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     Mystery of poisoning in Salisbury: why in the name of Yulia Skripal says Scotland Yard
    on Thursday 12 April 2018
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    Julia Skripal wants to see his sister and the Russian Consul is a strange statement was released by Scotland Yard. Julia itself does not show anyone, and the Russian foreign Ministry has serious reasons to worry. The organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons announced the results of its investigation.

    Julia Skripal wants to see his sister and the Russian Consul is a strange statement was released by Scotland Yard. Julia itself does not show anyone, and the Russian foreign Ministry has serious reasons to worry. The organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons announced the results of its investigation. However, the experts have not yet brought any clarity, but rather, confused even more. Citing confidentiality, the OPCW toxic substance and is not named as the place where it came from. For experts it is decided to make the head of the British foreign Ministry.

    On the origin of the "toxic chemical" (namely the so-called substance in its report, the experts) is not a word. As there is no mention of the so-called "Newbie". The word is simply missing in the report, at least in its public version.

    Omissions of international experts fixed Boris Johnson. Only Russia could be a source of toxic substances, whose name is "Rookie", said the Minister of foreign Affairs. "There is no doubt that it was applied, and there is no other explanation as to who is responsible for this — only Russia has the means, motive and track record", he said.

    Evidence of policies at the same is not provided. This is the way the Minister is already causing issues in the UK. Previously, Johnson has already stated the irrefutable evidence of Russian origin of the substance, however, the British experts from the laboratory of Porton Down confirm the words of the Minister could not. MPs-labour urges Theresa may to launch an investigation against Johnson.

    In the public text of the report of experts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons a large part is a description of the procedures, studied medical records, did blood work and took environmental samples.

    Most importantly, what did you expect from the report — a detailed analysis of the toxic substance, whether it was nerve gas, according to the British side, or toxic gas. In the first case, the victims simply had no chance to survive, they had to die on the spot. It is unknown whether this information is in the classified section of the report.

    Meanwhile, Sergei Skripal continues to be in the hospital in serious condition. This was reported by Scotland Yard from the face of Yulia Skripal. The statement allegedly made girl, as if on purpose, reinforces the official position, limiting the possibility of contact Yulia with the outside world. This could not fail to cause new issues, given that a month in the hospital Salisbury Skrobala here, no one saw.

    Hospital patients are sure all is as it was before. Inside, no police, no special agents, no increased security measures. The representative of RTR managed to get through today to Victoria Skripal. She believes that the statement on the website of Scotland Yard written by her cousin under pressure from the authorities.

    — What do you think, really, that's what she said?

    — No.

    — Why you so think?

    — It was all here in Moscow. Why will she sell out? Apartment, car, job, apartment, and made repairs.

    - And the text you thought it may be someone else's someone else's words?

    - She doesn't want me to see? So it's not that she doesn't want me to see that Britain doesn't want me to see. And as it still hide it, so as to hide from us?

    - Do you think that got her there still by force, against their will?


    In the text, posted on behalf of Julia, it is reported that she will not communicate with journalists. She also thanked Victoria Skripal for the support, but asks him not to get in touch with her "for some time".

    Reliable information about what is really Julia Skripal doesn't want to meet with the Russian Consul, from our side there is only the words of the people who took her under his guardianship, although it is an adult person who can and should, by law, to decide such questions.

    The answers — except that in the British tabloids. Newspaper The Sun reported that the daughter of a British agent was transported to a military base under the guise of security and, of course, for her good will.

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