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     Skobelevka-2018: how to do a colonoscopy himself and to explore the night erections with the help of brands
    Добавлено: Friday 14 September 2018
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    In the U.S., has awarded an annual prize for the most ridiculous scientific research. Like a rollercoaster ride, save you from kidney stones how well saliva cleans the surface, how to identify impotence with brands and how nourishing human flesh. For these and other works that "first cause laughter, and then to think" scientists have received ten trillion Zimbabwean dollars.

    People far from science, it often seems that many studies are not worth what their capabilities. The authors of the project "Conduct.Science" ( often see in the comments a war of words: one wants the cure for all cancers, others at any cost want to get off this planet and colonize another, and others advocate the development of alternative theories of the Universe. And scientists, meanwhile, are engaged in their own business.

    Those who are particularly successful in this field, we usually talk at the end of the year... and for 10 years in September, when a new portion of positive emotions from Harvard.



    It's nice that this year we again made no mistake with the predictions, albeit with a slight delay. "Shnobelevku" medicine 2018 grabbed Americans mark Mitchell (Marc Mitchell) and David Wartinger (David Wartinger) , which showed that with the help of the beloved attraction can accelerate the kidney stones.

    Their article was published in the edition of the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association in 2016, then we told all the details about this interesting study. Scientists, for example, found in which part of the trailer, prescribers acrobatic figures, it is better to sit for those who want to get rid of troublesome formations in the kidneys.



    The award in this category went to the team of European researchers under the direction of Thomas Persson (Tomas Persson) from the Lund University in Sweden.

    Scientists studied a key cognitive ability of humans and primates is the ability to imitate. They conducted observations in the zoo and in the end I found that the visitors to copy movements and gestures of chimpanzees as often as monkeys parody people.

    Experts have concluded that the imitation of simple gestures is a good way to make contact and also means "session interaction" between man and Primate. Read more about this study you can read in the article, published in the journal Primates.



    IG Nobel prize in biology was awarded an international research group led by Paul Becher (Becher Paul) from the Swedish University of agricultural Sciences. Scientists experimentally confirmed that wine connoisseurs can smell accurately determine the presence in the glass of just one fruit fly-Drosophila.

    It turned out, it's all in the pheromones that distinguish the females of these insects to attract males. When the wine is added only one nanogram of pheromones, German sommelier who took part in the trial, described the taste as "somewhat unpleasant." And fly can spoil a noble drink, even if it is very quick to pull out of the glass.

    In an article published in Journal of Chemical Ecology, the scientists also wonder how did it happen that the man and a male Drosophila has a sensitivity to the same chemical compound?



    The prize in chemistry was awarded to researchers from Portugal, led by Cesar Vianey (Cesar Viana). The reward they received for measuring the extent to which human saliva is a good cleaning agent for dirty surfaces.

    Many generations of people have used their own saliva to wipe down different surfaces, say the authors in a scientific paper. Chemists decided to see how good this physiological fluid in that capacity and which gives it the properties of cleaning products.

    According to the results of the study revealed that saliva is not just water that is always at hand, or rather mouth. The main cleaning component of this substance, the authors recognized a protein of alpha-amylase (alpha-amylase). In this regard, experts even suggest creating cleaning products on the basis of this protein, produced in genetically modified bacteria.

    Scientists are not spared side and the question is, what surface it makes sense to clean it with saliva. It turned out that this fragile painted ceramics and gold leaf. I really need to spit on these jewels!


    Medical education

    Paediatrician Residence Akira (Akira Horiuchi) and his colleague Yoshiko Nakayama (Nakayama Yoshiko) in 2006, presented to the public his work entitled, "Colonoscopy in the sitting position: lessons we have learned from colonoscopy conducted themselves with small-caliber colonoscope with variable stiffness".

    Recall that this procedure is traditionally performed in supine position and very unpleasant (but gives doctors valuable knowledge about the state of the colon of the patient). Therefore, physicians all over the world are looking for ways to ease the suffering of people passing this examination.

    Probably the creators of the award were also impressed by the courage of Japanese experts. However, the ceremony attending Akira reported that they had experienced in the self-only "mild discomfort".


    Peace prize

    The award was given to a team of researchers from Spain and Colombia. The team was led by Francisco Alonso (Francisco Alonso) from the University of Valencia. The award they won for frequency measurement, motivation and consequences of screams and expletives while driving the car.

    As the researchers explain in their article, aggression while driving is one of the causes of road accidents. The researchers figured out the origin of this evil and how to deal with it.

    Scientists made a disappointing conclusion that among Spanish drivers very common habit to shout at other road users and insult them. And the main reasons are stress, fatigue and individual traits. The researchers propose to make people less irritable and more cultural. Well, in this case, and many other problems would solve themselves.



    The prize was awarded to the Briton James Cole (James Cole) from the University of Brighton, which is exploring the issues of human evolution. The researcher proved that the diet of cannibals contains far fewer calories than a traditional meat diet (this study, we in detail told).

    Certainly many are concerned about how Cole is determined calorific value of human meat. Not to worry: in fact, he was studying the food practices of ancient people have developed their own formula for calculating calories of the various parts and organs of the human body.

    In an article published in the journal Scientific Reports, the Brit explained: previously it was thought that people ate people in the first place because meat is considered a nutritious counterparts. But in fact, the caloric value of animals that were hunted by the ancient tribes, is much higher, so any advantage eating fellows our ancestors were not brought. In all likelihood, cannibalism was associated with cultural, ritual, and other similar aspects.


    Reproductive medicine

    The award in this region received an international team of urologists headed by Michael Bailou (Michael Boileau) from the University of Oregon in the United States.

    The researchers suggested a method for registration of nocturnal erections. In an article published in 1980, they were advised to make a ring of postage stamps glued in the evening and put it on the penis. In the morning you need to see if it's broken ring.

    As reported in the work, the test correctly identified a full night erections in 22 healthy men and its absence in 11 impotent. This simple and cheap method allows to identify organic impotence.



    Shnobelevku in Economics was awarded for the study of is it efficient for employees to use voodoo dolls to "avenge" the brutal boss. Winners were researchers, led by Lisa Kiping (Lisa Keeping) from the University of Wilfrid Laurier in Canada.

    "Science" ( already told about the study. Volunteers for mission scientists took revenge on the boss for the brutal and unfair treatment with the help of pliers, pins, burning candles and other torture tools. However, torture has not been the chief, and his doll, similar to those used in voodoo rites.

    As shown by psychological tests, is the symbolic retribution of employees returns to emotional balance even better than the prize. It is hoped that corporations now will not replace the payment of premiums distribution of staff of the puppet authorities, citing the fact that it is a science-based decision.



    The award in this category went to scientists from Australia, Britain and El Salvador. Thea Blackler (Thea blackler project), along with colleagues found that the majority of people buying a "complex technique", do not read the instructions on how to use the product.

    It also appeared that the users do not use all the functionality of a device, but a situation when people have no choice and they have to refer to the user manual, cause in most cases negative emotions.

    In an article published in the journal Interacting with Computers, says that least of all read the instructions the young men and women, and people with higher education.

    By the way, at the award ceremony Blackler came in a dress that says RTFM – it's not quite censorship slang equivalent of our expression "materiel".


    We should add that the ceremony of awarding the IG Nobel prize, established in 1991, is held approximately two weeks before the announcement of Nobel prize winners. Researchers who have received this honorary award, in particular, Eric Maskin, Wolfgang Ketterle, Michael Rosbash and Oliver HART, took part in the award. The winners were given prize symbol from the traditional checks on ten trillion Zimbabwean dollars.

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