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     The death of Boeing in the Donbass: Russia revealed state secrets
    Добавлено: Воскресенье 23 Сентябрь 2018
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    What so long waited for came on September 17 - is a documentary evidence of the fact that the missile that shot down Malaysian Boeing over four years ago - from the Arsenal of Ukraine.

    What so long waited for came on September 17 — is a documentary evidence of the fact that the missile that shot down Malaysian Boeing over four years ago — from the Arsenal of Ukraine. The Russian defense Ministry has disclosed and published the documents classified as "top secret". All sent to the Netherlands for an international investigation team. New evidence to overturn the accusations against Russia.

    May 24 in the Netherlands, a joint investigation team holds a briefing, shows fragments of the rocket that hit Boeing, and publishes the numbers of the parts: 9D-13105000 is the nozzle block and 8869032 — engine missile complex "Buk". With these initial data, the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation establishes the serial number of the rocket and its tail number. It is made in Dolgoprudny engineering production Association in 1986.

    "In accordance with the entry in the form on the engine the same day he was installed on the missile 9M-38 with factory serial number 8868720. The engine serial number 8869032 demonstrated a joint investigation team and was part of the rocket, it is contained in the summary statements in the picking Assembly and for the Assembly of this rocket", — said Nikolai Parshin, the chief of the main Missile and artillery Directorate of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

    In General, these data are a state secret. But given the significance was the unprecedented decision to declassify the records. In the register of accepted goods is fixed and where then went the product, and who was its recipient.

    "December 29, 1986, the rocket was shipped by rail to a military unit No. 20152. It is known that the missile military unit was obtained, which was drawn up receiving act included in the register of accepted goods. Her real name 223-I anti-aircraft missile brigade. Her armament consisted of anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk"," — said Nikolai Parshin.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the brigade was included in the Armed forces of Ukraine and renamed to the 223rd anti-aircraft missile regiment of Terebovlia. Starting in 2014, the regiment was routinely involved in the so-called anti-terrorist operation on Donbass. During all this time the rocket with the specified tail number on the territory of the Russian Federation did not return. And the inscription on the log "restored original", which drew the attention of some colleagues, is simple.

    "When you need to copy these originals, their archive is taken, the original is a certain number of copies. And from this time begins to operate the restored original No. 1", — said Alexander Torlopov, Deputy chief designer of the Dolgoprudny research and production enterprise.

    Experts familiar with the technology of design bureaus and defense plants, there is no doubt of the authenticity of the documents submitted.

    "I was interested in how they are stitched, as sealed. Really showed the seal, the firmware of these documents, that is to open this magazine and counterfeiting, replace any page is impossible," — said Yuri Whips, the Director of the air defense artillery Museum.

    Ukraine, however, hastened to make a rebuttal on the same day. With the traditional argument.

    The Russian defense Ministry maintains calm and announced the possibility of further examination if you will request it from the joint investigation team. And then Kiev will have to explain my "nonsense".

    ENEA. An exhibition of rocketry. Self-propelled fire installation Buk. Her four 9M38 missiles. It is believed that the same missile brought down the Malaysian Boeing. And if that "Buck" was actually Ukrainian, then Ukraine should be stored and the technical documentation. Namely, the operational form, which should be celebrated all the actions with the rocket: storing, unloading, placing on the launcher combat use. So, it is possible to accurately set the number of launchers, with which it started, and even the names of all the combat scheme that were on duty then, on 17 July 2014. Here I want to reveal this information? Most likely, these documents are already destroyed.

    Kiev began to lie and to rush immediately after the disaster. Accused the militia that they brought down the Boeing, "Buck", who was captured as a trophy, although on the eve argued that it was impossible. Footage of military television of Ukraine, which is perfectly seen the "Buk" with a radar installation. Date — July 16 — the day before the collapse of Boeing.

    Could this missile to get into Russia and the militia of Donbass and in the Crimea. In the 55th anti-aircraft missile regiment of the Ukrainian Armed forces was basically their rocket modifications or 1984. All documented. Even if we assume that the missile was transferred to a third party, for example, Georgia, as suggested by some experts, then this should be reflected in the respective statement of the act of cancellation. In any case, disappear without a trace such a serious weapon cannot. And now the Ukraine to prove his innocence will have to demonstrate such documents, unless of course they are.

    A reasonable question seems to be: what could trigger the rocket in 1986 - the year, if she has the passport expiry date only 25 years old? But, according to military experts, this is a common practice.

    "New acquisitions of anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine after 1991 was not. Left only the stock that is. Carried out control shooting, collecting Commission, and said extended period of operation for another 5 years", — said the military expert Mikhail Khodarenok.

    New data just confirm the version of the concern "Almaz — Antey", which in 2015 held a full-scale simulation and simulated undermining the "Buck" over the cabin of the airliner — taking into account important details.

    "The rocket "Buk" has a feature — it is undermined over the aircraft. This is done in order to kill the pilot. The most expensive plane in military — pilot. Here comes the "Buk", flies Boeing. If the was launched. The rocket flies up, and explodes. Let's see that rocket. Seeker with Radome, then went to the fighting part. Fragments fan fly in a circle," — said Yuri Whips.

    And then traces of destruction were to remain on the left engine and the left half-plane, which proves that the Buk was launched from the village of zaroshchens'ke, where there were Ukrainian settlements. The experiment of "Almaz – Antey" has determined the place of deployment with accuracy up to tens of meters. But investigators still did not show the left half.

    Accused Russia that it triggered a "Buck" out of our 53rd brigade, which is deployed at Kursk. Cited as evidence a video from the Internet, where fixed extension column in the direction of Donbass. But the main indictment "video document" when the "book" moves on the platform in the Donetsk and Lugansk, turned out to be fake. The last examination revealed a violation of the laws of linear perspective and rectilinear propagation of light.

    When creating the installation image of the "Buck" was imported from a video with reduced detail and tractor and trailer from the video — with a higher level of detail.

    "We see discrepancies in the points where parallel lines meet", — said Artem Sokolov, judicial expert in the field of computer technology and digital electronics of the Federation of judicial experts.

    It's amazing how in General in such an important investigation, it was possible to base the proof on the publications in social networks. Certainly more weighty evidence of the involvement, though indirect, can be the word commander with a threat to try to have another Malaysian Boeing. Here's the recording of such conversation, which took place in 2016, during exercises near Odessa. It is the voice of Colonel Ruslan Grinchak, first Deputy commander of air command "West" of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

    It Grinchuk in July 2014 held the position of commander of the 164-th radio brigade air defense. She was followed by monitoring the air situation, including in the South-East of Ukraine. The route MH17 was passing through her area of responsibility.

    At exactly the moment when the defence Ministry in Moscow has published the data, in Kiev, Poroshenko gave a kind of a show: to divert attention, he announced that he breaks the Treaty of friendship, which is still acted.

    But the hype will pass, and new objective data a joint investigation team will have to still attach to the case and taken into account in the investigation of the disaster Malaysian Boeing.

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