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     Israel treacherously framed Russian Il under attack Syrian air defenses
    Добавлено: Воскресенье 23 Сентябрь 2018
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    17 September, over the Mediterranean sea was shot down our spy plane Il-20. 15 Russian soldiers were killed.

    Author: Dmitry Kiselev

    17 September, over the Mediterranean sea was shot down our spy plane Il-20. 15 Russian soldiers were killed. The rocket was a Syrian, but we fully blame laid on Israel, because the pilots who bombed Syria, deliberately hiding behind a Russian plane, exposing his chest. Moreover, despite the existing with Russia agreements on the avoidance of incidents in the air, Israel has warned Russia about its operation, only a minute before, that is so formal that the Russian plane even technically have not had the opportunity to leave the affected area.

    18th at a press conference with Prime Minister of Hungary Orban in Moscow, President Putin personally expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and called the incident "a tragic chain of accidental circumstances". But then Putin said, in my opinion, just for the sake of eliminating the word "random" in relation to "tragic circumstances". "Here, rather, it looks like a tragic chain of accidental circumstances", — said the head of state. And here is the clarification: "And our response to this tragedy set out in the statement of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, which fully agreed with me".

    And here is a statement from the defense Ministry, which is "fully aligned" with the President of Russia, came from the lips of General Konashenkov. And there could be no accidental circumstances, but twice emphasized that "deliberate" actions of the Israeli air force.

    "Israeli aircraft deliberately created a dangerous situation. Israeli means of control of the aircraft and pilots of the f-16 could not see the Russian aircraft as it was landing from a height of five kilometers. However, they deliberately went to the provocation. Consider the data of provocative Israeli actions as hostile," said Konashenkov. Stronger word for it. And yet the mystery in all this remains.

    Author: Denis Davydov

    A moment of silence immediately after that terrible night. Photo of the aircraft, flowers, candles. Will take a few days, and on these screens will present a detailed analysis of what happened. According to the radars, satellites, special systems of chronology restored by the minute.

    "The evening of 17 September, the Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 with 20 hours 31 minutes perform the special task of tracking the situation in Iglinsky area of de-escalation. On Board were 15 Russian servicemen. In this period of time a group of four F-16 fighters flew c into Israel for surprise attacks on industrial sites of the Syrian Arab Republic. Fighters flying over the neutral waters of the Mediterranean sea, took the patrol area 90 kilometers West of the city of Latakia," said the defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

    Fighters, of course, knew that loitering near the Russian military base. And just saw flying near the reconnaissance aircraft — a large slow-moving Il-20.

    "At 21:39 the representative of command of the Israeli air force in military rank the Colonel was notified via "deconflicting" the command of the Russian troops in Syria of the upcoming attacks on targets. It was about that in the next few minutes, Israel will strike at objects that are in the North of Syria", — said Konashenkov.

    But in fact, fired without warning. No minute to change the course of the Russian aircraft was not given. Sensors have detected a signal from the Israeli side at 21:39 — and then the fire.

    "In one minute, at 21:40, four Israeli F-16 aircraft attacked with guided bombs, GBU-39 industrial facilities in the province of Latakia. Thus, an alert Russian group about his surgery the Israeli side in violation of the existing agreements did not advance, simultaneously with the beginning beats. These actions are a direct violation of the Russian-Israeli agreement in 2015 to prevent incidents between our Armed forces on the Syrian track, achieved in the framework of the joint working group", — said Igor Konashenkov.

    A formal warning more like blatant misinformation. Talking about the impact on the Northern areas, and shelled the Western part of Latakia.

    "Commander Il-20, located in the North of Syria, received instructions to leave the area of task execution to the South and return to base. The Israeli fighters were not sustained in the Northern part of the Syrian Arab Republic and in the region of Latakia, which is its Western province. Misrepresentation of the Israeli officer on the area of strikes the fighters are not allowed to bring the Russian plane Il-20 in a safe area," said Igor Konashenkov.

    Il-20 is between a rock and a hard place. Syrian air defenses are forced to fend off the attacks of Israeli planes. The fighters turn around and fly away from the coast for 70 kilometers. Circling, put the clutter to not be affected, prepare a new plaque.

