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     Science of the future: "Kurchatov Institute" - 75
    on Sunday 15 April 2018
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    April 12, 75th anniversary of the founding noted "Kurchatov Institute". It was there, in the midst of the great Patriotic war began the development of Soviet nuclear weapons.

    April 12, 75th anniversary of the founding noted "Kurchatov Institute". It was there, in the midst of the great Patriotic war began the development of Soviet nuclear weapons. In secrecy the best minds in the country under the leadership of 40-year-old Professor Igor Kurchatov in record time created a weapon that still is a reliable guarantee of security for our country and for the world.

    The world-famous developments in the sphere of the atom, the Kurchatov Institute is developing a totally new scientific fields: from robotics to genetic engineering and nuclear medicine. Physicists, chemists, biologists — two dozen research stations — all together — this is the center of nano-, bio-, info - and cognitive technologies. He appeared around the synchrotron mega-installations, where the rings of the accelerator at the speed of light the motion of a neutron creates tremendous energy.

    With the help of giant synchrotron here make incredible discoveries on the verge of fantasy and beyond comprehension. The unique setting allows scientists to literally look inside of any substance and to understand the structure of the material at the atomic level.

    And in the presence of the President scientists discover new heavy duty complex. This synchrotron — the only specialized in the post-Soviet space. But the current "factory science" of 75 years ago as a top-secret laboratory No. 2, where a young physicist Igor Kurchatov was entrusted with the study of uranium. The offensive on the nuclear front, the Soviet Union begins just as the days of the battle of Stalingrad.

    "Kurchatov Institute was started with 20 kilograms of uranium, with two grams of radium, and ten apartments. And despite the fact that Kurchatov had his office in the Lubyanka were given just ten apartments," — said Vladimir Putin.

    The unique archives of the Institute. A picture of inside the tent – hut. Scientists worked around the clock and in any weather. First, the staffing — only 13 people. Letter to Stalin explaining why the Soviet Union is vital uranium project. Executive order on awarding the employees — almost as in a film "Officers" about the red revolutionary wide trousers.

    "Gratitude was announced to award the following comrades monthly salary. Someone — piece suit, someone- tarpaulin boots", — says Natalya Selezneva, head of Department of funds of scientific and technical documentation centre "Kurchatov Institute".

    But filing a subscription about nondisclosure. Many documents today, have not cleared the "classified". When in August 1945 the Americans dropped their bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Soviet Union have no choice: the question was, to be or not to be civilization? And just a year Kurchatov realized the chain reaction of uranium fission.

    The first physical reactor. To create it, have built and launched several dozen companies across the country. Only housing had 430 tons of pure graphite. In 1949 the nuclear monopoly of the United States destroyed. After that, the Soviet Union will go a long way. But before Kurchatov would again take the liberty and propose to deploy nuclear physics for peaceful way to experience the hydrogen, and then hydrogen bombs.

    First to the whole world Kurchatov heritage has helped to create radically new weapons.

    "The Message I spoke at length about the new samples of strategic weapons in Russia, of which today there is no country in the world. We were able to create such development only because it has a powerful fundamental science, advanced research, technological and industrial base. And — most importantly — maximum human potential", — said Vladimir Putin.

    Over the years, the Institute has changed much, except that the "hut of the Forester," so the Kurchatov called his two-story house. Downstairs living room with a fireplace and a piano. In the office — a massive bookcase. On the table, the glasses, the unfinished manuscript calculations and marking "the last reaction of neutrons", the phone — a direct link with Stalin.

    The first nuclear submarine, the world's first nuclear-powered icebreaker, the first nuclear power plant, the first accelerator fusion — the most "artificial sun" – a tokamak, the source of inexhaustible energy.

    Similar international installation ITER in our technologies only build in France. And in Russia, even the Internet and first appeared here.

    The results of the research come in a supercomputer able to calculate ten to the 15th degree operations per second.

    As in Kurchatov years, there's been a lot unique. Grown in the photobioreactor, a seemingly ordinary algae. But precisely because of them, you can get environmentally friendly biofuel, and even antibiotics.

    The creation of modern medicine is a special direction. Targeted drugs when nanocapsules deliver medicine right on target.

    Or a unique non-woven material from fibers, which the eye does not even see. Already used as antimicrobial coating. And biodegradable polymers generally can be planted with human cells to grow a new vessel, trachea or skin for transplantation.

    And in one of the laboratories studying consciousness. Scientists closer to creating artificial intelligence. Robots don't just carry the team, and start to think.

    "Today it is important, relying on the accumulated potential, to bring in a competitive global level and our civil science. Russia should be among the leading countries on a number of key scientific areas. In the coming years in science, we must implement a national project, which in its scale and historical importance for the country should be comparable with nuclear and space projects", — said Vladimir Putin.

    Here today are already creating a science of the future. Actually, this is the principle of Kurchatov: think in the century ahead. In order and build on the grounds of the Institute more advanced synchrotron sources is already the fourth generation.

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