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     ZDF - the attack on Syria: only hope for rationalism Putin
    on Sunday 15 April 2018
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    And what about Europe? Who is there and feels like in the wild lies, the Anglo-American provocations, military aggression against Syria and all of the seamy side of Russia?

    Author: Dmitry Kiselev

    And what about Europe? Who is there and feels like in the wild lies, the Anglo-American provocations, military aggression against Syria and all of the seamy side of Russia?

    Germany, sending Eyewash minimum number of diplomats, then immediately approved the construction of "Nord stream-2," and later refused to participate in military action against Syria.

    Against this background, clearly animated France. If until recently from continental Europe that Germany has been a privileged partner of America, but now things have changed. Angela Merkel — the woman is clearly not in the taste of Donald trump. And in the course of the election campaign in the US, they about each other said so many things that the relationship is now difficult to build. Any prospects there.

    Feeling a vacancy, the President of France Emmanuel macron decides to push Germany to the position of chief European for the US and for America is ready almost on everything, hoping that thereby and Paris are increasing their weight within Europe.

    Sometimes it turns out funny. Minister of the French Armed forces, Florence Parlee even took the initiative to declare, that Moscow warned of a missile attack on Syria. What is it when we all know that the Russian military and American in Syria — a direct line of communication and mutual agreement on the avoidance of incidents? And France itself reports that the Russian warned.

    Here we may recall the words of President Jacques Chirac, said in the address of Romania and Bulgaria, when they, even as candidate members of the European Union, strongly supported American plans for the invasion of Iraq: "These countries missed a good opportunity to remain silent".

    But now it is not only about France. Missed a good opportunity to remain silent now and the pole Donald Tusk — head of the European Council.

    "Beats the US, France and the UK make it clear that the Syrian regime along with Russia and Iran can't continue this human tragedy, at least not without damage. The EU will, together with our allies on the side of justice," — said Tusk.

    To speak so categorically for all of the EU now, at least, risky. Inside the EU?

    Author: Mikhail Antonov

    One hundred rockets yet strategy. Only in Europe, perhaps, all agree. The rest — the range of opinions: some, for example, believes that thousands of missiles on Assad's head — that it would be more conceptual.

    "If the strike and to criticize, only for the reason that the missiles were too small, but palaces, airports and Syrian air force remained intact," wrote Bild.

    In fairness, the newspaper Bild looks "absolutely minted" even against those European politicians and media, which, in principle, support the technique of night bombing. There is, of course, the majority is still NATO, although NATO as an organization in the RAID was not involved.

    Have not had time to cool down silos of missiles, and the approval of Trump and company have already expressed Denmark and the Netherlands. The President of the European Council Donald Tusk on the example of American namesake early in the morning grabbed Twitter: to approve on behalf of the European Union.

    A few hours after the attack on the website of Angela Merkel appeared the following statement: "We support what our American, British and French allies as permanent members of the UN security Council took on this responsibility. The military action was successful and proportionate in order to attract the attention of the international community to the use of chemical weapons in Syria and to prevent further violations by the Syrian authorities."

    Given that Germany has refused direct involvement in the operation (it is immediately brought to the Chancellor plus 2% rating), Merkel and could not show the allies formal approval. Interesting slip, foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas.

    "The UN must lead to initiate the negotiation process, but we need commitments for effective participation. We will work with France to establish an international form of communication between influential countries which could suggest a new agenda of the political process," said Maas.

    "Tomahawk" — a weapon of diplomatic public relations: no matter how the run of old missile vs old guns, important picture on the TV and the Internet, it is important that you write about the media and how interpretiruya analysts.

    The West is going to create an alternative to the Russian-Iranian-Turkish Astana, because it was not involved, cannot simulate the future of Syria, which in the future will limit its influence in the middle East. That's the answer to all the questions asked, in particular, German leftists.

    "I remember a time when the American Secretary of state sat before the Security Council and, of course, proved that Hussein and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Then everything was a lie. I think we should be more suspicious. What interest may be in Syria, Assad and Putin are now using chemical weapons in order to provoke a military attack on the United States?" – asks Gregor Gysi, head of the Union of left parties in the EU.

    Interest — zero, but Turkey unlike condemned the attack of Russia and Iran approved it, although, perhaps, more importantly, from the base Injerlik for the bombing of Syria didn't take off any aircraft. Erdogan does not like Assad, besides, he had too few occasions lately to show solidarity with the leaders of NATO, remain a military-political allies of Ankara. But the main thing is that Turkey is too difficult party in the region to always be the same: it is fighting with the Kurds, whom she considers to be terrorists, but backed by the US, it gradually opposes the expansion of Shiite influence of Iran and competes with Saudi Arabia for leadership in the Sunni world, it is vital to maintain the gas and tourist flows from Russia. This and much more — those national interests which have to take into account to be able to interact with Erdogan in addressing the key problems — the destruction of LIH (banned in Russia), and preserving Syria as a unified state. For this initially all there was.

    "I continue to believe as a Westerner that likes America and Europe, that Russia under Putin should be seen as a strategic partner, not as an adversary. This does not mean that there can be different points of view or diverging interests. This means that such contradictions must be solved in harmony and not in conflict with Moscow," — said Silvio Berlusconi.

    Point of view, which adheres to the former Prime Minister of Italy, pushed to the periphery — the geopolitical goal of the West and approaches to their achievement is generally opposed to Syria as to it of Ukraine, now turned into a place of confrontation between Russia. Almost by any means and while someone else's hands. It makes certain to put a question today as it formulates Federal President of Germany Steinmeier.

    "Nothing happens without neighbors, but nothing will start without the United States and Russia. Great powers have great responsibility. Here you need to take the first step, Putin and trump obliged the world. If Washington and Moscow on the issue of Syria will find the way to each other, the chances of improving the situation in Syria is zero," — said Steinmeier.

    So it wants to introduce in the West — without the US the problem is not solved. But the point is that the chances of improvement in Syria has increased tremendously. In the coming months, the task of destroying ISIL can be solved, the legitimate authority established throughout the state. This is with zero chances of victory of Assad chemical attack was not staged, and the missiles would not fly.

    If to put aside personal issues trump with prosecutors and pornstars like must be a large degree of desperation of the West, losing the middle East that three of his leading nuclear powers take the risk of a direct confrontation with Russia and possibly China. The prospect is so-so: the journalists of the German television channel ZDF called in air strike coalition "surgical" and then write in Twitter that the world can only hope to rationalism of President Putin.

    In General, assessing Europe's reaction to the bombing of Syria, it's worth asking one question: what she appreciates, really deep down, retaliation for use of chemical weapons by the Assad government or the fact that this action from the military point of view, everything has not had any impact?

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