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     Expert: "Newbie" was never in service with Russia
    on Tuesday 13 March 2018
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    Sending stuff "Novice" was never adopted in Russia. About this program "60 minutes" said Anton Utkin, an expert on chemical weapons, UN inspectors on Iraq (1994), the author of the Russian technologies of destruction of chemical weapons.

    Sending stuff "Novice" was never adopted in Russia. About this program "60 minutes" said Anton Utkin, an expert on chemical weapons, UN inspectors on Iraq (1994), the author of the Russian technologies of destruction of chemical weapons.

    He stressed that no evidence that "Newbie" is more effective than existing agents, no. The formula of the compound Vil Mirzayanov published. He did it "to those who will attempt to synthesize a "Beginner", knew immediately die."

    "So if the formula is known, it can synthesize any country, to check and confirm that this compound is very effective and very toxic. But no statement from any country, we have not received," — said the expert.

    Utkin, who has led the team involved in the development of technologies for chemical weapons destruction in Russia, stressed that "Newbie" was never adopted in Russia.

    "All we hear is data media. This is extremely unprofessional source to discuss such issues," — said the expert.


    He recalled that Russia has consistently complied with all their obligations in the destruction and nonproliferation of chemical weapons. Russia was an active state by the Creator of the Convention for the prohibition of chemical weapons. Our country has fulfilled its obligations ahead of schedule, at that time USA had not fulfilled until now. In addition, there is not one confirmed case, when Russia or the Soviet Union used chemical weapons. The expert also said about the chemical attack, which hosted the Americans during the Vietnam war.

    "Who created the chemical weapons Libya, Syria and Iran? The companies from Germany, France, the UK," said Utkin.

    The expert explained that the production of specific toxic substances formed by certain impurities. As an example he cited the situation with the investigation of a chemical attack in the Syrian Khan Sheyhun. Experts took soil samples and looked and saw certain impurities. Based on this, they said that these weapons were manufactured in Syria. But the impurities are not proof of where the weapon was produced. They are only proof of the technology on which these weapons were produced. Thereby, the Joint mechanism for investigation of facts of use of chemical weapons, against which Russia voted in November last year, made a mistake.

    Answering the question of a journalist how much time, in his opinion, can take the study of substance in the UK, Utkin said that it is necessary to have a sample of a substance, which is produced in Russia. Then it can be compared to the substance that was found at the crime scene.

    "But even if the substance in the impurities are similar, it says only about the method of production, but not on the spot", — said Utkin.

    In addition, he asked the question: if you apply supertoxins poison, why Skrypali alive? Also recovered the injured policeman. And people who also allegedly received lose recommended just to wash clothes.

    "And it's a super-efficient chemical warfare agent? It's something very strange" — said Utkin.

    Ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter was poisoned last week near one of the shopping centres in the London borough of Salisbury. Both of them are in critical condition. British Prime Minister Theresa may said that Moscow is waiting for clarification on this matter.

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