    "At 21:59 one of the Israeli planes began to maneuver towards the coast of Syria, coming close to Il-20, committed the landing. It was perceived by the calculations of the Syrian air defense for new attack Israeli aircraft. During this period, the Il-20 aircraft was making a turn for landing at the airfield Hamim, was on the direction of fire of the Syrian air defense at Israeli planes. I want to emphasize that watching a Russian Il-20, Israeli fighter jets hid behind them anti-aircraft missiles, continuing to maneuver in the region", — said Konashenkov.

    Wingspan scout four times more than the fighter. It is much overall and, of course, for him to shelter from the rockets welcome the pilots, including an Israeli friend of mine.

    "The Israelis knew about the fact that in the Armed forces of Russia and Syria are using different system identification "friend or foe" and the Syrian radar station can identify the Il-20 as a group the goal of the Israeli fighters. 22:03 Syrian anti-aircraft missile hit a larger and near-goal — Il-20. The commander of the crew reported a fire on Board and the beginning of emergency descent. 22:07 mark of the Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 has disappeared from the radar screens of funds," Igor Konashenkov.

    The tragedy unfolded in the eyes of the Israeli pilots. Even without these locators flames from the burning plane in the dark sky good. Machine hit, but the fighters remain in the same square. They do not fly into its territory.

    "22:29 the officer in command of the Russian forces in Syria is brought to an Israeli officer at the command post of the air force that Russian Il-20 aircraft in distress. Required to withdraw your funds from this district, as we use the rescue equipment. The Israeli officer, a Lieutenant said, "Information received, will bring to the command." 22:40 F-16 fighter jets left the area. Then at 22:53, that is, 50 minutes after the destruction by a missile of Russian Il-20, operational duty command center of the Israeli air force in the rank of Colonel reached out and said: "Your information about the disaster Il-20 is adopted. We cleared the area. If you need help, we are here to help," — said Igor Konashenkov.

    Help — a great feature Russian-Israeli relations. Reliable partners and hand, if needed, is ready to stretch and stretch. Jerusalem in the numerous requests in recent years Moscow has denied. Whenever I lend a hand.

    "Caution, mines!" — warning signs as a fence of barbed wire stretching for miles. The Golan heights. The land for which you are fighting for centuries. The Roman and then the Byzantine Empire. At the time, the Turks, the British, the French tried to get them. And the last 60 years, Golan can not divide Israel and Syria. The conflict is trying to put out the UN. Created a buffer zone with a length of almost 100 kilometers. Here the boundary is called the "alpha" and the Syrian part is "Bravo".

    You can applaud the Russian military police, which undertook to ensure the security of UN staff. Along the lines of "Bravo" placed posts, and only this, patrols of peacekeepers returned to the Golan after a six year break.

    The Golan heights — the territory valuable. Here is concentrated one-third of Israeli fresh water reserves, there are a lot of fertile land, but the important thing is the height. To possess it means to control a huge area around.

    Israel is strained because of the Pro-Iranian groups Hezbollah (banned in Russia) in the vicinity of their territories. Feared attacks and has asked Moscow to talk with Tehran. Have heard your request and handed it over. For three days, Hezbollah and the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (banned in Russia) withdrew from the Golan heights into the depths of Syria by almost 150 kilometers.

    "Russia held consultations with Iran in which Tehran has informed that does not consider the correct tension in the area and has no aggressive intentions against Israel. All were withdrawn 1050 personnel, 24 launchers, multiple rocket launcher systems fire and tactical missiles, as well as 145 units of other arms and military equipment", — said Igor Konashenkov.

    Even Israel is afraid that the weapons that Russia supplies to Syria could fall into the hands of a third party. Moscow kind of thing is not allowed, stayed true to gentleman's agreement. Moreover, friendship with Israel is so cherished that even commercial contracts was terminated in 2010, when Damascus declared its desire to modernize its air defense. Expected to buy, we have 4 C300 division. Posted in Syria, at least in the capital, although the border in the Golan could block their radar field and kill zone almost the entire territory of Israel. The Israeli air force would not have felt so at ease in the middle Eastern sky. And Jerusalem again turned to Moscow.

