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     Russian athletes tried to create in Pyeongchang home
    on Sunday 04 March 2018
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    On Wednesday in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin met with winners and medalists of the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and presented them state awards. Everyone knew how difficult it was. But sdyuzhil!

    On Wednesday in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin met with winners and medalists of the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and presented them state awards. Everyone knew how difficult it was. But sdyuzhil!

    It is in the Kremlin in black business suits, already accustomed to the fact that they are Champions, hockey players so stingy with emotions. Buried in their phones, they calmly say: Yes, we did win.

    Our Olympic Champions, "red car" returns home: the rules of the IOC at all the bags and suitcases the word "Russia" is taped.

    To create the right ambience and atmosphere for such an important victory, the players brought everything from home, even the familiar carpet of his dressing room.

    "We try at every tournament for the team to create a homely atmosphere in the locker room, but the carpets are red, the logos were banned at the Olympics, so that was just the hockey markings, plus the design of the lockers of the players were all red in the same style," — said guys.

    The first stickers that all 17 Olympic days hide the symbols of our country, was disrupted even on the flight to South Korea.

    The author of the first goal in the final match Russia — Germany for half a second before the break was exactly Vyacheslav Voynov. At the Olympics he flew with a year-old son Roman.

    Cyril Whims – the youngest player, he will turn 21 in a month, takes home a bag of gifts. He scored the final goal in goal against Germany in overtime and brought a long-awaited gold.

    A backpack of gifts, the bronze medalist of the Olympic games in ski cross Sergey Ridzik take in Monchegorsk. By profession he is a welder, grade II, so part of the Souvenirs — native school.

    Bronze for Russia conquered and ski acrobat Ilya Burov, becoming accidentally more party biggest scandal in Ukraine. This the Boers on the podium were making out with your friend from high school — Alexander Abramenko who brought the only Olympic gold medal and the only medal.

    In Pyeongchang it was so cold that getting a gold medal on the scene, the Olympic champion and the youngest participant in the Games of Alina Sagitova cold. At the airport, she sleeps, waiting for the departure, right on the bench.

    White scarves that were hidden on the jackets of the Russian flag, was foiled as soon as the plane gained altitude. A kind of Atelier was located in the center of the Olympic plane. In the tail the whole flight continued to walk players.

    This is the first Olympic disco at a height of 10 thousand meters, at a speed of 900 kilometers per hour. Right winger Ivan Telegin my column is not specifically checked.

    Under Choi backgammon plays winger Sergei mozyakin. Only Ilya Kovalchuk, recognized as the most valuable player of the team, covered with a blanket slept on the flight right in the epicenter of fun. All 9 hours at the hands of her daughter and held forward Ilya Kablukov, he also missed the disco.

    "The first thing I will do when I get home, I'm gonna make dumplings, this is the first, yet to sleep, probably, do not know really tired, the last days slept four or five hours. I really missed Russian cuisine, I want some some food - dumplings, borscht," says the bronze medalist of the Olympics-2018 semen Elistratov.

    Three silver and bronze — Bolshunov, the most titled sportsman of the Russian team, carefully pulls the medals from his backpack. He is a Frenchman Magnifica reason before the start of the remembered history of doping, in which Bolshunova did not suspect even once in life. But Bolshunov has philosophically answered: probably nerves. Skiers completely new structure don't just get the opening games of 17 medals 8 prinesli they.

    Nikita Tregubov , silver skeleton, at the start refused to greet the Americans. He sent them to hell and then walked to his skeleton. In Korea, our athletes were almost exclusively part of the coaching staff in Pyeongchang-gun is not allowed. But the result in two gold, six silver and nine bronze medals better than even a full team in Vancouver.

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