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     Dynamo: the end of the season
    on Monday 12 March 2018
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    In the final match of the regular championship KHL hockey club "Dynamo" has suffered defeat from Moscow "Spartaka" and for the first time in 17 years did not work in the playoffs. The most important event of the year, impressive numbers and big names in this material.

    In the final match of the regular championship KHL hockey club "Dynamo" has suffered defeat from Moscow "Spartaka" and for the first time in 17 years did not work in the playoffs. The most important event of the year, impressive numbers and big names in this material.


    Just season 2017/2018 hockey "Dinamo" has spent 56 matches. 19 of them is white-blue have won 23 — lost.

    It is noteworthy that wins the shootout Dynamo, more than any other team in the KHL. Fate points in a series of penalty shots, the Dynamo solved 8 times.

    Major wins with the same difference of +4 from "Dynamo" in this season there were four: over Riga "Dinamo" and "Severstal", the "Vityaz" and "Admiral".

    The most devastating defeat Dynamo suffered at the start of the season against CSKA — 1:6.

    Dynamo Moscow did not come out in the playoffs of the Gagarin Cup for the first time since 2001. All in all, the Dynamo, with the support of its General sponsor, VTB Bank has twice won the Gagarin Cup (2012, 2013) and also won the continental Cup for the victory in the regular championship of NHL (2014).

    The main characters

    More all games in the season 2017/2018 held the captain of "Dynamo" Ilya Nikulin — 56 of 56 matches.

    Most goals (14) was scored by Daniil Tarasov and Vladimir Bryukvin. And assisted scorers Ilya Nikulin and Andrey Alexeev — each of them for 15 assists.

    The reliability coefficient is highest in goalkeeper Ivan Bocharov — 2,39. "Dry" matches in the season he and his partner Alexander Eremenko, spent 3.

    Out of the game

    Off-site HC "Dynamo" this year, too, there were many bright moments.

    The team throughout the season, supported by the loyal fans it is white-blue, including sports stars, actors and entertainers. So after one of the victories in the locker room, the team was congratulated Paul Will Laysan utiasheva and Sergei Svetlakov.

    Three times during the season, the Dynamo performed an interesting exercise outdoors, playing hockey, and several times players took part in the "Dynamo - to children", which collected toys for children in orphanages.

    But perhaps the main sensation of the ice out happened at the end of the season. In February, the press service of the club announced that the team captain of the National hockey League "Washington" and the pupil of "Dynamo" Alexander Ovechkin has held the position of Advisor to the General Director of the Moscow hockey club.


    Comments of coaches and players was accompanied by absolutely every game of Dynamo in the CHL. But remember a few key phrases from team members.

    In September, Dynamo was not easy. The series of defeats has upset fans and players, but even then, captain Ilya Nikulin said, "Despair is no, we believe in ourselves, believe that we can beat any opponent. We know that now there is a formation of the team, we will move on with your head held high".

    After the final losing the match with Spartak the head coach of the team Vladimir Vorobyov summed up disappointing results, but added that the ambition to work on is: "I would like to continue working in his post in the next season not just the playoffs the team to withdraw, and to achieve more".

    And the most important words in the day of the end of the 2017/2018 championship KHL on his profile page on the social network wrote to the goalkeeper "Dynamo" Alexander Eremenko. He turned to hockey fans and the club: "Dear fans!!! Thank you very much, that the whole season believed in us and I have experienced together with us the joy and the bitterness of defeat. Unfortunately, things did not work!!!"

    Tasks for next season

    Hockey "the Dynamo" for the first time in the history of the League to remain outside the eight strongest and sent to an early vacation. But the blue and white know: no pain, no gain. But in the new season, everything starts over again!

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