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     The Syrian trap: militants hit the bottoms of the tanks from RPGs
    on Sunday 11 March 2018
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    In Eastern ghouta continues operation of the Syrian army, backed by Russian VKS. According to the decision of the UN security Council the on-site 30-day truce - every day from 9 to 14 hours is declared the cease-fire. Militants resist and not let civilians. But there is progress.

    Author: Dmitry Kiselev

    On Tuesday, March 6, on the base Hamim crashed military transport plane An-26. On Board were 39 people, including 27 officers. All died. Russian defense Ministry has reported that the impact of fire on the plane. The investigation is continuing. Relatives and friends of the victims, the Russian President expressed deep condolences.

    Generally, the An-26 is a reliable "workhorse". Working around the globe. Delivers cargo to hot spots, military transports and our colleagues-journalists. We join in the condolences and mourn the victims together with their families.

    Meanwhile, in the Damascus suburb — Eastern ghouta — the ongoing ground operation the Syrian army with the help of Russian troops for the destruction of a large group of terrorists. According to the decision of the UN security Council in Eastern ghouta is valid for 30-day truce. According to it, every day from 9 to 14 hours is declared the cease-fire. Militants continued to violently resist and not let civilians. But there is progress.

    This week has finally managed to ship to East Gutu humanitarian supplies to — 247 tons of food, medicines and basic necessities. Another signal that the position of the militants in Eastern ghouta really bad, came in Thursday. Thirteen members of illegal armed groups left the combat zone for humanitarian corridor.

    Author: Anton Stepanenko

    Mahmoud Abed looks through the recess on the rebel positions. Looking at your city and your home. On Duomo. This city is located in the North-Western part of the Eastern ghouta, and Mahmoud is fighting for to his family back home.

    "Because of the militants we became refugees. There is nothing strange in my desire to live where I was born. So you can say that I have with the extremists is personal," says a soldier of the Syrian armed forces Mahmoud Abed.

    His unit holds a position on the Northern edge of Douma. The front line here runs smoothly on the highway Damascus-HOMS-Aleppo. Next to the track built on the side of the insurgents, and behind them she Douma. Before the war there were more than 100 thousand people. How many now, nobody knows. Civil militants are not released. From behind civilians they are safer to fight with government forces.

    "I have almost a third of the squad is made up of guys in Eastern ghouta. Mahmoud from Dummy, we have guys from Harasty, Cobra. And fight well, spoiling for a fight," — said the commander of the Syrian armed forces Abul Foz.

    The change in positions 4 hours. Break again on duty. Mahmoud returned, and his neighbor from Harasty Hussein is being prepared. The forecastle offices in the unfinished apartments, and even shelled and burnt houses.

    "That's the way we live, but that is normal. Warm, light. Here the products of which are preparing themselves, when, of course, there are no transactions. Here cabbage, beans, canned food, tea. You can live," says Hussein.

    While this sector is relatively quiet. Local troops fighting just stifle militant groups, giving them the opportunity to throw reinforcements where comes the Syrian army. For example, in the southern sector of the Eastern Guta.

    The Town Aftress. Cleanup operations are still ongoing. The battle is already on the edge. Extremists almost knocked out. And now those who rests, finish, or try to throw away. There is a battalion of the Republican guard reinforced with tanks. On these shots it is clearly visible how far fire contact occurs. Shell after shell while the dot will not be suppressed. But militants are trying to fight back. It is well heard and seen by the reaction of the tanker.

    Shoot, leave the tanks to the rear to replenish ammunition. The flow here is great. Bullets and shells don't regret it. And forward already moving infantry supported by BMP. But do not take more than half an hour, to the front of the army call an ambulance. To take out the wounded is obtained only under the guise of armor.

    And even the militants are trying to counterattack. A booby-trapped truck to explode on army positions, and then immediately attack the infantry. On these shots taken by the military in the morning, you can see how the truck stopped with machine gun kill from an RPG.

    "You should have seen what they trap debris and arrange for the tanks. Booby-trapped passages, earth mounds, the tank enters them, and they hit the bottom of the RPG. I'm not talking about mines," says tanker.

    While the battalion is working the Case and Salim rest. At the beginning of the operation, they opened the defense of militants for the assault squads. The two of us. The know-how of Syrian company — combat bulldozer.

    "I don't know who of us is better. I behind the levers and under the armor, but I see nothing. And that Case is close to, but outside. After all, he is playing me on the radio. Where to go, what to break," says Salim.

    If you count injuries, then they draw: three to each.

    Within a few days of work of the corridor came not a single man. It even came buses to evacuate people, but came under fire.

    "See for yourself, only some 100 metres, even less people go and they're safe. We are ready to accept, but the rebels cut them out before. And beat the mortars on the corridor", — the military speaks.

    Personal observation: if in 2013 — 2014, the Syrian military seemed sullen, or confused, now even at the forefront, even under fire, they smile, they are confident and this difference is felt. They believe in their ability to win, and their offensive outburst militants are unlikely to knock down. So, Mahmoud Abed has not long to look at your house in Douma through the recess.

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