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     Get drunk, get stoned and find adventure: what a modern "thing"
    on Tuesday 13 March 2018
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    What is the youth thing? The term first appeared in the hippie movement, whose representatives have always loved to gather in groups. However, today this concept has acquired a different meaning and is associated with the slang expression "to fit in with the crowd." But why such youth meetings ceased to be safe?

    What is the youth thing? The term first appeared in the hippie movement, whose representatives have always loved to gather in groups. However, today this concept has acquired a different meaning and is associated with the slang expression "to fit in with the crowd." But why such youth meetings ceased to be safe? Why stormy meetings often turn into scandals, criminal cases and broken up?

    Rented apartment, drunken dancing, drugs and a huge number of strangers to each other people — all this Orgy in modern slang is called "night and day". The definition of the new youth concept in the Network is very simple — the invitation to spend free time. But today, this cute phrase often refers to a very specific course of action: get drunk, get stoned and find adventure.

    Just at one of these parties injured 14-year-old Muscovite Lydia. Her parents on the condition of anonymity agreed to tell us a story about how four teenagers took advantage of the intoxicated daughter and live social networks broadcast candid video of rape.

    - About this situation, the fact that her daughter was raped, we found out two weeks later when I found pictures and videos that she sent members of the party with comments that you were a vegetable, and we all fucked you specifically.

    The investigative Committee opened a criminal case, Teens found guilty of rape, but the Shchelkovo court was lenient and gave them a suspended sentence. The guys remained at large.

    A similar thing happened at the end of last year in Arkhangelsk — "night and day", sex, video stream and again a criminal case. And again in the role of victim minors.

    Pornography, rape, drug use, theft, grievous bodily harm is only a small part of the articles of the Criminal code, which after the "party" investigators prosecute. While psychologists say that the interest in this kind of "entertainment" activities by young people more and more.

    "They did not know, responsibility to each other zero. And together they begin to swagger. Take alcohol, sometimes drugs. To talk to some intimate topics. But you don't know what to expect from this person," says psychologist Helga Alexandrov.

    The tradition of gathering a large company of young people old. Professionals is the desire to understand. In fact, just starting in life, Teens find it easier to find common language with each other, creating their own world with its own laws and rules. Today's "the list" was preceded, oddly enough, "appartment" — the same Assembly with alcohol and a private entertainment. But this is probably the only similarities, says Alexander Uman, aka Shura Bi-2. Then it was primarily speech.

    "When rock band in the 80s, it was not possible to give legal, so there was one musician, second musician, as, for example, Tsoi, Grebenshchikov, and was about 100 people, 50 people, sometimes 20 people. Played concerts, you could hear the music and t even collect any money", — says Alexander Uman (Shura), vocalist of the band "Bi-2".

    Years passed, and the musical component of the party nullified. On today's "biker" guitar, for the most part, if any, only hanging on the walls as a decorative element. Although to romanticize the old collection also is not worth, say psychologists.

    "20-30 years ago was also ill-effects and "skits", and "home concerts" and parties. Was. Just now I shoot everything with phone, always in your pocket camera phone. You can always take it out and remove the trash that is happening," explains psychologist Helga Alexandrov.

    And it off more often than not for home viewing video immediately goes to a social network. All for the sake of likes, reposts and subscribers is the youth called "HYIP". After "stay" you can not just become popular, but also very rich. Allegedly raped at a party like Diana Shurygina a few months has earned millions — the role of the victim helped her to unwind and become popular in dozens of talk shows. On the wave of popularity of his victim earned her abuser Sergey Semenov, a little more than a year he spent in prison and recently was released on parole. The day before he met with our crew and said that since the liberation has completely overestimated his life. Now Sergey preoccupied with questions of morality in modern society.

    "In my opinion you just need to educate the youth. In the Internet we show? Everywhere some fun which nothing happens. All too easy, and the younger generation on this is", — says Sergey Semenov.

    The sentence Shchelkovo teenagers, the victim was a 14-year-old Lydia, not final. Parents don't understand why, after the live broadcast of "stay" in Network company guys never admitted their guilt, because pictures and videos perfectly.

    "In the position of justifying why this punishment should be considered conditional, the judge why-that has decided to specify that all four repented, admitted their guilt. But in the same sentence mentioned that his guilt they do not recognize, do not regret their actions, moreover, all four appealed the verdict, because they consider it unfair" — says the lawyer Alexander Koshkin.

    Now in this story it is necessary to understand the Moscow regional court, the parents and their lawyers have already written an appeal. In addition, none of the adolescents did not even think to compensate raped the girl for moral and material damage. The victim is still in therapy and shudders at any mention of the word "thing".

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