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     Experts say "the locomotive" and "Spartak" absolute favorites
    on Saturday 31 March 2018
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    After a break connected with matches of national teams resumed the championship of Russia on football. In the Saturday program of the 24th round of the Premier League leaders play – Moscow "locomotive" and "Spartak", which take, respectively, "Amkar" and "Tosno".

    After a break connected with matches of national teams resumed the championship of Russia on football. In the Saturday program of the 24th round of the Premier League leaders play – Moscow "locomotive" and "Spartak", which take, respectively, "Amkar" and "Tosno".

    It is known that Loko has agreed with the Perm club, guest for the railroad, the match will be held in the capital, not on the siding for Amkar field in Ufa. This caused criticism as both teams, and the Premier League allowing this injustice.

    Experts in this regard, I believe that Lokomotiv will not be difficult to beat the opponent, to whom he paid the money for the transfer of the game. In this regard, experts have little doubt in the outcome of the match at the stadium in Cherkizovo. However, and "Spartak" on the home arena tipped to win.

    Ex-football player of the national team Eugene Lovchev says: "Well, first, there have been changes regarding this match. Moved the game. In the framework of the home team will be the railroad. I think 8 goals conceded against atlético this season Semin without attention not left, and was a serious debriefing".

    "It seems to me that the "Loco" in the upcoming meeting will play safely in the defense, — quotes the expert a site "the Rating of Bookmakers". – "Amkar" also, in principle, the attack plays pale. So I think that the railroad will win the "dry" and will make another step towards the title".

    Speaking about the game "Spartak" – "Tosno", Lovchev noted that "Spartacus", though he won two matches in a row, playing bad: "Attack "red and white", which dragged the team last season, now not so strongly advocates. But the goal, which was scored in Kazan Adriano, of course, outstanding."

    "Tosno" has lost its two major players, one of whom was the best striker of the team. So I think that "Spartak" will not have problems in this match," concludes, nonetheless, specialist.

    "I think, "Spartak" will win with a difference of one or two goals, and only will be scored no more than two, — said the former coach of the national team of the USSR and Russia Anatoly Byshovets. Maybe even will happen as with "SKA-Khabarovsk" (1:0)".

    Game "Loko" with "amkarom" Byshovets has said most succinctly: "due To the fact that in Perm the match will take place in Moscow, say that "Amkar" — a command "on distribution". I will not explain, but "the locomotive" will win. Will be about what happened to the Ural mountains (2:0)".

    "Everyone knows the story of the game transfer from Perm to Moscow, — tells eks-the captain "Spartaka" Egor Titov. – She does not paint our championship. But for the "Locomotive" is certainly a big plus. He needs to use that game on his field, not on Perm synthetics. However, "Amkar" in the first round caused problems for Lokomotiv in Cherkizovo and won."

    "For Vadim Evseev [coach of "Amkar" — approx. ed.] this will be a crucial game. He wants to show himself in front of Semin. Together they won the championship of Russia. So the spirit of the "Amkar" will be serious. Yes, with him, and so should be all good, given how poorly the team. And yet, I think, their winning goal will be scored by the railroad.

    "Spartak" has no right to lose points in the home match with "Tosno", — the expert continues. And so in the first round match win was given to the majority. But "Spartak" has problems with the composition. For at least six months flew Jano Ananidze, injured Roman Zobnin and a while miss it."

    "But you need to play. It is clear that any composition of "Spartak" stronger "Tosno". But these problems with the composition can affect the chemistry. "Tosno" can use it and implement chance to counterattack. Parfenov [coach guests — approx. ed.] properly elect's game plan, I don't doubt that. But still put on "Spartak", — said Titov.

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