    "The Syrian Arab Republic paid a prepayment in full, spent $ 400 million for the supply of 4 battalions of such complexes. However, given Israel's concern that such systems will completely block their radar equipment, firing means in case of conflict, almost the entire territory of Israel, the Russian Federation has considered these concerns and has terminated the contract with the Syrian Arab Republic in full," — said Viktor murakhovski, chief editor of the magazine "Arsenal of the Fatherland".

    Returning the entire Deposit to the penny, the contract is severed. Yes, it's a blow to the reputation of the seller, and Russia is, of course, understood, but the move still was made. For the sake of bilateral relations with Israel. And armed with Syria remained outdated S200, which she tries to fend off the incessant Israeli attacks. The new planes, and missiles in the ranks — since the middle of last century. For modern fighters in General harmless.

    When I finished the battle for Aleppo and the city was liberated from the terrorists, Israel asked Russia to help with the restoration of ancient synagogues and cemeteries. In battle, risking their lives, our soldiers of the special operations Forces helped the Israelis in Syria to find and remove the bodies of their dead soldiers.

    "The special operation to search carried out in the area of combat actions on the territory controlled by ISIS (banned in Russia). The militants of the terrorist groups suddenly attacked Russian troops in the search. During the fight, the injured fighter of the Russian special forces," — said Igor Konashenkov.

    Help special forces to strong diplomatic support. Another Israeli foe Palestine Russia also agrees. In 2016, Moscow without any preconditions has provided a platform for meetings of Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Talks a little bit, but reduced the intensity in their relationship. International remember the story of that year, when leaving the White House, Obama suddenly condemned the settlement activity of Israelis in the occupied territory of the Gaza strip. With such strict wording States tried to push through a resolution in the UN security Council.

    "John Kerry literally begged Lavrov to agree with and support this plan. And it was clearly stated that this will not happen. And in spite of all these entreaties, Russia, clearly, firmly stood their ground. It is in the interests of Israel. It was also a response and the response to that request, Israel appealed to us. We all the time do something, given the interests of Israel, in spite of this, he goes on a treacherous action. This is a blow to a constructive Russian-Israeli cooperation, which gradually recovered over the past years," — says the scientific Director of the Institute of Oriental studies Vitaly Naumkin.

    Communication established very close and very different. In recent history happened historic the first visit by a Russian leader to Israel. Moreover, in 2012, Vladimir Putin participated in the opening ceremony of memorial in honor of the red army who defeated Nazism.

    Their efforts to put on 9 may, Israel was declared a state holiday. Such is the status of the Victory Day only in Russia and Belarus. Those who went to their historic homeland, but most of his life working in the Russian Federation, Moscow helps. A pension from Russia have more than 100 thousand Israelis. Gratitude to the Russians for the heroic deed from Benjamin Netanyahu, he was at the parade on red square. As you can see, leaders have built a correct, balanced relationship. But how nasty they were during the Soviet period, of course, if you don't count the first formative years of the young state.

    The UN meeting. Fateful for Israel. The organization advocates for the establishment of two States — one Arab and one Jewish. The decision does not support Britain, and the Soviet Union voted for it.

    It from the Soviet Union said the then 37-year-old Ambassador to the UN, Andrei Gromyko. For this tick in the right column, the Jewish poets will thank poems. But, alas, relations between the superpower and the young state will begin to rapidly deteriorate. Diplomatic relations will not be a quarter of a century.

    In the endless wars of Israel with its neighbors Moscow — on the other side of the fence. In the middle East sent military advisers, equipment to restrain Israel and its main ally, the USA.

    In 1982 during the war in Lebanon trophy Syrians were a few Israeli tanks. One of them was sent to the Soviet Union, and for many years he was a Museum exhibit. Not so long ago, the Israelites asked the technician to return.

    "In 2016, at the urgent request of the chief of the General staff of the Israel defense forces the Israeli side handed the tank "Magi-3", seized in 1982 in Lebanon and who was in Russia. The transfer tank was carried out in the presence of Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Netanyahu," said Igor Konashenkov.

