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     The detention of a Russian citizen in Norway: Ministry of foreign Affairs protested to the
    Добавлено: Понедельник 24 Сентябрь 2018
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    "Are in constant contact with his lawyer and follow the development of events." Reported the Russian Embassy in Oslo about the Russian who was detained in Norway. It is noted that the detention was committed under false pretenses and "is a ridiculous character."

    "Are in constant contact with his lawyer and follow the development of events." Reported the Russian Embassy in Oslo about the Russian who was detained in Norway. It is noted that the detention was committed under false pretenses and "is a ridiculous character."

    After his detention, Norway tried to hide the identity of the citizen of Russia. Gave a variety of details about the participation in specialized events. How and when the reports read where studied. Only silent about the names. But the Russian foreign Ministry did not flirt with the audience. The Agency gave a clear answer. Detained staff members of the Federation Council Mikhail Bochkarev.

    "It is unclear why the fact of presence at the seminar of the Russian representative led to this provocation. One gets the impression that the wave campaign "spy" against Russia, including imposing from the outside, acquires in Norway odious forms. Of course, such steps will not remain without consequences," — said the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia the Ambassador of Norway in Russia the rune Resaland.

    "We will do everything to the legitimate interests and rights of our colleagues, staff members of the Federation Council, was protected. The Russian foreign Ministry is making every effort to clarify the situation. Everything that is done by the Ministry of foreign Affairs — this is done in our appeal", — said Ilyas Umakhanov, Deputy speaker of the Federation Council.

    In Oslo say that the problem for two weeks will spend in custody. Supposedly there is a risk of destruction of certain evidence. Any - is unclear. So in Norway describe the future citizen of Russia. More remote prospects — up to three years in prison. Yes, and 14 days. While that is possible, as to affect the accused, and to try to speculate on the political arena.

    "Norway's intelligence services trying to create an information vacuum around the man. And understand, the less objective information about the Russian specialist, the more chances to expose this man guilty of all sins to accuse him of illegal intelligence activities," explained Nikita Danuk, Deputy Director of the Institute for strategic studies and projections of PFUR, the analyst.

    But not imaginary, but quite real spy. Norwegian Frode Berg. It wasn't intended for outsiders information about the Northern fleet. Took the Berg in the act — when he received secret documents. He faces 10 years in prison. The experts think — maybe the incident with the detention Bochkareva had something to do with Berg?

    "At the heart of the action, who conducted the Norwegian intelligence service and the Norwegian police security ,is the desire to snatch one of them from Russian citizens. In order to exchange it for Berg. The Norwegian side this incident was prepared in advance. It is possible, and the workshop was a trick, and the script for the detention of the citizen was developed in the framework of the seminar", — says Andrey manoylo, doctor of political Sciences, Professor of Moscow state University.

    Passion for the Russian espionage flare up long ago. Whether it's the story of the poisoning Skrobala or Switzerland, where he said that every fourth diplomat of the Russian Federation — representative of the special services. Even the Netherlands, convinced complete dominance of agents in Europe. It turns out, Norway was in the trend. Today, to accuse Russia fashionable.

    "In the overall picture of such shaft spy, hunting for witches, spies who just flooded the whole of Europe, and you to solve your questions. All aimed to blame Russia. This is a good sign, it is a political status. This ability to consolidate forces with other European States", — says Andrey Koshkin, head of the Department of political science and sociology of the Russian economic University named after Plekhanov.

    The Russian foreign Ministry expressed strong protest and called the Ambassador of the Kingdom. At the diplomatic level to say that the situation is absurd. After all, Mikhail Bochkarev was in Norway at the invitation. An invited guest was seen allegedly not in the part of the Parliament building, where the seminar took place. Immediately raises many questions — why not arrested immediately? Why is there no evidence? Too many "why". And yet the answer to them is simple - "because".

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