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     Unknown "Putin": the revelation of the President aroused great interest in the Network
    on Monday 12 March 2018
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    About 10 million people have already looked online a two-hour film by Andrei Kondrashov "Putin". The picture tells previously unknown facts about the Russian leader and his biography. It is not surprising that sensational film has aroused interest far beyond Russia.

    About 10 million people have already looked online a two-hour film by Andrei Kondrashov "Putin". And every minute the number of hits is increased by 20 thousand. The picture posted on the pages the author and host of "Vesti Nedeli" Dmitry Kiselev in the "Classmates" and "Vkontakte". In the "Classmates" a documentary based on several interviews with the President, attracted over 4 million views in a social network "Vkontakte" more than 3 million 200 thousand, and nearly 3 million other social networks. The picture tells previously unknown facts about the Russian leader and his biography. It is not surprising that sensational film has aroused interest far beyond Russia. For example, in Germany journalists after the film had already asked Chancellor Angela Merkel, is it true that she brings the beer to Vladimir Putin.

    Film-portrait. The film is a revelation. The film, which is not similar to any of those that shot of Putin before. 10 months of filming, 7 interview with the main character. VGTRK journalist Andrei Kondrashov and President Putin spoke not only in the Kremlin. They were together on the island.

    - Are you happy?

    - Then you will not answer: happiness...

    Flew to the small home of the President in Petersburg and in the Crimea, which thanks to Putin, was reunited with Russia.

    - Are there any circumstances under which you would be willing to give the Crimea and Sevastopol?

    - What are you, crazy?! Under no circumstances and will never happen.

    Is a story on a walk through the Olympic Park of Sochi. It turns out that in the opening day of the Winter games for a few minutes before the ceremony, Putin himself could not find. But in a crowded stadium had to smile and not to file the form.

    Aide - de-camp gave me the phone. Report: hijacked plane, which should follow from Ukraine to Istanbul. The invaders require landing in Sochi. I asked, what do you suggest? Response expected: to act in accordance with the plan laid down in the case of such development of the situation to knock down.

    The audience in the dark in the stands, and the fighters were flying to intercept. The plane with 110 passengers, the invaders were able to send to the Olympic Park and the victims were thousands.

    - There was a second call, it turned out that this drunk trick, the plane sent to Turkey and will soon sit. This is a very sensitive page of the history of the Olympics.

    Many pages of his personal history, Putin's first moves in front of the cameras. The main character shares intimate memories, as a boy, first came to the sports section.

    - The first was a box there, broke my nose, and while it healed, I switched to the fight. Became wrestling, Sambo, then judo, began to change gradually. To learn to become better.

    Vera Dmitrievna Gurevich — class leader Vladimir Putin. A young teacher she took their class.

    "They buzzed, lowed, having met me. And there is no end to this. And Volodya gets up and says: stop quacking, not a herd of cows in the end. And stopped," recalls Vera Gurevich, head teacher of Vladimir Putin.

    Due to the film not only the audience discover a new Putin. For him on the set was the news the name of the man that saved his father on Nevsky patch. Dragged the wounded under fire across the river.

    - Passed in the hospital and said, now you're going to live, and I was going to die.

    He survived. As the father of the President, returned from the war. Journalists searched through the pile of documents found and the name and card of the Savior, which showed the head of state.

    - Peter Ivanovich teselkin that Vladimir Spiridonovich was dragged on the ice.

    The father called that name father. Now you said, and I remembered.

    It turns out that Vladimir Putin is not the first of Putin, who work in the higher echelons of power. His grandfather in the first half of the XX century knew a lot about the political kitchen.

    - He's a chef he worked, first Lenin and then Stalin at one of the suburban villas, in the Hills.

    The first test as President — a tragedy with a submarine "Kursk". Barely took things Putin promised the relatives of the submarine to raise. General designer Igor Spassky has requested for the operation for three years, the commander in chief ordered to be done in a year.

    Could not come to Putin and in Chechnya, to the place of death of the Pskov paratroopers. In the midst of the war, he visited the Republic several times and often with risk to life. New year's eve on the approach to the Gudermes helicopter with the President were fired.

    - I decided that it was fireworks, New year was. The pilots said, a salute, we're under fire.

    A special place in the film allotted to the Syrian operation. On the orders on awarding a visa to Vladimir Putin with the words "I Agree. Hand over in person".

    - I wanted to shake their hands to thank. Heroes, of course. If they are not heroes, then who?!

    Only about 5 hours of recordings of conversations with the President himself. But there is more to say and his friends. For filming interrupted his vacation Gerhard Schroeder for the first time in five years, agreed to an interview to foreign journalists, Silvio Berlusconi.

    "I have to President Putin a feeling of great friendship. If you will allow me the exaggeration, I even think of myself as his older brother," says Silvio Berlusconi, the former Prime Minister of Italy.

    From the movie you can see how being President Putin learned to skate — I just wanted to start playing hockey.

    On the Internet the first day the account hits in the millions. But it came only the first series. Soon the second. To be continued.

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