    The military cooperation, diplomatic, and established a political dialogue — and this is the backdrop under blow substituted our spy plane!

    "Hostile action by the Israeli air force committed against Russian aircraft Il-20, go beyond a civilized relationship," — said Konashenkov.

    In 2015, Russia and Israel joint working group on the prevention of incidents on the Syrian track. The parties need each other in advance to notify, including on flights. But if Russia sent more than 300 notification from the Israelis, there were only 25. Although recently the Ministry of defense officially in a briefing triumphantly reported about other figures.

    Immediately after the incident with the Russian plane to explain to Moscow has arrived the commander of the Israeli air force to Amico Norkin.

    "Israel is now struggling to keep relations with Russia, and he needs to understand that there are boundaries that should not go. If Israel will transgress these boundaries, followed by a clear reaction. A sequel to endless air strikes on Syria is not in anyone's interest, the raids should be stopped, because it is not normal that Israel is repeatedly bombed Syria and no one is trying to stop it," says Gideon levy, a journalist of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

    A telephone conversation was held between defence Ministers. Sergei Shoigu called Avigdor Lieberman, by the way, born in the Moldovan SSR and perfectly speaking in Russian. "Russian Jews" as they are called in Israel, is one of the most numerous diasporas. More than half a million people. In fact, every fifth inhabitant of the country. Here we have our defense Ministry reports that the negotiations between the Russian and Israeli military before Il-20 was shot down, was conducted in Russian. But each other did not understand or would not understand. The tragedy happened. And there is significant relationship with anyone else, and with the U.S. air force with which we are all very uneasy, but the agreement on the prevention of incidents in Syria, however, there is, and it works.

    "The behaviour of Israeli pilots is fundamentally different from the actions of American aviation in the region. We have a channel of communication to prevent incidents the air, where the parties in advance notify each other of plans to use aircraft in different parts of Syria. This allows you to take timely measures to avoid any situations that carry the threat of Russian and American military personnel both in the air and on the ground," — said Igor Konashenkov.

    Russia in Syria launched a powerful air defense system, but it was not used even once, redeeming partner agreements. The defense Ministry itself carries out the search operation in the district of Latakia. Of water take out of the fuselage, body parts, personal belongings of pilots.

    "The actions of the Israeli fighter pilots that led to the deaths of 15 Russian soldiers, say, or about their incompetence, or, at least, criminal negligence. Therefore, we believe that the blame for the tragedy with the Russian Il-20 aircraft as a whole lies with the air forces of Israel and those who made the decision about this sort of activity", — concluded Konashenkov.

    Igor Konashenkov warned against attempts to interpret incorrectly or deny the information. All data is documented. At the disposal of the defense Department, there are additional data from the tragedy September 17 that have not yet been released to the public.

    The death of the crew mourn all the military towns of the country. There are memorial events.

    And now, the mystery in the treacherous actions of the Israeli air force, which killed 15 Russian servicemen shot down over the Mediterranean sea of the AI-20. The mystery is difficult. Although the question sounds easy: why is this so? I think even Putin over this wrestle.

    Why shot down a Il-20? But it answer can only be the Israelis themselves. And not just the Israelis, but only the top leadership of the state of Israel. So right from the Kremlin there and flies the question: "Why did this happen?" And then to simplify the answer like in school tests, the choice of the three options, so familiar to everyone in the world multiple choice. And that's where the tick?

    Here? The leaders of Israel do not care about the partnership with Russia and the unprecedented nature of the trust. Or here? The signal from the top is not brought to the Israeli army. The signal is about careful attitude to Russian servicemen. Maybe here? The Israeli army ignores the signals from above, that is acting at your own risk, considering that the highest policy is making it and not the civilian government. So what?

    In any case, tick the top leadership of Israel should be put. Blame it on Syria will fail — too ingenuous stratagem Israeli pilots. So as long as one of the three proposed answers to this puzzle will not be given, the uncertainty in our relations will be maintained. And what is the uncertainty? This lack of confidence with all the attendant risks of such position. Risk for Russia. And risk Israel.

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