplanetary disks that astronomers have found a huge number of organic education is in full swing. And if so, the chances of finding extraterrestrial life can be considered quite realistic.

    We will remind that earlier "News.Science" ( wrote about the organic matter on Mars, Ceres, comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko and the interstellar Vagabond Omwamwi.

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